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Memories of Taffy
6/28/2015 It is hard to believe 15 years went by so quick. I feel I could have done more Taffy but I don't know what that would have been. We miss you. A real cuddle-cat. A sweet girl. It was 2/18/2013 when we lost Tazma. Now you sweet baby. OH why does it have to be that you live life only a
short time. I remember the day I got you from the Shelter. A sleeping furry 6 week old kitten. I will be back to write you more as I do
Tazma. Stay healthy my little one. At least you are with your step sister now. I wish I could be with both of you now. Love Daddy

7/8/2015 My dear baby Taffy. It has been 10 days you left for the Bridge and my heart is so broken. Tazma and you must be having fun being re united. No more pain or sorrow. I am so sorry I could not save you that night. I tried everything and the animal hospital said your little heart gave out. 15 years of my best two friends and cuddly kitties could not have made me more happier cuddling up to you. Where did time go? I feel so guilty
and I don't know why. I have had many new friends write in about you. They said such nice things about you and how pretty your are. I wish I
could have you both back right now as life cut us off too short. I know one day I will be with both of you again and we can have happy, fun,
pain free lives. I will right back soon and you have fun with all your new friends. Time goes by so fast. Your sibs Runt and Lana send there
love. Take care my sweet baby and know I am thinking of you and Tazma 24/7. Your pictures are right in front of me. I miss you both so much.
Love Daddy

7/19/2015 Hi my dear Taffy. I miss you so much. I hope you and Tazma have been reunited and playing and having fun with no more pain. It is so difficult not to think of both of you daily. I miss the love and kitty meow's from you. Where did 15 years go? One minute you are a 6 week old kitten,
the next time you are with your sister after 15 years. I would give up everything in the world to have you back. It is a hot, humid, and rainy
day. I am still working on your memorial stone Taffy. The weather is holding me up. I want one for you just like Tazma's. Anyway my baby
girl, stay healthy and know I will always love you both so much. I will write back soon. Tazma's memorial is full so I have to write to her
in Stories and Poems. I love you and miss you. Daddy

8/5/2012 Dear baby Taffy. I just wrote to Tazma and told her how much I miss you both. It has been just over 2 months since you went to the Bridge.
You are missed so much. I know Tyra will be sad when I tell her you won't be coming in for grooming anymore. I hope you can find someone where you are that can groom you like Tyra. Remember she made you a lion's tail and mane so you would look tough. I am sorry I did not write sooner but I am writing today and will write as often as I can. Have you met Zaki and Aja yet? I hope all of you are together and keep a eye out for Tick's. Tick's needs a lot of love from a abusive Guardian. Runt and Lana are here wondering where you are. I know one day we all will be together again. So many people wrote in for you. Everyone has there special friend and/or fur baby. I love all my fur babies equally. You take care sweetie and know I am thinking about you always along with Tazma. Take care. Love daddy

8/31/2015 Dear Taffy, I miss you so much. I just wrote to Tazma and I hope you both are together. I am so sorry I did not write sooner. I have been busy with surgeries and medical issues and that is not an excuse not to write, it is just a forgetful thing and I am so sorry. I my both of you and now that it is summer, you would be going to Tyra to get groomed. Tyra does not know yet that you will not be getting groomed anymore but I will call and tell her. She has been so sweet all these years taking care of your beautiful coat. Taffy, I got you at 6 weeks old and you were such a beauty. I realize we got Lana from the same pet place we got you. Someone said the Big Al's pet store is went out of business a few months ago. I am so lucky to have found you and Lana there before that. I hope one day to be with my sweet little kitties again forever and with no more pain. We will cross the Bridge together and be happy once again. Runt misses you to. She has started looking for you, looks outside the back window and sleeps on your chair. It breaks my heart being away from you and holding you. I hope you are with Zaki and Aja too. I miss you both and love you dearly. Take care sweet baby. Love Daddy

