Six Thanksgiving's later
by Steve Pritikin
Dear sweet Tazma, it has been six Thanksgiving's since you had Thanksgiving with me. It seems it was only yesterday you would sit and wait for real Turkey for dinner from me. I thought over the years it would get easier with you gone, but nope, it feels like yesterday you were here playing and loving and enjoying your sister's. I cry during the year but step up the tears more around the holidays. You Kitties always make the holidays better. Hope you and Taffy are well and having fun at Rainbow Bridge. Aunt Ginny sure made these days special. Runt, Land, and Binky are fine and creating a mess with their mousey's all over. I am not sure if I am going out to eat today but it is a quite Turkey day for me. I miss you so very much. There will never be another Tazma like you. So loving and sweet. I know the day will come when we will be together again. I hope Rainbow Bridge takes daddy's in :> I hope you have a fun Thanksgiving today and know daddy is always thinking about you. Love and hugs always. Take care my sweet baby. Love Daddy
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