by Jim Gomez.........................................
I first met Rosie two weeks ago when a good friend asked me to go to the er vet with them, Thats when i first met Rosie, I had heard storys how she didnt like to ride an was not all that good with stranger's, Much to my surprize she calmed right down as we drove the 30 miles to the er, I truly felt she was at peace, it was a long night there, an my friend decided not to have any more tests done at that time, The ride home was quite other then some talking Rosie was very quite, I made the sugestion that my friend take Rosie to my vet for a second opinion, They had an appt for Tue the 19th, Rosie past on to the Rainbow Bridge while at the vet's The cancer was that far advanced, I found out about Rosie at work an had a hard time fighting back the tears, But I also remember how comfortable she was when I was there only for that short time, Rest in Peace Rosie I will see you an my other dog's when the time come's
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