10/04/2015 My dear baby Taffy, I just wrote to your sister Tazma and now you. I am looking at your pretty picture and I can not help to have tears for both of you. 15 years of kitty love, playing, and doing funny acts has once again came to the surface of my brain. I am very lonely without my little kitty babies. I hope you are with Tazma and having fun. It does not seem real that one day you were here and the next you were gone. I know there will be a day when I will join the both of you again. Runt misses both of you. I wish you stayed around long enough to meet Jenny and Shelly's Kitties. Nugget for Jenny and Han for Shelly. I love you so much. Why can't kitties live as long as their Guardians? You know you are not replaceable. There is only one Taffy and one Tazma. Please make sure you take care of each other. I love you little Taffy. My heart will always have a hole in it where you and Tazma were. Take care sweetie. I love you so much. Kitty hugs and kisses, love daddy

11/12/2015 Hi dear Taffy. I miss you so much. The holidays are near and I wish you and Tazma were too. Both of you loved the holidays. I wrote a story on Tazma's memorial and I am putting a copy of it here. ***(start) Dear Tazma and Taffy, I know it is getting closer to Thanksgiving and the holidays again. I sit in tears without you and Taffy here to celebrate these times. I can remember the good times when you would get into the food at Thanksgiving and knock down the Christmas tree or Ornaments. I would give you a whole turkey to eat and a special Christmas Tree for each of you just to have you back with me again. I keep my hopes that you are both having fun and are in perfect health. I will burn a candle in your names as I do each year hoping you will one day you will see the lite candle and guide me to where you are. I love you both and always will. Your sister Runt is fine and so is Lana. I know Runt misses you both. I am going to copy this story over to Taffy's memorial page so you both can read it. Stay warm my sweet babies and say a prayer for our friends Zaki and Aja for them and there Guardian Nancy who misses them as much as I miss you. Take care and I will write again soon. ***(end) There you are Taffy, the story I wrote on Tazma's memorial for both of you. I will write you again soon. Please take care and know how much I love and miss you both. Kitty-Kisses and Hugs, Daddy

12/10/2015 Dear sweet Taffy, as always I miss you so much. You brought so much love and joy to me and now it is the holidays, I am sad. I would watch you and Tazma play with the gifts and drink the water from the Christmas tree..yuk. You were so laid back. Sleeping most of the day but always ready to play. I remember how you strutted around the house with your short legs. I would always know where you were. I wish you could be here now and be your loving playful self, but your with your sister Tazma and I know you will have a great Christmas with her. I hope Zaki and Aja are with you having fun. Nothing made me happier in the world then having the two of you around the house giving unconditional love. I wish we had more time as it seemed 15 years went by so quick. I would do anything to have you both home again.But I guess you have a new home and are making a place for me one day when we reunite again. No more sorrow or pain. Just healthy and having fun. You are such a joy Taffy. I will write again soon. I wish I could write everyday but it would fill up the box too quick and I want to always having a place to write to both of you. Take care sweet Taffy and remember Daddy loves you always.

12/24/2015 Dear Taffy, it is Christmas, my first one without you. I am so sad you are not here. I will never understand why God put us on earth to love and enjoy each other only to have our beautiful fur babies live such a short life compared to us humans. I will never ever forgot the love and warmth you gave us. You were so layed back and easy to love. I miss your pretty fur coat that Tyra would groom every 6 months and give you a lions mane and tail. I know Runt still misses you and I hope you are with Tazma. I know we will be together again in a world with no pain or sorrow. I can not express how much love I have for you sweet Taffy. Please have a Merry Christmas and I hope you get the presents you want. I will write back soon. I need to write on Tazma's story page. Please know I love you and Tazma so much and now it is Christmas and neither of you are here. I really miss you Taffy. Stay warm and know I think of both of you always. Merry Christmas sweet Taffy kitty. Love Daddy

