Like snowflakes, no two kiities are alike.
by Stephen Pritikin
8-27-2017, Hi Tazma, I want to check up on you and see how you are doing. I had foot surgery and now I am at home all day and night. I miss you so much. You always new when I had pain or was sick and would give me that unconditional kitty love. Sit on my chest and give me a kitty massage. I can sure use that now. You have a new friend named Raven. Hope you find her and become great friends. I look at you picture and imagine seeing you here now. I know one day we will be together again with your sibs. Tazma you did things no other kitty I have seen has done growing up. I was remembering all the funny things you did and look at picture of you growing up. Where did that 15 years go ? Nothing with ever replace you or Taffy. I believe each kitty has been put on earth with special ways and antics to interact with their adult owners. Like snowflakes, no two kitties are alike. I love you sweet kitty and always will. I will never forget you. I will write again soon. Take care sweet Tazma. Love always, Daddy
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