Christmas without my helper
by Stephen Pritikin
Dec 14, 2016, Dearest Tazma. This will be the third Christmas without you. I miss the years you would knock all the ornaments off the tree. Sometimes the tree too. I loved the way you played with the presents and especially the paper wrap. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving. Please forgive me for not writing sooner. I have my own issues happening. I look at the Christmas tree and think about you every time. You were a special cat. Not just any cat, but my friend and 4 legged child. No greater love was ever cherished by me then when you were here making me smile every day. I pretty girl and a smart kitty. No other cat in the world will ever replace you. I know someday you and I will be reunited. Until then I will count of the Christmas's each year. I hope when other people read my stories that they also see how important having a special fur baby is. You new sister Binky is 9 months old and starting to show her kitten side. She has learned that a Christmas tree is better off with nothing on it. Reminds me of you. Runt is the queen kitty now and she babysits Lana and Binky. I know deep inside Runt misses you a lot. I hope you are having a pain free and happy and Merry Christmas Tazma. I have another surgery coming up in hope that I will have no more pain in my foot. That will be in January. Please take care of Taffy as I will be writing her next. I hear you at night and see your shadow during the day. I will never forget my little Tazma who shared her golden love with me. Nothing will ever replace that. Have a wonderful holiday Tazma and I will right again soon. Love you always. Daddy
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