01/30/2016 Dear Taffy baby, 7 months have gone by too quick. I think of you and Tazma every day. Runt misses both of you still. I finally got your name and dates on your stone since the weather was fine for it. I need to finish it like your sisters. Mommy misses you laying by her and keeping her warm. Your aunt Shelly had two cats, one named Princess Leia and one named Han Solo. Leia is 3 years old and Han was 8 weeks old. I am sorry to say Han caught that FIP corona virus at 8 weeks old. Han just went through the holidays and got real sick even though Aunt Shelly did the best she could by taking Han to multiple Vets. Every medication and test was done for Han and we prayed for Han to recover being a kitten of 8 weeks old. Han left us a few weeks ago and I am in tears again. How can a baby kitten get a terminal cancer so early in life? It is not fair ! I hope Han has contacted you and Tazma and Zaki and Aja and Ticks and all of you are playing together. No more pain or sorrow. I need to post a story for Tazma so I am going to do that tomorrow. Stay warm little Taffy and know how much you are loved and missed. Take care sweet baby. Love Daddy

February 4, 2016 Dear baby Taffy. I was writing a story to Tazma and you were part of the story. It is about Tears. I know it has been 7 months since we last held each other and I hope all the years from when you were six weeks old until last year that I gave you the same love and health care as Tazma. I told Tazma I wish God would have created you to live as long as us humans. When did 15 years go? I have not told Tyra yet but I know she will cry as I did when she knows you will not be going to her for grooming any more. I live day by day in tears for both of you. I believe God places special fur babies in our lives that are made just for their special Guardians. You are special Taffy. A mommy's cat with love for everyone. I miss you in the morning looking for your treats. I shed my tears in sadness and happiness. I know one day we will be together again and in the meantime you have fun and live without pain or sorrow. Such a special Kitty. I look at both your pictures in front of me everyday. I will write again soon dear Taffy. Hugs and Kisses and so much love for you. Take care sweet baby. Love Daddy

February 18, 2016 Dear Sweet Taffy, Today is the day your sister left us for Rainbow Bridge. Tazma has been gone for three years and I miss her so much as I do you. I know you were depressed when she left and don't know if you ever recovered from that. I am so sorry if I did not do enough to keep you here. I enjoyed our 15 years together. Why is it times flies by so fast? Why could our Creator not have given our fur babies a longer life span? HE created you for us human's pleasure but put a short time limit on his Pet Kingdom. I know I am not to ask why and one day I will probley know. But in the meantime, just know you are missed as much as Tazma and the 15 years of memories will be with me forever. You are such a sweet kitty who always loved everyone. Today I am sad because I need to visit Tazma and hold a memorial for her. I know you will be there in spirit. I pray for both of you one day we will be reunited.
I hope you are having fun, no pain or sorrow, and remember I love you so very much. I will write again soon. Take care little Taffy. Love always...Daddy

March 26, 2016 Dear Taffy, please forgive me if I take so long to write. I think of you and Tazma every day. I don't get a lot of room to write an endless memorial journal so like with Tazma I need to use Stories and Poems to continue. Tomorrow is Easter and I want you to have lots of fun with your sister Tazma and friends, Zaki, Aja, and now Kiwi. You were always laid back on holidays while Tazma and Runt would run around goofing off. I will be with your aunts tomorrow and they miss you too. I forgot to tell Tazma Aunt Shelly got a kitten named Han but after 3 months, Han got FIP virus and I am trying to get a memorial for him but not until Aunt Shelly says OK. She got a new kitten named Hook along with Leia and Aunt Jenny got a new kitten Named Buddy along with her Nugget. Lots of kitties in our family. I miss you all so very much. I love you and you take care and have fun. I know one day we will see each other again. Love forever, Daddy

