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Grief is not measured in time but when the heart is dry of tears and your mind comes to acceptance, you will begin to heal. Meanwhile, you are not alone. - Ginny Brancato
Below are Tributes for the week of August 20, 2019 through August 26, 2019



Date Posted: 8/20/19
Requested By: Adam
For: Maddi
Breed: Cockapoo
Home Town: Saint Louis
Born: 09/04/2008
Passed On: 06/19/2019
Special Tribute: My Maddi. I sure do miss you so much. I love you
Email: Adam

Date Posted: 8/23/19
Requested By: Annie, Sammy and Maggie's Dad
For: Maggie Mae
Breed: Golden Lab/ Chow mix
Home Town: Myrtle Beach SC
Born: 2004? Rescued Monday 1pm July 13th, 2009
Passed On: 3:52 pm Sunday July 15th, 2018
Special Tribute: Hello Maggie.1 year & 1 month has passed. I still cant believe you are gone.We love you so much. We miss you. Everyday, holidays, nothing will be the same without you. God bless you and keep you safe forever. Thank you for blessing our lives with yours. We Love you forever,🐾 Daddy & Mommy
Email: Annie, Sammy and Maggie's Dad

Date Posted: 8/20/19
Requested By: Ron Troia
For: Max
Breed: Lovable Lug
Home Town: Taylors, SC
Born: 1997
Passed On: June 13, 2007
Special Tribute: I love you Max. I was so blessed on that summer day when you walked over to my house and into my heart. Thank you for picking me to share your life with. You will live forever in my heart and in my memory. May the heat from this candle signify the warmth of the love we share forever. (((MAX))) XO
Email: Ron Troia

Date Posted: 8/23/19
Requested By: Maryellen
For: Mia
Breed: Domestic longhair
Home Town: Peekskill, NY
Born: July 4, 2001
Passed On: July 2, 2019
Special Tribute: My love, my light, it is so hard to live without you. You were there for everything in my life for a long time and I am so heartbroken without you. I hope you can hear me talking to you and I hope you can feel my love. You are my guardian now from heaven.
Email: Maryellen

Date Posted: 8/23/19
Requested By: Annie, Sammy and Maggie's Dad
For: Millstone
Breed: Black Kitten
Home Town: Myrtle Beach SC
Born: May 2019- Adopted Wednesday July 2nd 2019
Passed On: 7:45pm Wednesday July 2nd 2019
Special Tribute: We only knew you for an hour. We tried our best to get you to the emergency vet but you were too weak for them to help you. We are sorry for the hard life you had. Just before you passed we gave you the name of Millstone. We hope you like it. God bless and keep you safe. We love you, Millstone.
Email: Annie, Sammy and Maggie's Dad

Date Posted: 8/23/19
Requested By: Krysten Brown
For: Milo
Breed: Pit mix
Home Town: St. Clair Shores, MI
Born: 4-28-13
Passed On: 8-23-19
Special Tribute: Milo I’m so sorry we had to put you down. Something was wrong with your brain that made you hurt others. I will miss you every day of my life and think of your goofy ways. I will see you agai. One day. We love you! Mom, dad and adam
Email: Krysten Brown

Date Posted: 8/24/19
Requested By: Jane & Ken Ferreira
For: Miss Gingerbread (Ginger)
Breed: Mini Pin Mix
Home Town: Revere MA
Born: January 26, 2007
Passed On: January 19, 2018
Special Tribute: My little Angel. Miss you more each day. You were so special and the most lovable little dog ever. So honored to have been your "mom" tho the time was much too short. You will always be in my heart and in my prayers. Run and play to your heart's content. Until we meet again. Forever...Mom
Email: Jane & Ken Ferreira

Date Posted: 8/20/19
Requested By: Laura & Ed
For: Mom, Frosty, Sam & Socks (Mom's daughters)
Breed: All shorthair of various colors
Home Town: forever missed, loved & embraced in our 💕
Born: Mom? stray we took in/ Frosty, Sam & Socks 7/19/04
Passed On: Mom 2008/ Frosty 5/29/18 Sam 8/26/18 Socks 4/30/16
Special Tribute: Mom, Frosty, Sam & Socks, u are all sadly missed. We hope all 4 of u are reunited again & are flying high with all the angels in heaven over Rainbow Bridge. Forever in our hearts & always missed, loved & remembered until we all meet again at the bridge, watch over us...until we meet again❤ XOXOXOXOX
Email: Laura & Ed

Date Posted: 8/20/19
Requested By: Laura & Ed
For: Mommy & Tommy (Mommy's son)
Breed: Both gray & white medium hair
Home Town: forever missed & loved/embraced in our hearts
Born: Mommy 6 years old & Tommy 5 years old
Passed On: Mommy 6/10/15 & Tommy 1/16/15
Special Tribute: Mommy & Tommy, we hope u both are enjoying the summer with your friends at the Bridge. We will always miss & love u both & thank u for sharing your lives with us...thank u for showing us ferals can be socialized with love, kindness & trust. I wish shelters could socialize them, it would save lives❤
Email: Laura & Ed

Date Posted: 8/20/19
Requested By: Marge James
For: Moochie
Breed: Tux cat
Home Town: Hobe Sound
Born: 2012
Passed On: July 30 ,2019
Special Tribute: Oh Mooch, I miss you so bad it hurts my heart to remember that night you left me in tears, they are still flowing for you. I'll miss you forever my 💓 beautiful soft sweet kitty .
Email: Marge James


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