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Grief is not measured in time but when the heart is dry of tears and your mind comes to acceptance, you will begin to heal. Meanwhile, you are not alone. - Ginny Brancato
Below are Tributes for the week of July 07, 2020 through July 13, 2020



Date Posted: 7/9/20
Requested By: Carolyn & Rudy
For: Ocean
Breed: Russian Blue
Home Town: Dingman's Ferry, PA
Born: 2009
Passed On: 7/9/2020
Special Tribute: Sweet Ocean, my beautiful boy, you chose us to be your special parents and we fell in love with you. Our years together were good ones and we will always remember you.
Email: Carolyn & Rudy

Date Posted: 7/7/20
Requested By: Nivia Jinda
For: Oceana Jinda
Breed: Mixed Bread
Home Town: New York City
Born: March 23, 2003
Passed On: January 23rd 2019
Special Tribute: Oceana and Kikiyo Good morning my girls it still hurts how my girls parted from me, although the Silver cord and Golden thread are attached to us until eternity,it is not the same. I miss holding and hugging you two so much. I know we will all be together oneday but for now remember I love you two
Email: Nivia Jinda

Date Posted: 7/9/20
Requested By: Tamaki Onishi
For: Philly Onishi
Breed: Persian Cat
Home Town: Greensboro NC
Born: 07/08/2003
Passed On: 07/09/2020
Special Tribute: Philly "P-chan" - you have been everything in my life. You conquered so many illnesses and everybody called you a miracle girl. Although your body no longer exists, your spirit is always in my heart. Thank you so much for spending the most invaluable 17 years with me. I love you so so much.
Email: Tamaki Onishi

Date Posted: 7/7/20
Requested By: Laura
Breed: **Calico**
Home Town: forever missed, loved & embraced in my 💗
Born: **10/15/96**
Passed On: **8/30/11**
Special Tribute: PRECIOUS, this tribute is to honor your 15 year life & the love & joy we shared together. u were my special furangel with a collar & will always have a special place in my heart 4ever. Someday, I will hold u in my arms again & look into your green eyes & we'll cross the bridge together 4ever💗XOXOX
Email: Laura

Date Posted: 7/7/20
Requested By: Laura & Ed
For: **PRECIOUS**🌹 & **LIZA**🌹
Breed: **Calico** & **Shih-Tzu**
Home Town: sending love & hugs to u both in heaven💕
Born: **10/15/96** & **11/27/98**
Passed On: **8/30/11** & **3/5/13**
Special Tribute: PRECIOUS & LIZA, these roses are dedicated to your loving personalities & life that u both shared with us for many special yrs & making our lives happy & complete. Our love signifies our bonded friendship, that we will always cherish for eternity...til we all meet again on the other side💞XOXOXOXOXO
Email: Laura & Ed

Date Posted: 7/7/20
Requested By: Liz
For: Riley Jack
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Home Town: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Born: 10/28/2006
Passed On: 10/12/2011
Special Tribute: Its been 8 1/2 years since U went 2 the Rainbow Bridge & the pain is still unbearable. You were 2 young & had so much 2 live 4. I am so lost & lonely without U. The house feels so cold & empty without U here. Mommy loves & misses U so much. I will love U 4ever my Angel Teddy Bear. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO
Email: Liz

Date Posted: 7/7/20
Requested By: Brittany
For: Roxanne
Breed: Dachshund
Home Town: Mesa, AZ
Born: 7/2001
Passed On: 7/2/2020
Special Tribute: Baby girl, you were the best thing that ever happened to me. I still remember the day I rescued you and the volunteer put you in my arms for the first time like it was yesterday. You had an amazing life and your love was unconditional. I will miss and love you forever. Fly High Baby 💜
Email: Brittany

Date Posted: 7/8/20
Requested By: Cathy
For: Shorty
Breed: Tuxedo
Home Town: Charleston sc
Born: 6/28/2004
Passed On: 11/16/2017
Special Tribute: Shorty i miss you so much and i love u xo. Hope grandma and grandpa s keeping you safe .till i see you again. So sorry your gone mommy loves you
Email: Cathy

Date Posted: 7/9/20
Requested By: Connie Hardin
For: Sissy
Breed: PomChi
Home Town: Ellenboro, NC
Born: 08/08/2008
Passed On: 07/08/2020
Special Tribute: Sissy will be missed forever. My heart is broken.
Email: Connie Hardin

Date Posted: 7/7/20
Requested By: Tim and Kim
For: Smokey
Breed: Blue Healer
Home Town: Lynnwood, WA
Born: 12/31/2000 New Year's Eve!!!
Passed On: Snuggled with his blankie at home on 10/15/13
Special Tribute: 🐾 Hi Honey Bear! Can you believe it's July already? You live in our hearts and always in our thoughts and memories. We miss everything about you and want you to know that you are loved beyond time and space. Kisses on your nose and big warm belly. Love and hugs forever from Mom and Dad🐾
Email: Tim and Kim


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