On your 6th anniversary
by Stephen Pritikin
Dear Little Tazma, Today is our 6th anniversary being apart since you went to Rainbow Bridge. I remember it as if was yesterday. I hope you are doing well and having fun with all your new friends. I looked back on your first year when you were a kitten, wow, almost 22 years ago. You used to run so fast and run up the sides of the door frames and I would need to help you down. You were the most loving kitty. The years that went by seemed so slow then, but now have seemed so short. I saw it each year, I wish I could have you back. I realize for now that will not happen. But I am sure one day we will be together again forever. Your sister's Runt, Lana, and Binky wish you well and I hope you and Taffy are taking care of each other. I miss you both so very much. Stay well my sweetie kitty and I will write again soon, I love you so much Tazma. Always and forever, Daddy Feb 18, 2019
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