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Grief is not measured in time but when the heart is dry of tears and your mind comes to acceptance, you will begin to heal. Meanwhile, you are not alone. - Ginny Brancato
Below are Tributes for the week of January 31, 2023 through February 06, 2023



Date Posted: 1/31/23
Requested By: William and JoAnne
For: Riley Felmer
Breed: Boxer Pit Mix
Home Town: Bethel CT
Born: 11/2012
Passed On: 1/19/23
Special Tribute: Riley, mommy and daddy are setting you up for next Monday’s candlelight ceremony. It is really helping mommy and daddy to be with other people that have lost their babies too. I just hope you are all at rainbows bridge playing together and that you have lots of friends mommy and daddy miss you so m
Email: William and JoAnne

Date Posted: 1/31/23
Requested By: Harman-Davies Family
For: Riley Jack
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Home Town: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Born: 10/28/2006
Passed On: 10/12/2011
Special Tribute: Hello My Sweet Angel Teddy Bear. I love & miss U so much. UR little fur brother is sick. Please watch over him from above. Another year passes & it’s hard to believe after 11 years, you’re still gone. I still grieve for you everyday. Love & miss U 4ever. 200 Billion XO’s ♥️🐾🌹🕯👼🏻🌈♥️🐾🌹🕯👼🏻🌈
Email: Harman-Davies Family

Date Posted: 2/4/23
Requested By: John & Terry
For: Rosie
Breed: Border Collie
Home Town: Nampa, ID
Born: unknown
Passed On: 01/25/2023
Special Tribute: We miss you Rosie! We see you every day when we walk in the house, get in the car for walks, and go outside with your siblings. I wish our time together was longer but I feel that you knew you were safe and loved for the time you were with us. Thank you for all the love that you gave!
Email: John & Terry

Date Posted: 2/1/23
Requested By: Jeff & Michell
For: Ruby “Momma”
Breed: Lab Mix
Home Town: Austin TX
Born: 01/2007
Passed On: 0129/2023
Special Tribute: May our Ruby be received in the beautiful meadows. May she play, run, swim and eat all yummy treats with all the other sweet angels.. She is a sweet, gentle, loving and caring girl who was always looking for affection.
Email: Jeff & Michell

Date Posted: 1/31/23
Requested By: Deborah Owens
For: Sadie Schatzie Hans Lily Greta Bertha Fritz
Breed: All of my so very much loved and missed Dachshunds
Home Town: Piedmont SC
Born: 04/28/2005 Various
Passed On: 08/11/2020 Various
Special Tribute: Hi Sadie Schatzie Hans Lily Greta Bertha Fritz It is another week; another week closer to you. I miss you all so very much & I honor you with every fiber of my being. I pray for our reunion & know we will be together again. I love you Sweet Little Ones & I just ache to hold you so very much.
Email: Deborah Owens

Date Posted: 1/31/23
Requested By: i
For: Sally
Breed: Flat Coat Retriever X Collie
Home Town: Cleveland,England
Born: 13th April 1997
Passed On: 28th November 2002
Special Tribute: Hi sweet furangel Sally.Hope you having fun playing and eating treats.Watch over me as im struggling lately.Watch out for Charley who will be with you very soon.Dream or sign would be good.Missing you as much as ever but one day we will all be reunited for eternity.Love you Sally (((Sally)))xxxxxxxx
Email: i

Date Posted: 1/31/23
Requested By: Red
For: Sammy
Breed: Yellow Lab
Home Town: Syracuse, NY
Born: 02/26/07
Passed On: 07/20/21
Special Tribute: I'll never let you go, I promise.
Email: Red

Date Posted: 1/31/23
Requested By: Tim and Kim
For: Smokey
Breed: Blue Healer
Home Town: Lynnwood, WA
Born: 12/31/2000 New Year's Eve!!
Passed On: Snuggled with his blankie at home on 10/15/13
Special Tribute: 🐾 Hi Honey Bear Tweenie Pants! How’s our sweet boy? You live in our hearts and always in our thoughts and memories. We miss everything about you and want you to know that you are loved beyond time and space. Kisses on your nose and big warm belly. Love and hugs forever from Mom and Dad🐾
Email: Tim and Kim

Date Posted: 2/2/23
Requested By: Toby
For: Smokey and Gina
Breed: Loving Companions
Home Town: Spring, TX
Born: 1999
Passed On: 2007, 2011
Special Tribute: My sweet little girls. You are always in my thoughts and nestled safely in my heart. Mama loves you bunches! Hugs & kisses from your loving Mama
Email: Toby

Date Posted: 1/31/23
Requested By: Lisa
For: Snoopy
Breed: Pitbull
Home Town: NYC
Special Tribute: Snoopy, my beautiful boy. Words can’t express how much we miss you. We will never forget you. I have not dreamt you in a while, come visit me in my dreams. When i dream about you it helps me cope with this feeling of grief. I miss you gordo. I love you so much 🐾🐾💕💕
Email: Lisa


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