Summer of 2019 has Arrived
by Stephen Pritikin
June 28, 2019 has arrived and another summer has started. Hi Tazma, hope you are doing well and having lots of fun with sister Taffy and friends.
Today is Taffy's 4th anniversary since she went to be with you and I miss you both so much. Not a day goes by that I don't see you and Taffy in pictures around the house. Summer is coming and it is getting hot. Six years seems so long and yet memories are as fresh as yesterday.To each guardian, each fur baby is special and unique. No two pets are alike. Your personality was so loving and yet playful. Taffy also was loving, playful, and spent lots of time sleeping. Runt, Lana, and Binky say hi. Such a pretty kitty you are. I will always remember they way to took care of me when I was recovering from surgery or just being sick. You were my Nurse kitty. I know one day we will all be together again. I miss you both do much. Take care and take care of Taffy. Love you both so much. Daddy
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