Endless writing to my first fur baby
by Steve Pritikin
10-25-17 Dear Tazma, here I am again writing to you to see how you are doing. I hope you and Taffy are having fun and waiting for that day when all of us will be re united again. I have been sitting for over 3 months with a cast on my leg from that dumb doctor who damaged my foot. I finally had that surgery as you know and hopefully tomorrow I get the cast off and into a PT boot. It is hot here and I am feeling down. Your mommy went to Europe for 18 days and the house is empty. I can't really go anywhere since I can only use one leg right now. I was sitting here thinking about you two and it still feels like you are just around the corner waiting for me to give you treats. I really miss you more then you know. Runt, Lana, and Binky are playing in the house. They play all night and sleep all day. I wish I could have you back right now. I miss you so much. Summer brings me down because of the heat. Well little girl, you take care and know I will always love you forever. I miss your pretty face. Hugs and kisses Tazma. Love Daddy
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