Another Easter without my Long ear Tazma
by Steve Pritikin
Dear Tazma, this is the 4th Easter without you and the first Easter without your sister Taffy. It is never easy writing to you but I know you and Taffy are reading this. This Holiday is no different even as time goes by. I will be alone with Runt and Lana this year. I hope you are with Taffy, Zaki, Aja, and now Kiwi. Your sister and friends are there to play with you and enjoy your new pain free life. I know one day we will be together again but until that day comes, I hope you stay healthy and always remember that you were my first sweet fur baby I fell in love with in 1997. I remember that day outside a Target store you were one of two kitten's being given away to a good home. I am so glad I chose the right one. Absence makes the heart grow founder but for now it is a broken heart. I wish you did not go so soon. I will never forget the fun times we had. I love you Tazma and always will. You will be in my broken heart forever. Take care sweetie and know daddy loves you so very much. Have a Happy Easter Tazma. Love Daddy
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