4 score and 7 years ago
by Stephen Pritikin
Feb 18, 2020...Seven years after my Tazma left for Rainbow Bridge. Taken out of Lincoln's words: 4 Score and 7 Years ago. My dear Tazma, once again we arrive at that sad time of your passing to a better place. A place you can frolic, be happy, and never be sick again. A place that an Angle named Aunt Ginny created for all the beautiful fur babies to have a permanent place to play until the day comes when you and I reunite again in a more healthy, fun, and permanent place called Rainbow Bridge. The Bible references the number seven many times. Seven was my favorite number growing up. Some people say the number seven is a lucky number. However today the number seven saddens me as that is how many years have gone by without your fun and loving times here at home. Nothing seems better then the love of a pet. Especially you who did so many funny things. Do you remember climbing the side of the door jamb only to get stuck at the top? All the times at Christmas where you would knock down the tree ornaments and hide all your toys under the furniture? Your favorite toy was rolled up newspaper balls. You would play for hours with them. You then brought them to me to throw so you could run and fetch them. When I was home with surgery, you did your Kitty walk on me to make me feel better. You were a special kitty. Always having fun and so pretty. Your love for your sister's Taffy who has been with you at the Bridge since 2015 and Runt who still misses you today. I looked at your pictures today and saw each one I took and remember that day what you/we were doing. I know the day will come when I reunite with you and Taffy. To live forever in happiness. No illness. To run and play every day. Your other sister's Lana and Binky are here with Runt who never met you but I know they feel your presence. They all follow in your paw steps. Good kitties who give unconditional love. I don't understand why you fur babies only have a short time here compared with us humans but I can hardly wait until the day we are together forever. I love you Tazma and always will. Take care of Taffy and have lots of fun with your new friends. Seven years is a long time but it seems like it all happened yesterday. Hugs and kisses Tazma. Love always...Daddy
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