May 21, 2016 Dear Taffy, I just posted a story about you and Tazma on Tazma's memorial. I am so sorry I waited so long to write you..bad daddy.. I will try to write sooner. I hope you are well and having fun. I think about you daily along with Tazma. I am crying because June 28 is coming soon and that will be your first anniversary without each other. I miss you so much little girl. I know Runt and Lana miss you too. They have a new cat tree and only Lana like to play on it. She is a big kitten. I also adopted a new kitten three months old. She is a Tuxedo/Tabby and her name is Binky. She made friends quickly with Runt and Lana and plays a lot on the cat tree and with all the cat toys. That is your new step sister. I will post pictures of her later here. I am looking at your pretty picture and miss my little lion kitty. Your home memorial is finished and I need to post those pictures too. You and Tazma are together forever and I hope all of us will be together one day forever too. I will write soon sweet Taffy. I feel so sad that June 28 is not too far away and I wonder where did a year go so fast? I miss both of you so much and I hope you know how much you both are loved. Take care sweet kitty and I will write again soon. Love daddy

June 27, 2016 Dear baby Taffy, tomorrow is your one year anniversary when you went to be with Tazma and your friends Zaki, Aja, Kiwi, and Ticks. It hurts so much not to have you here. I hope I did not miss anything. I got you to the emergency hospital as fast as I could and thought you would be all right. I remember that night so clearly when the Vet nurse came into the holding room I was waiting in and gave me the heartbreaking news. I keep thinking did I miss something? Could I have prevented this from happening? Taffy dear, I tried everything at home before rushing you there. I had no idea you were not well. I am sorry if I did not react sooner. I will never know if I could have extended you and Tazma's life if I did anything different. Both of you left for Rainbow Bridge after 15 1/2 years of being my sweet kitties. Maybe that was your normal age of life? I will only know when that day comes we reunite all together again. I hope you are healthy and happy playing with the other fur babies. You sister Tazma should be close by to watch you. Tomorrow I will hold a candle light vigil for you at home as I do with Tazma each year. Taffy I love you so much and would give anything for you and Tazma to be here chasing paper balls and eating goodies. I look at your pictures every day in front of the TV. I never go a day without seeing your pretty face's. I will write back soon little girl. I love you and Tazma and all your friends. Take care sweet Taffy. I love you so very much. Your my little Angel. Daddy

July 26, 2016 Dear Taffy kitty, I miss you so much. I have to go to have surgery on my foot tomorrow morning and I will be thinking of you and Tazma. It has been just over a year since we last hugged and I know the day will come when we have each other again. My tummy is in butterflies and I have no one to talk to. I hope your doing well in your new home with Tazma, Zaki, Aja, Kiwi, Ticks, and all the rest of the fur babies. Their mommy is not feeling well and needs some cheering up. Taffy could you get the fur babies together and pray for their mommy to get well. She only has Leo and I know how much she misses her babies like I do you. I will write you after surgery and let you know how it went. I have a new angel light in the yard for you and Tazma so you can find your way home from heaven and back. I love you always sweet kitty. Miss you always..Daddy

Aug 17, 2016 Dear Taffy kitten, I miss you so much. I had surgery on July 27th and I am in a cast. It was a big surgery and I have pain but the pain goes away when ever I think about you and all my kitties. I know how you would wonder what is wrong with me when I would be ill on the couch and you would give me kitty love to make me feel better. Binky is a handful. Acting like terrible two's and like a tween. But she is love-able. Runt misses you. Lana likes to take care of Binky. But you and Tazma are my special first kitties. Nothing can replace the love you two gave for 15 1/2 years. I know one day we will be re united and have that love back again. I hope you are well and having fun with your friends. We have your picture's in front of us by the TV and in the hall to make sure we see both of you many times a day. Nothing is greater then the warm love of a special kitty. Please take care sweet baby and I will write back soon. Love you always.....Daddy

