4 years is like 40 years
by Stephen Pritikin
Dear baby Tazma, it has been just over 4 years since you went to the Bridge. It seems like 40 years as each day goes by so slow since you left. The difference is I remember that day as if it was yesterday. No other kitty could do what you did. Climb the side of the door frame, massage my back when I was not feeling good, give kitty kisses many times a day. You have so much love in you. I miss you sweetie and your sister Taffy. Runt misses you to. Lana and Binky are getting bigger and they all are doing well. I wish I could write every day but I would run out of room. Anyone who reads this must have what I have, A dear sweet pet who acted like a child and never caused any problems, just 24/7 love. Happy Easter my baby and know I miss you so much. I will write again soon. Taffy's 2 years anniversary is coming soon and I am starting to feel that as well. I miss you both. Take care and stay healthy. Love you always, Daddy
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