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Grief is not measured in time but when the heart is dry of tears and your mind comes to acceptance, you will begin to heal. Meanwhile, you are not alone. - Ginny Brancato
Below are Tributes for the week of July 27, 2021 through August 02, 2021



Date Posted: 7/27/21
Requested By: Ron Troia
For: Heckle
Breed: Terrier Mix
Home Town: Taylors, SC
Born: 1971
Passed On: June 20, 1986
Special Tribute: I love you Heckle. The years continue to go by but my love for you is stronger and deeper than ever. You are always my special boy and I will always cherish the special time we had together. God Bless you. May the heat from this candle signify the warmth of the love we share forever.(((HECKLE))) XO
Email: Ron Troia

Date Posted: 7/27/21
Requested By: Rick and Dawn
For: Indy Anna Morris
Breed: Beagle
Home Town: Keller, TX
Born: 12/04/04
Passed On: 07/01/18
Special Tribute: Indy, our sweet girl, Mommy and I still love and miss you so much, sweetheart. I so miss you cleaning the dishes. We always called you our pre-rinse. You taught you sissy to clean the dishes, but she does not do nearly as good of a job as you did. You were the best pre-rinse. Love Mommy and Daddy.
Email: Rick and Dawn

Date Posted: 7/28/21
Requested By: nikki
For: Izabella (Izzy)
Breed: pitbull
Home Town: Sulphur
Born: December 24, 2015
Passed On: June 16, 2021
Special Tribute: you were loved and will be forever missed a peice of me left when god took you home momma loves you baby girl
Email: nikki

Date Posted: 7/31/21
Requested By: Marge and Dave
For: Izzy
Breed: Shorthair kitty
Home Town: Las Vegas, Nevada
Born: April 19, 2008
Passed On: July 31, 2021
Special Tribute: Izzy you were so smart, unconditionally loving, & perfectly imperfect. I begged God for you to stay here longer, & longer was an entire, beautiful week. Enjoy sleeping on top of Toby the GR again, playing with Angel, & meeting George & others beloved like you. We’ll see you at the Bridge. Mom & Dad
Email: Marge and Dave

Date Posted: 7/29/21
Requested By: Shelia
For: Jagger
Breed: Domestic medium hair white Siamese mix
Home Town: Lynchburg, Va
Born: 03/15/2014
Passed On: 7/29/21
Special Tribute: My dear Jagger! I'm devastated by losing you today. You were too young and you are my best friend! I'm beyond devastated and I will love you and miss you forever 🐾🤍🙏😇
Email: Shelia

Date Posted: 7/27/21
Requested By: Ron Troia
For: Jessie
Breed: Terrier Mix
Home Town: Taylors, SC
Born: 1986
Passed On: November 4, 1997
Special Tribute: I love you Jessie. I loved you from the moment I saw you and I knew I had to come back and rescue you. You were born to be loved and I know that you will always know how much you are loved by your family. May the heat from this candle signify the warmth of the love we share forever.(((JESSIE)))XO
Email: Ron Troia

Date Posted: 7/30/21
Requested By: i
For: Josh
Breed: Yellow Labrador
Home Town: Cleveland, England
Born: 16th April 1998
Passed On: 18th May 2011
Special Tribute: Hi sweet furangel Josh.Hope you have had a good week playing and eating treats.Miss coming to visit you and your Mum who you are now reunited with.One day we will all be reunited for eternity.Show the new ones what to do and watch out for Tia.A dream or sign would be lovely.Luv you Josh xxxxxxxx
Email: i

Date Posted: 8/1/21
Requested By: Bob and Marie
For: Kyra
Breed: Lab/SHep Mix
Home Town: Rice, VA
Born: May 15, 1991
Passed On: October 31,2005
Special Tribute: Kyra - our gracious little lady - still missing you, loving you even more and in our hearts you will be forever and a day...Love, Daddy and Mommy xoxo
Email: Bob and Marie

Date Posted: 7/29/21
Requested By: Joan Craigs
For: Laddie Craigs
Breed: Jack Russell
Home Town: Stanley, Co, Durham, England.
Born: 21/04/2004
Passed On: 01/11/2017
Special Tribute: My beautiful little boy 🐕🐾🐾 mammy's having a hard week sometimes it hurts 💔 so much that you aren't here with us.I hope you and grandma had a lovely time on her birthday,I love💖 you so so much Ladd, time is not a healer. Laddo 🐶 and Lola 🐶 send you all their love 🐾💕🐾. Night 🌙 night 🌛son.
Email: Joan Craigs

Date Posted: 7/27/21
Requested By: Ron Troia (Forever Friend)
For: Laika
Breed: Russian Stray
Home Town: Taylors, SC
Born: 1954
Passed On: November 3, 1957
Special Tribute: I love you Laika. I am so sorry you did not find the love and happiness you so deserved here on earth. You will forever be a blessed soul with many people who will care for you always. It has been so many years since that horrible betrayal Sweet Curly and still our hearts are broken. (((LAIKA)))XO
Email: Ron Troia (Forever Friend)


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