5th Holiday Anniversary
by Steve Pritikin
11-23-17 Happy Thanksgiving Tazma. I hope you enjoyed Turkey day with all of your friends. I missed having you at the table with you sulking eyes wanting table food, but as you know, Thanksgiving is a special day for you and I have always given you a piece of Turkey to celebrate with your other sisters. Christmas is coming soon and I will always miss that first year when you climbed into the Christmas tree and knocked it over in the middle of the night. Each year since you managed to knock off ornaments and bat them around the house. I would buy you a hundred tress with ornaments just to have you here with me. I hope you and Taffy are enjoying time with your friends at the Bridge. I know Runt, Lana, and Binky say hi and I know one day all of us will be together again. I got a new kitty ornament with all of your names on it. I miss you so much and know how sweet of a girl you are. I will write again soon and know I always love you and miss you. Love Daddy
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