A New Year
by stephen pritikin
Dear Tazma, I do not see the Story I submitted for Christmas. I need to check as to where it is but it did not not here. So I will wish you another Merry Christmas and part of my story then was how I missed the ornaments you used to play with on the tree and knock them down. I mentioned how much I would love to have you here to keep getting into the tree as each Christmas has not been the same without you and Taffy. Holidays are rough without you. Today I wish you and Taffy a Happy New Year. Hoping this year will keep you healthy and safe as the prior 6 years have. Your memorial birthday is coming in February and it saddens me to think about it. But your in a good place with your sister and friends. Runt, Lana, and Binky I know wish you well. I will write back soon. I do need to find the Christmas Story I wrote and check on Taffy's site if she got her story. I love you so much. Daddy
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