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Grief is not measured in time but when the heart is dry of tears and your mind comes to acceptance, you will begin to heal. Meanwhile, you are not alone. - Ginny Brancato
Below are Tributes for the week of January 14, 2020 through January 20, 2020



Date Posted: 1/14/20
Requested By: Lauren
For: Sadie
Breed: Black lab/Retriever Mix
Home Town: Denver, Colorado
Born: 6/29/2002
Passed On: 12/16/2019
Special Tribute: Your light will always guide my way. You’re missed everyday, but I feel blessed to have known you and have you part of everything now. I love you forever, SadieBear. All the super barks. Xoxoxoxoxo
Email: Lauren

Date Posted: 1/14/20
Requested By: Jack Dowd
For: Sahara
Breed: Calico cat
Home Town: Hastings, MN.
Born: Wednesday, March 7th, 2007.
Passed On: Thursday, June 20th, 2019.
Special Tribute: I don't have much to say because I'm not the type who's good with words, but I love you, I always will, and I miss you so much. I really hope your happy where you are. I love you so much. My dear Hara.
Email: Jack Dowd

Date Posted: 1/18/20
Requested By: i
For: Sally
Breed: Flat Coat X Collie
Home Town: Cleveland,England
Born: 13th April 1997
Passed On: 28th November 2002
Special Tribute: hi sweet furangel Sally. Hope you are ok and having lots of fun playing and lovely treats.Missing you as much as the day you left all those years ago.One day we will all be reunited for eternity.Show the new ones what to do.sunny here today but been a lot of rain.Luv ya baby girl (((sally)))xxxxxxxx
Email: i

Date Posted: 1/18/20
Requested By: Annie, Sammy and Maggie's Dad
For: Sammy
Breed: Carolina Dog
Home Town: Myrtle Beach SC
Born: 2003? /Adopted: Saturday, May 21st 2005
Passed On: 4:56pm Wednesday, May 3rd 2017
Special Tribute: God bless you, my sweet baby. I miss you more than I can truly express in words. I love you so much. I will see you on the other side. Love, Mommy and Daddy.
Email: Annie, Sammy and Maggie's Dad

Date Posted: 1/19/20
Requested By: Linda
For: Simba
Breed: DSH - Handsome black cat
Home Town: Barnoldswick, Lancashire, England
Born: 27.05.1995
Passed On: 08.08.2012
Special Tribute: Always remembering with so much love, my handsome and very loving boy Simba, you were the most affectionate, sweet and cuddly kitten, so cute and adorable, I loved you from the day you were born & I am so glad that you stayed with me for 17 years, miss you everyday sweetheart & love you forever xxx
Email: Linda

Date Posted: 1/17/20
Requested By: Tim and Kim
For: Smokey
Breed: Blue Healer
Home Town: Lynnwood, WA
Born: 12/31/2000 New Year's Eve!!
Passed On: Snuggled with his blankie at home on 10/15/13
Special Tribute: 🐾 Hi Honey Bear! Can you believe it's 2020 already? You live in our hearts and always in our thoughts and memories. We miss everything about you and want you to know that you are loved beyond time and space. Kisses on your nose and big warm belly. Love and hugs forever from Mom and Dad🐾
Email: Tim and Kim

Date Posted: 1/15/20
Requested By: Toby
For: Smokey and Gina
Breed: Loving Companions
Home Town: Spring, TX
Born: 1999
Passed On: 2007, 2011
Special Tribute: Dear lil girls! Mama loves you, you are in her thoughts always. I light a candle for you every morning so that you can hear me tell you that I love you. Someday we will have a wonderful reunion at Rainbow Bridge. Hugs and kisses from your loving Mama.
Email: Toby

Date Posted: 1/14/20
Requested By: Karen
For: Sonny My Heart Zinkosky
Breed: Yellow Lab
Home Town: Alta Loma
Born: 9/22/2001
Passed On: 4/11/2013
Special Tribute: Oh, baby, it doesn't get any easier, almost 7 years since you left me. To say that I miss you doesn't even come close to how I feel. I will love you with my last breath. Sofie misses you too. Kisses on your belly, my Boogerman. Till we're together again, I love you, always.
Email: Karen

Date Posted: 1/14/20
Requested By: Linda & Jerry Ramsey
For: Teddy
Breed: Tri color Sheltie
Home Town: Scottsdale, AZ
Born: 12/16/2007
Passed On: 11/8/2019
Special Tribute: I miss you Everyday Teddy - you were my buddy and best friend - You loved swimming and your Toys. We will be together again. You and all our furry kids. Love Mom and Dad
Email: Linda & Jerry Ramsey

Date Posted: 1/14/20
Requested By: john anne marino
For: toby
Breed: yellow lab
Home Town: oakforest illinois
Born: 7/27/2005
Passed On: 1/6/2020
Special Tribute: Toby you were such a special boy my heart is broken I miss you so much
Email: john anne marino


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