One In A Million
by Steve Pritikin
October 16, 2016
Dearest Tazma, I am sitting here on our couch remembering all the funny and caring things you did. In 2004 when I became disabled, it was YOU who would lay on my shoulder doing that special Kitty Walk to make the pain go away. It worked every time. I look at your pictures and see how pretty you are and would wait patiently for your sisters to grab their treat before you did. Over the years we would sit and chat and you would look so intense at me as if you could fix all my problems that you would. Funny how you as a Kitten would get a running start at the hallway door frame and jump to the top of the Jamb just to dig in with your claws and hang there. Then you would slide down so slow leaving your claw prints in the wood jamb. The best days were every day when you would not play with any cat toys. You did not care how much toys cost. All you wanted was paper balls to play with. You are one in a million. To me you are so special. I love all of your sisters then and now. I treat all of you the same. Yet, each of you have special qualities that make you unique. It has been over 3 1/2 years since we last sat down with each other and chatted while playing goofy games. Tazma you are so missed. I look at your pictures every day and really hope that one day we will be reunited again. A place of no pain or sorrow. I adopted a 6 month old kitten and named her Binky. She reminds me of you. Very active and playful. My dear sweet baby, please take care and know I miss you and love you so much. I know the holidays are coming and that's when it gets harder to go through Christmas without you. Only you could open the gifts and play with the Christmas wrap for hours. Hugs and kisses to my sweet darling girl. Love daddy
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