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Memories of Moby
Dear Moby (Mobo, Mr. Mobo, Handsome)

We adopted you from Homewards Rescue in Maryland back in July 2008. You were transported to South Jersey, and I met you there. When the driver opened the crate door, you almost got away because you were so scared. Got you home, and you loved all your furry brothers, sisters, aunts, and uncles. You were scared of mommy and daddy for a bit and wouldn't come to us. We had to keep a leash on you to catch you. After a while, you learned to trust us.

You were always a shy boy, but you had come around so much. You would bark at anyone that came to our house and would go right up to them. You use to love the summers when I would put all you guys in the pool and then just lounge around. All the birthdays with the DQ ice cream cakes, and unwrapping the presents at Christmas time.

You always waited for Uncle Harry to come outside then would bark at him and you waited for your other brothers and sisters to come outside too.

In August 2017, I was brushing you and discovered a huge lump on your butt. We immediately took you to the doggy doctor, and we were crushed when we heard that you had anal gland cancer. The surgeon did not feel comfortable doing surgery so we saw Dr. Hamilton the Oncologist and he recommended radiation. We did that for 3 days and you did great. We then tried the oral chemo as we couldn't afford the expensive kind. We also tried holistic remedies too, but the cancer kept growing. You still did well for a long time. You then had good days and bad days, and we had thought about sending you to the bridge a few times but then you would came back. It was a roller coaster ride for a few months.

The night of 9/8/18 you were doing fine. Mommy and daddy went out to dinner then came home and your entire back end was lifeless. You looked so confused and didn't know why. The next morning you entire body was lifeless except you could move your head. You were so stressed out and then we knew it was time to let you go. We called 'Lap of Love' on that rainy Sunday, and Dr. Cabell drove 1 1/2 hours to get here. You left us very peacefully to go to the bridge. I hope all your furry brothers, sisters, aunts, and uncles met you there. After you left us, Myron spent some time by you to say goodbye. It was so heart wrenching. Mommy and daddy took you to Abbey Glen the next day.

You were a fighter and didn't want to leave us. Now, you're free of cancer and whole again. Roll in the green grass, drink from the beautiful springs, play with everyone, and enjoy your new life. Please look down on use every now and then. We will see you again some day. Until then, have fun, sweet boy. We love you!


Mommy, Daddy, and all your furry brothers, sisters, and Uncle Harry

9/9/19 - One (1) year today we had to help you to the bridge. Exactly two (2) months after you left us, Scooter went to the bridge. I hope you greeted him, Ollie, Ernie, Chrissy, and your snuggle buddy brother Toby. We have lost so many of you within the past year. Uncle Harry isn't doing well. He has his good days and bad days. Please know we love and miss every single one of you. Please be happy in your new beautiful home. Please be there to greet Uncle Harry when it's his time. This house is still crazy as ever. Please look down on us every now and then. We love you sweet boy and are so proud of the dog you became.


Mommy, Daddy and all your furry brothers/sisters/Uncle Harry

9/9/20 - Two (2) years ago today we had to let you go. Since then we lost Uncle Harry and Myron. I hope you greeted them at the bridge and showed them around. The house is still crazy as Fred needed someone when he lost his best bud Myron, so we got Boomer. He is such a handful. He is getting better, but he has been a lot of work. Nothing like you guys. Poor Noel has slowed down so much. She is an old gal now. Please know we did our best to try and help you as we loved you very much. I hope you love your new beautiful home and are with all your brothers and sisters and Uncle Harry. We love and miss every single one of you. We will all be together again some day. Until then enjoy and have fun.


Mommy, Daddy, and all your furry brothers/sisters

9/9/21 - Three (3) years ago today we sent you to the rainbow bridge. This past year we lost Patch, Noel, Sierra, Hailey, and Bogey just this morning. I hope you all greeted them at the bridge and you're all together and happy. Mommy and daddy love and miss every single one of you. We are proud of the dog you became. We tried to help you and it worked for a bit, but cancer is just awful, and I'm so sorry. Please enjoy, have fun, and look down on us every now and then. Some day we will all be reunited. Love you!


Mommy, Daddy, and all your furry brothers/sisters

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