Oct. 16, 2016 My sweet dear Taffy. I am sorry for not writing sooner. I sit here and look at your pictures every day just like Tazma. The holidays are coming soon and that is the time I miss you and Tazma so much. It has been over a year since you left for Rainbow Bridge. It seems like yesterday we were playing and having lots of fun with your toys. I wish I could be with you both now but I think my work here is not done. I adopted a new kitten and her name is Binky. She is very active and loves Runt and Lana. I hope you are well and without pain. I read good things about where you are and hopefully one day I will be reunited again with you and Tazma. I sit here and remember all the things you did to make my days happy. You are so loving and very pretty. I loved every day you and Tazma gave me while you were here. I hope you and Tazma are together and know I will be with you one day to resume that special daddy/kitty love we always had. Take care sweet kitty. Love you always..Daddy

Dec. 14, 2016 Sweet Taffy. I want to say I am a bad daddy for not writing sooner. No excuses. I will remember to write more often. I told Tazma why. I hope you are healthy and having fun at Rainbow Bridge. Stay close to sister Tazma. Mommy misses you a lot to. It is Christmas time and I wish you were here to Kitty guard the tree. Do you remember Tazma would knock all the ornaments down. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving. It is not, nor will it ever be the same without you and Tazma. Your new little sister Binky is a handful but she is a sweetie. Runt misses you a lot. Lana is our sit and chill kitty. There is a picture of you and Tazma in front of me by the TV. I look at both your pictures every day. I remember the good times and fun we had. Taffy, nothing will ever replace you and Tazma. I hope you have friends to play with and I know someday we will see each other again. I love you Taffy. Take care sweet baby. Love Daddy

Dec. 31, 2016 Dear sweet Taffy. I hope you had a good Christmas. My Christmas day started off good but was ruined by Christy when she acted up as usual. Again your mother left me the next day because she has mental issues and easily suede by others to walk out. This time I think it is for good. I am so sad and hurt. This is the season I miss you and Tazma so much more. I have Runt sitting next to me and Binky with Lana on the end of the couch. I hope you are well and playing with all your friends. I muss hearing from Nancy. I hope she is OK. She only has Leo but last time I talked to her she was ill. I know she misses her babies too. Tomorrow starts 2017 but I have no plans. I only hope I could live here without being kicked out on the street. Can you imagine a 67 year old woman wanting to leave her husband because she has not taken her bipolar medicine and listens to her lying and failing family and now she is gone. She even said I did nothing wrong. She just doe not want to be together anymore. I love you Taffy and you can tell Tazma what is going on since I do not have much writing room to tell her. I will be back to write more and see how you are doing. I love you and so do your sisters. Stay good my sweet little Taffy cat. I want to hold and hug you so much. Love you always...Daddy

Jan 26, 2017 Dear little Taffy, 4 weeks has gone by and Mommy is still gone. I told everything to Tazma and I sit here along in the house with your sisters Runt, Lana, and Binky. I would trade all the houses in the world for you and Tazma to come home and bring mommy. Mommy said she does not really know why she left the day after Christmas but as a true Christian she is not following God's rules for marriage. She does not even want to try counseling at the church or anywhere. She does not trust counselors. She said she would never divorce me nor legal separation because she loves me and wants me to stay her husband. But she said she wants to be alone to travel and visit her family while she still can and my RA has not helped since I can not travel far places. She is moving 3 1/2 hours away to an apartment and leaving me the house all of you cat grew up in. I will keep the home but it is ours not mine. I asked Tazma and now ask you to pray with the other fur babies for mommy to find her way back home. She is not sure if she ever wants to come home but wants to stay married and visit with me and go on dates and things. We have 24 years of being married and I think she is not thinking straight especially since the church counselors talked to her and told her God does not want this. There is no yelling or violence, no name calling, we have always loved each other. Now I ask you from being in a place where you may know angels that can help pray mommy comes home one day soon. I am going to save room to write but needed to update you and ask you and your sister and friends to please pray for us. Love you so much and forever. Daddy

