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Hanna your truly missed on your birthday 10/31 Things just are not the same here,Tis Christmas time Hanna Haveing a very hard time right now missing you more then ever, Will miss you tearing the paper off the presents!! what a laugh that was once you started doing that! Just wish I had a pic of it! Love you dad Hanna its been one year now an the tears still come The girls are doing ok, Starr is growing up finally! Midnight still is haveing trouble ,,,, This past winter wasnt too bad an the snow is almost gone!! I miss you on days like this seeing you out laying in the sun not a care in the world!! Love Dad an the girls

Hi Hanna well it finally happened You have a brother,, wish I had found him while you were still on this earth but,,, It didnt work that way :( I will post a pic for you an the other's he was a rescue,, Summer was not good here rain an cool,Fall has started off ok but looks to be short this year, I am not looking forward to the winter just cant deal with it any more, I miss our friend Gloria hope an pray she is safe an I know you will look out for her where ever she is,, Midnight is still here an doing ok but her age is starting to show,, will write again soon Remember its your birthday this month!! :) Another year has past Hanna Its not easy for sure

Hanna its almost your birthday (one week away) This is Zuss he is not your replacement but well, he was a rescue dog, he is a good boy! ha believe that!! I really wish I had found him while you were still on this earth but it didnt work that way, Well Christmas is comeing again,, It finally snowed here its been the kind of weather you liked to sit out under your tree an watch eveything going on!! I miss you Hanna with all my heart Hanna summer is about here boy do i miss an love you wish i could be with you I know the girls an Zuss are important but,,, I want to be with you so bad,, Well your birthday is here again an i found a couple of more pics an added them!! The pumpkins were cut this year!! Happy Birthday Hanna Been another year Hanna I finally took down the Xmas tree Spring is haveing a hard time in getting here this year,, I am going to try an find some of your other pics to post for everyone Love dad Well your birthday has come we cut pumpkins an lit them!! Happy Birthday Hanna! Love dad Its that time again Hanna the candle is lit Keep your eyes open for a little black pup he was in a fire up the street only 6 months old watch for him an keep him safe please,, Bee safe an free Gloria posted a note for you make sure her friends are safe an sound too I also changed your song too hope you like it Its your B day soon!! Ill have a pumpkin carved for you hope you get to see it!! God it feels like yesterday but it isn't,, Hanna its Christmas again!! Weather is crappy,, Starr has been in a lot of pain, I haven't heard from our friend as of yet??? Praying she is ok,,, There is nothing this year no lights no tree just the candle,, Hanna another year has come an gone,, have some bad news,, maw is gone she passed over this summer,, I know she will find you or you her tell her I still love her please,, an your friend Gloria shes crossed over too,, sad Ive lost too many good people in my life,, Take care love you Well its your birthday again sure do miss you an Gloria!! Hanna Zuss is making the trip over the bridge he passed away at 9:30 this morning Please look out for him you will know him when he gets there Thanks an love you always Merry Christmas Hanna an Zuss Keep your eyes open for Starr she will be making the trip soon to be with you both,,,, Both Starr an yes Midnight passed over the bridge in 18,,,, Been a very hard year,,

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