6 years and no broken Ornaments..Sad.
by Steve Pritikin
Dear Tazma, this is our 6th Christmas without you and what I miss most is when you would knock down the tree ornaments and climbing into the tree. You were the only Kitty that would play with the wrapping paper and make a bigger mess then we did. However I would trade 100 broken ornaments and a box full of trees to have you here again. I know one day we will be together. I hope you are enjoying Christmas with Taffy and all your friends at the Bridge. 6 years has gone by fast but I think about you and Taffy every day. Your sister Binky is taking over where you left off, climbing into the tree and breaking branches. This time we have plastic ornaments secured to the branches. Your other sister's Runt and Lana just sit and stare at the tree. I guess they are waiting until we open presents and throw the paper at them to play with. I hope your Christmas is as special as you and know how much I love you and miss you. Take care of Taffy as I will be writing her next. Merry Christmas sweet kitty. I will write you New Years Day. Hugs and kisses. Daddy
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