Feb 18, 2017 Dear Taffy, I just send condolences to Tazma. Today as you know she is four years gone to Rainbow Bridge. Both of you are so missed. I would give everything I own to have you both back. The sweetest kitty's and most loving four legged kids. I hope you are doing well. Please be with Tazma today so she has her sister with her. I always will love you both. One day we all we be re joined. Take care little girl. Love Daddy

April 29, 2017 My sweet Taffy, I can hardly believe it is almost 2 years since you left for the bridge. You and Tazma are missed every day. No kitties ever gave me love like you two did. I miss you so much. I look at your pictures how happy you were. I just found out the pet store I got you from almost 17 years ago has gone out of business and has become a tool supply store. I was there looking at tools yesterday and had a vision it was still the pet store and remembered that day I got you as a 6 week old kitten. You were sleeping so much I thought you would never have any fun, but when I brought you home you met your sister Tazma and became best sisters. You still loved to sleep but you also had lots of fun during play time. I miss you little girl and I hope one day to be with both of you at the bridge. Runt I know misses you and your newer sisters Lana and Binky are fitting in just fine. Your such a pretty kitty. Hope you had a Happy Easter and are staying healthy. I will write again soon. Be good and stay with Tazma. I love you so much. Take care. Daddy

June 25, 2017 Hi Taffy dear. Time went by fast again. It has been 2 years since I held you in my arms. Summer is here and that is when you went to Tyra to get your lion groom. You looked so cute like a little ferocious tiger, and yet you are as sweet as peach pie. I miss you so much and Tazma too. Runt has been lonely for you but she is as loving as both of you. Lana is still timid but that is her personality and Binky is Binky. A one year old kitten/cat/tiger who loves to wake me up at 5:00 am daily. I remember you playing all day when you were a kitten back in 2001. I hope you are well and playing with your sister Tazma and friends. I would do anything to have you back. You both were so special. I guess to everyone all kittens/cats are special, each one of them. Like snow flakes, no two cats are alike. I love you Taffy and have cried for two years missing you. I hope one day to see you again and have our loving cat family back together again. Take care my baby kitty and know I love you so much. Daddy

Aug 14, 2017 Hi my Taffy, how are you doing? I miss you ever so much. I hope you and Tazma are together and I hope one day to be reunited with you and Tazma. I am going in for surgery next Wednesday and I could use prayers. You are such a sweet girl. You are so loved. I will write you again after surgery to let you know how it went. I hope you have no pain and are just having fun. I miss you so much. Runt, Binky, and Lana are well and getting along. I wish you were here to play with them. Just remember you and Tazma will always be in my heart. When I stop writing, I would assume I am with you both. Take care my sweet baby. Love you always...Daddy

Aug 27, 2017 Hi Taffy, how is my sweet kitty? I got through my surgery and have to stay in the house most of the time. I just wrote Tazma and I hope you both are taking care of each other. Runt has a limp she started a week ago but it does not seem to be a medical issue. I am taking care of her and your other step sisters Lana and Binky. I miss you so much. It has been just over 2 years since you went to Rainbow bridge and I still see images of you in the house. I know one day we will be reunited. I miss you both so much. It has been very hot here and we are in record heat wave this week and next. Please know I see your picture every day and know I remember all the fun we had for 15 years will never be forgotten. You have a new friend name Raven so keep an eye out for her. I miss you so much and wish you and Tazma were here to give me that special kitty love you always gave. I will write again soon sweet kitty. Take care.. Love you so much. Daddy

Oct 25, 2017 Dear Taffy, how are you doing? Hope you are playing with Taffy and making new friends. I am still recovering from foot surgery and hope to get the cast off tomorrow. It has been real hot and I feel down. I told Tazma I thought she was just around the corner. I see that with you as well. I see shadows of Tazma and Taffy and only wish they were real. I would never want anything ever except to have the two of yo back home. I guess I need to wait until the time when we re unite again. You are such a special girl.I have the best kitties. Mommy is in Europe and I am alone in the house with no place to go. I guess when I am alone I think about you two girls more then usual. Binky, Runt, and Lana are playing with their toys and eating treats just as you and Tazma did. You are such a pretty girl. I am going to rest now but remember I have you in my thoughts always. I will never forget the two kitties who took care of me and always gave kitty love day and night. Take care sweetie and I will write again soon. Love Daddy

