A Sister's Love
by Steve Pritikin
Dear Tazma, it has been almost 3 1/2 years since you left me for Rainbow Bridge.
Last year on June 28th, your sister Taffy left me to join you and friends in your new, pain free and happy place at Rainbow Bridge. As you are my first fur baby and Taffy my second, the loss never get easier. I think of both of you daily. Some people think this is wrong for a grown adult to grieve his four legged children for such a long time. Personally I do not care what they think. It is no different then losing a child, a mother/father, a sister/brother. Family is Family.
Nothing will ever change the love I have for you two pretty girls. Your
15 1/2 years here with me will never be forgotten. You both gave me unconditional love and joy daily. Why our creator made you for our enjoyment only to take you so soon in life, I will never understand. It would have been nice for our fur babies to live at least 50 + years as our human counterparts do. Turtles and Elephants live forever, why not little precious Cats and Dogs? I can not question our creator as that would be wrong. I do look for the day we are reunited and the joy will return. I picture everyday when you both were here at home. The funny things you did, the things you played with and chased, and the unconditional love both of you always gave. Nothing is my close to my heart then the warmth you both gave to me knowing how disabled I became in 2004. Imagine that, Cats taking care of their Humans ! You both proved that. I need to go now my sweet Tazma and Taffy. I will be back and write soon. I hope you are having fun with Zaki, Aja, Kiwi, and Ticks. I think I told you of the new sister we adopted in May. A little Tuxedo kitten 8 weeks old then we named Binky. She and your other sister's Runt and Lana have all became friends and Binky is as wild as you Tazma when you were a kitten. I need to go baby Tazma. But I will write again soon. Remember how much I love both of you and hug Taffy close as tomorrow is her first anniversary of leaving for Rainbow Bridge. Love Daddy
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