Christmas 2012
by Steve Pritikin
Dec 27, 2021 My dearest Tazma. It has been nine years since out last Christmas together. You were my first fur baby to always get into the Christmas Ornaments
and decorations. I remember when you were three years old you would climb the Christmas tree and after knocking off the ornaments, you would knock down the tree. Since then I tie the tree up every year. I hope your playing with your sister's Taffy and Runt. Your other sister's Lana, Binky, and Rosey say hi. What is Christmas without a soft furry 4 legged child to warm up by. You always made me laugh and I just wish we could be together again soon. I miss all my sweet babies. I think about all of you daily and I hope you will jump into my arms when I see you. I love you so much. Hugs..Daddy
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