Nov 23, 2017 Dear sweet Taffy, how is my cutie? I miss you so much. I just wrote to Tazma and hope the two of you are having fun. The Holidays are here and I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. I remember you and Tazma would sadly beg for Turkey at the table each year and I would always give you some. I wish you both were here now so I could give you each a piece. Christmas is coming soon and I remember how you loved to play with the ornaments. I guess that's what kitties do is make Christmas trees fun. I know one day we will all be together again. Runt, Lana, and Binky will be tearing the tree up just as you and Tazma did year after year. I would give anything to have you both back here but I know that is not going to happen. The holidays are sad without my two loving kitties. But I know you are happy with Tazma at the Bridge. Stay healthy my baby and know daddy loves you so much. You and Tazma be good. Love daddy

Dec 25, 2017 Dear beautiful Taffy, Merry Christmas sweetie. I just wrote to Tazma and told her how I miss you both so much. I love when you would open the presents under the tree before Christmas and play with the wrapping paper afterwords. I hope you are well and having fun. A Merry Catmas to you. This will be the 3rd Christmas without you. There is nothing better then a kitty Christmas. Kitty's are meant to be a part of every holiday. Both you and Tazma are missed at each one. I know one day we all will be together again. Your sisters Runt, Lana, and Binky are here waiting to get into the gifts like you used to. There is nothing warmer then sweet kitties around a Christmas tree helping every chance they get. I love you sweet baby and always will. I will write again soon. Love you so much. Daddy

Feb 18, 2018 Dear sweet Taffy, Happy New Year. I miss you little girl so much. Today has been five years since your sister Tazma left for Rainbow Bridge. I am so sad but I miss you both so much. I know one day we will be together again. I think about all the years I had with you both. How I watched you play and sleep, but most of all how much love you gave me. I have no idea how 15 years went by so fast. You sister Runt I know misses you and Lana and Binky somehow know you in their hearts. I hope you are having fun and with your sister. Never will my home be the same without both of you. I believe all Kitties are unique. Each have their own personality and special love in their hearts for their owners. You are so special to me Taffy. I hope you are healthy and be with Tazma today on this 5th anniversary of her going to Rainbow Bridge. Take care sweet baby. Love Daddy

May 24, 2018, Dearest Taffy, I hope you are well. I miss you so much. Summer is coming and I hope you are drinking water and staying hydrated. Just over a month from now it will be three years since you went to the Bridge. I miss you and Tazma so much. Such special kitties. I think about you both all the time. I hope you have new friends and having lots of fun. Runt, Lana, and Binky are keeping me busy and I know Runt misses you a lot. I miss holding you and brushing your beautiful fur. I don't like waiting so long to write you but I write when I know my words have true meaning to them. I sure miss you. I wish fur babies would live as long as their owners. 15 years seemed so long in the beginning but looking back it was way too short. Please stay close to Tazma and remember I will always love you. Kisses. Love Daddy

June 28, 2018 Dear sweet Taffy, Another year has gone by without you. A candle will burn for you today. I have never forgot the fun, laughter, and love you brought me. Each day was a precious day to enjoy and love you. Your sister Tazma has been part of my memory as you know. I hope you both are together at the Bridge. One day I believe the day will come to be with you and Tazma again. I know you are pain free and having fun with the other fur babies. I would give anything to have you and Tazma back...anything. You will always be my sweet baby Taffy and I will always love you until we see each other again. I love you so much. I know each kitty has their own personality and love for their owners. No two are alike. Just know I remember the love you gave me and hope you catch my hugs and kisses. I will always love you. Take care sweet Taffy. Love Daddy

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