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Grief is not measured in time but when the heart is dry of tears and your mind comes to acceptance, you will begin to heal. Meanwhile, you are not alone. - Ginny Brancato
Below are Tributes for the week of February 12, 2019 through February 18, 2019



Date Posted: 2/12/19
Requested By: Christine
For: Sadie
Breed: Pomeranian
Home Town: St. Louis, MO.
Born: 2-21-2003
Passed On: 12-13-2010
Special Tribute: Sadie I really miss you a lot today and everyday and Sadie I really miss taking care of you today and everyday that goes by its just not the same with you not here with me, I AM REALLY SAD, Sadie I miss your big brown eyes baby girl you were a special friend to me forever and always I love you xoxox
Email: Christine

Date Posted: 2/13/19
Requested By: Annie, Sammy and Maggie's Dad
For: Sammy
Breed: Carolina Dog
Home Town: Myrtle Beach, SC
Born: 2002- Rescued Summer of 2004
Passed On: 4:56pm Wednesday, May 3rd 2017
Special Tribute: We love you so much. We miss you. Everyday, holidays nothing is the same without you. God bless you and keep you safe forever. Thank you for blessing our lives with yours. We Love you forever,🐾Daddy&Mommy.
Email: Annie, Sammy and Maggie's Dad

Date Posted: 2/12/19
Requested By: Denise
For: Sam (Sammy)
Breed: lab terrier mix
Home Town: Pinellas Park FL
Born: 7/15/2006
Passed On: 1/7/2019
Special Tribute: I miss you so much my baby boy. You will always be my number one guy. Please visit me when you can. Please wait for mommy so that we can be together again. Daddy, Chino Meow Meow, Mimi Grandma and Sheba all say hi. We love you forever
Email: Denise

Date Posted: 2/14/19
Requested By: Ginny and Chris
For: Scarlett
Breed: domestic shorthair, calico
Home Town: Spencer, MA
Born: 3/1/2003
Passed On: 2/13/2019
Special Tribute: Scarlett is the purest expression of unconditional love and gentleness and has always been the best cat- She was patient, kind, loving, and caring and a true friend-we will miss her gentle headbutts for attention and her beautiful, melodic, vocalizations. Fly free our sweet angel
Email: Ginny and Chris

Date Posted: 2/16/19
Requested By: Valerie & John
For: Scooter
Breed: DSH
Home Town: New Mexico
Born: July 2005
Passed On: February 15, 2019
Special Tribute: Scooter was a gentle loving soul. Always happy, and wanting to be near her humans. We miss you, but you are forever in our hearts.
Email: Valerie & John

Date Posted: 2/17/19
Requested By: Linda
For: Simba
Breed: DSH - Handsome black cat
Home Town: Barnoldswick, Lancashire, England
Born: 27.05.1995
Passed On: 08.08.2012
Special Tribute: Always remembering with so much love my wonderful boy Simba, thank you Simba for all the love and for all the cuddles we had, I miss them so much, you were such an affectionate boy and you were always by my side, I love you forever sweet boy and miss you every day xxx
Email: Linda

Date Posted: 2/17/19
Requested By: Peggyand.Jim Matthews
For: Skittles
Breed: Caluco
Home Town: Hollywood FL
Born: 5/8/01
Passed On: 7/22/2018
Special Tribute: Skittles it's almost 6mo since u left and took piece of my heart.Daddy and I miss u like crazy. Waiting for a sign from my Skittles. Love u furever
Email: Peggyand.Jim Matthews

Date Posted: 2/12/19
Requested By: Caulli
For: Slurpee
Breed: Hound Pointer Mix
Home Town: Jacksonville, Florida
Born: 2/8/05
Passed On: 2/12/19
Special Tribute: Slurpee was my everything! She was the sweetest and most beautiful thing I have ever known. She was the best part of my everyday and I miss her terribly. Run free sweet girl you are no longer in pain!!! Thank you for picking me to be your mommy!
Email: Caulli

Date Posted: 2/13/19
Requested By: Tim and Kim
For: Smokey
Breed: Blue Healer
Home Town: Lynnwood, WA
Born: 12/31/2000 New Year's Eve!
Passed On: Snuggled with his blankie at home on 10/15/13
Special Tribute: 🐾 Hi Honey Bear Tweenie Pants! How's our sweet boy? You live in our hearts and always in our thoughts and memories. We miss everything about you and want you to know that you are loved beyond time and space. Kisses on your nose and big warm belly. Love and hugs forever from Mom and Dad🐾
Email: Tim and Kim

Date Posted: 2/12/19
Requested By: Beverly
For: Snoopy
Breed: Shih-Tzu-Mix
Home Town: Bulls Gap, Tennessee
Born: September 25, 2004
Passed On: July 27, 2014
Special Tribute: I love & miss you every day, there's a special place in my heart just for you. You will always be in my heart. Miss you and think of you each and every day. Love always and forever my precious angel. Hugs and kisses. Love Mommy
Email: Beverly


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