by Jim Gomez.........................................
Hanna our ride on this earth is comeing to an end,I pray you will wait for me at the bridge, I have done everything that I can for you,An now its time for what we both feel is due,Though my heart is heavy an full of sadness, I know what it is you need the most, Nothing can replace the younger year's nothing can replace the times we had togther,All the wonderful things we went through together Your In My Heart An In My Soul Till The End Of Time Till then Hanna be the keeper of the star's as you are call NaHanna the one who shines, We will walk the path till we find the place that will let both of us in, An drink the cool water from the same cup An be at peace with the after life once an for all, Not a care in the world not a want not a worry Just happy to be together again! Thank you for all you have taught me an also what I have taught you, We worked hard to be a team, When your first trainer told us that you should be put down,But that was many years ago, an look how you turned out! Always ready to protect Afraid of nothing, Even in the end your ready to put yourself between trouble an your loved one's Thats the true meaning of Love!! Thank you Hanna
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