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Grief is not measured in time but when the heart is dry of tears and your mind comes to acceptance, you will begin to heal. Meanwhile, you are not alone. - Ginny Brancato
Below are Tributes for the week of February 27, 2024 through March 04, 2024



Date Posted: 2/27/24
Requested By: Debbie
For: Ginger
Breed: labradoodle
Home Town: Carmel,NY
Born: 02/14/2004
Passed On: 03/01/2010
Special Tribute: Dear Ginger, I love and miss you every day, there's a special place in my heart just for you. Thank you for sending your spirit back to me. I see you in her eyes. Daddy is with you now; I need you both to wait for me... Love always and forever. Mom
Email: Debbie

Date Posted: 3/1/24
Requested By: Brenda
For: Greenly
Breed: Parakeet
Home Town: Pa
Passed On: 12/26/21
Special Tribute: My sweet Greenly, another week has gone by without you. I still miss you and think about you everyday. I promise I’ll never stop. You brought more happiness than you can ever imagine. I wish I had you longer, but your friends at the bridge are lucky to have you. I know they love you 💚
Email: Brenda

Date Posted: 2/27/24
Requested By: Roy & Georgie Stewart
For: Gypsy Stewart Shores
Breed: Mixed Breed
Home Town: Ft Worth Texas
Born: April 1972
Passed On: 1988
Special Tribute: I miss you Gypsy. I'm sorry that I left you to live with someone else, but I will see you again. I love you so much! And so does Shawn.
Email: Roy & Georgie Stewart

Date Posted: 2/27/24
Requested By: Ron Troia
For: Heckle
Breed: Terrier Mix
Home Town: Taylors, SC
Born: 1971
Passed On: June 20, 1986
Special Tribute: I love you Heckle. You are still a very important part of my life and you always will be. I think of you each day and my love for you will never end as you live on in my heart. I love you always and forever. May the heat from this candle signify the warmth of the love we share forever. (((HECKLE)))
Email: Ron Troia

Date Posted: 2/28/24
Requested By: Rick and Dawn
For: Indy Anna Morris
Breed: Beagle
Home Town: Keller, TX
Born: 12/04/04
Passed On: 07/01/18
Special Tribute: Indy, our sweet girl, you are still loved and missed more than you could ever know. Mommy and I still talk about you all the time, and are so excited when we get pictures of you in our memories. You were such a smart girl, and were always so alert. We miss you in our bed, Indy. Love Mommy and Daddy.
Email: Rick and Dawn

Date Posted: 3/2/24
Requested By: Simone
For: Jeanette
Breed: Budgerigar
Home Town: West Chatswood NSW Australia
Born: 14 September 1980
Passed On: 5 March 1989
Special Tribute: My dearest little bird, I cannot believe that 35 years have now passed. I still miss you every day. I hope you are at peace in our old garden with Jeanot and your three little chicks. Fly with the angels sweet pea 🕊️❤️
Email: Simone

Date Posted: 2/27/24
Requested By: Christina Luo
For: Jeffy Luo
Breed: Domestic short hair
Home Town: North Bergen, NJ
Born: 3/1/2010
Passed On: 3/22/2024
Special Tribute: Dear Jeffy, we love you so much and you will always be in our hearts! A part of you will always be with us at home forever. You’re happy and healthy again at Rainbow Bridge now. Giving you a big hug and kisses from here to Rainbow Bridge!
Email: Christina Luo

Date Posted: 2/27/24
Requested By: Ron Troia
For: Jessie
Breed: Terrier Mix
Home Town: Taylors, SC
Born: 1986
Passed On: November 4, 1997
Special Tribute: I love you Jessie. I still think of you every day and although my heart will forever be broken I know how lucky I am that you became a part of my life. Thank you so much for showing me love and understanding. May the heat from this candle signify the warmth of the love we share forever. (((JESSIE)))
Email: Ron Troia

Date Posted: 2/27/24
Requested By: i
For: Josh
Breed: Yellow Labrador
Home Town: Cleveland,England
Born: 16th April 1998
Passed On: 18th May 2011
Special Tribute: Hi sweet furangel Josh.Hope you are having a good time playing and eating treats.Missing you as much as always but one day we will all be reunited for eternity.Dream or sign would be lovely.I love you always and forever Josh (((Josh))) xxxxxxxx
Email: i

Date Posted: 2/29/24
Requested By: Miriam
For: Juno
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Home Town: Denton TX
Born: 10/13/2009
Passed On: 002/25/2024
Special Tribute: Baby kunis nunca te vamos a olvidar, nos vemos pronto! Te amamos
Email: Miriam


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