Three years later and the Love remains the same
by Stephen Pritikin
I continue to write stories about Tazma since I ran out of the allotted characters for her memorial. I want to say I appreciate everyone who has wrote to me from Rainbow Bridge for this day of Tazma's 3rd anniversary since she left for the Bridge. I know and respect everyone here for their losses over the years and never gave it a thought it would ever happen to me. I now know what real grief is. It is a temporary hole in my heart that used to be filled with Tazma's love. I realize there are many kinds of losses in the world but losing your fist pet seams harder then any other loss I ever experienced. I will never say my loss is more important then someone else's. I feel grief is growth. Each year it gets a fraction better and because I am 62, I believe I may never finish all my fractions to make it whole again. Tazma was so special. Never got into trouble. Always friendly. She would sit on my chest and do her kitty walk until both of us fells asleep. He favorite toy was rolled up paper balls. Forget spending money on cat toys, she would only play with paper balls. Today as I have the past few years will hold a special memorial for her reciting the Rainbow Bridge prayer. I will burn a memorial candle and have family with me. I hope one day to close that hole in my heart but I believe it will happen when Tazma and I reunite again one day. May she rest in peace always. I know she is safe, without pain or sorrow and having fun with other fur babies. Funny how when they are here with us we tend to draw a blank when trying to remember all the things our babies did for fun. Now that Tazma is taking a time out, I remember just about every day and every thing she did for her 15 years here on earth. Rest in Peace sweet Tazma....Love Daddy always
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