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Grief is not measured in time but when the heart is dry of tears and your mind comes to acceptance, you will begin to heal. Meanwhile, you are not alone. - Ginny Brancato
Below are Tributes for the week of July 27, 2021 through August 02, 2021



Date Posted: 8/1/21
Requested By: Vanessa
For: Nicole
Breed: Dog
Home Town: Dallas, TX
Born: 12/20/2004
Passed On: 07/31/2021
Special Tribute: I had to say goodbye to you my Nikkita. How my heart aches. I still cannot believe you are gone. However, I know your suffering has ended now. The pain is gone. I love you so much and my heart will ache for you always. Thank you for being the best! My Nikkita.
Email: Vanessa

Date Posted: 7/29/21
Requested By: Mike & Annette
For: Nilla
Breed: Pink Nose Pit Bull Terrier
Home Town: NJ
Born: August 2005
Passed On: January 1st, 2019
Special Tribute: For all of the times that you have stooped and touched my head, fed me my favorite treat and returned the love that I so unconditionally gave to you.For the care that you gave to me so unselfishly. For all of these things I am grateful and thankful. I Love You Nilla
Email: Mike & Annette

Date Posted: 8/1/21
Requested By: Diane
For: No. 1
Breed: Plymouth Barred Rock Hen
Home Town: formally Mt. Eden Ky
Born: July 2012
Passed On: August 1, 2014
Special Tribute: No. 1! I lost my Num-1 gal 7 yrs ago, where has the time gone! You were the leader of the group, small but mighty, and they all respected you. Damn crop issues took you away much too soon. I tried to help you and was devastated when I got the call you passed away during the night. I love you No. 1
Email: Diane

Date Posted: 7/28/21
Requested By: Diane
For: No. 6 💕 My buddy
Breed: Plymouth Barred Rock Hen 🐔
Home Town: Formally Mt. Eden, KY - now Portugal
Born: July 2012 🐣 Happy Day 🤗
Passed On: August 7, 2019 - My last girl 😭
Special Tribute: Hey sweetie, momma is gone, I said goodbye as we took off in the air, but I had you around my neck and felt a closeness to you as if you were with me. Your picture is now on the mantle at our place here in Portugal. I may be gone, but you and your buddies are in my thoughts and in my heart always.
Email: Diane

Date Posted: 7/28/21
Requested By: Diane
For: No's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 🤗 My Girls
Breed: Plymouth Barred Rock Hens 🐔
Home Town: formally Mt. Eden, KY - now Portugal
Born: July 2012 🐣💖
Passed On: 2014 (1,3) 2016 (2,4,5) 2019 (6) 😭
Special Tribute: To my girls. When I looked into your eyes, I did not see hens, I saw my best friends. I thank you all for the laughs & super fun times! I am grateful & will always cherish those memories. I still cry because it's over, but I smile because it happened. No longer by my side, but forever in my heart.💕
Email: Diane

Date Posted: 7/30/21
Requested By: Julia Armendariz
For: Olivia Armendariz
Breed: Shih tzu
Home Town: Santa Fe NM
Born: 08/02/2015
Passed On: 09/15/2020
Special Tribute: We will celebrate our birthdays on Monday my sweet baby girl. It brings me sadness that you are not here with me. You were and always be a blessing from God. You are the best part of me. Have a very Happy Birthday in Heaven. I hope you do your cha cha cha dance for all the fur babies.I love you.
Email: Julia Armendariz

Date Posted: 7/30/21
Requested By: Rich
For: Oreo
Breed: Tuxedo Cat
Home Town: Plymouth,Ma
Born: 01-16-08
Passed On: 01-05-21
Special Tribute: To my Beautiful baby and the best son any father could ever have, I miss you so much, I know you have been visiting me in the house and definitely in my heart, I feel you lying next to me in bed at night, I pray everyday I will be united with you in Heaven soon, I Love You so much Baby xoxo 💔
Email: Rich

Date Posted: 7/30/21
Requested By: i
For: Peter
Breed: Collie X
Home Town: Cleveland, England
Born: June? 1976
Passed On: 12th March 1988
Special Tribute: Hi sweet furangel Peter.hope you have had a good week playing and eating lots of tasty treats.Missing you as much as always but one day we will all be reunited for eternity. Show all the new ones what to do and keep an eye out for Tia.A dream or sign would be lovely. Luv ya big fella xxxxxxxx
Email: i

Date Posted: 7/27/21
Requested By: Laura
For: **PRECIOUS**🎗🌺
Breed: **Calico**
Home Town: forever embraced in my heart💗XOX
Born: **10/15/96**
Passed On: **8/30/11**
Special Tribute: PRECIOUS🌺I am thankful for the 15 wonderful yrs we shared & the special times we enjoyed. Our bonded love & friendship will never be lost, as that love became a part of me & that love is never having to say your sorry. u took a part of me when u left for 🌈bridge. I will always miss & love u💗XOXO
Email: Laura

Date Posted: 7/27/21
Requested By: Laura & Ed
For: **PRECIOUS**🌺 & **LIZA**🦴
Breed: **Calico** & **Shih-Tzu**
Home Town: sending our love & hugs to u girls💕
Born: **10/15/96** & **11/27/98**
Passed On: **8/30/11** & **3/5/13**
Special Tribute: PRECIOUS🌺 & LIZA🦴this candle signifies the wonderful years of love, loyalty & happiness, u both faithfully shared with us. u were our devoted angels that brought us happiness with your cheerful personalities. Wait for us at RB...we will all enjoy a heartwarming & everlasting reunion💗XOXOXOXO
Email: Laura & Ed


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