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Memories of Harry
Dear Harry (Hair Bear, Handsome Harry Hound),

We adopted you in February 2009 when I saw a request to help save a senior hound that was going to be gassed down south. I could not let that happen. You were transported up to us late that night.

We took you to the vet, and she said you were anywhere form 3-5 years old, so we went with 3. You didn't have any health issues for a long time until August 2016 something wasn't right and found out you had a heart issue. You then had to be drained twice because of fluids building up and we almost lost you both times. The cardiologist finally got the meds right and you did well for 3 years with no issues. In July 2019, you weren't acting right so we thought it was your heart and brought you to AnimERge for an echo and that was the same so the cardiologist thought it was something else. We then took you to Tranquility Vet and did bloodwork and an ultrasound and that showed a tumor on your spleen. We then took you back to AnimERge to see the surgeon and she wanted to do surgery, but it would be very risky with your heart issue and then we decided to keep you comfortable with meds. This past weekend you declined rapidly and yesterday morning you passed away right in front of me. It was awful. I cried like a baby. We then took you to Abbey Glen.

You were a crazy hound dog in the beginning. You tried to hop the fence a few times so we had to keep you on a 50ft lead for a long time. We were able to let you run free when you got your heart condition because you couldn't jump like you use to. You loved lying in the grass and wondering around the yard. Grit-Grat and Baxter were your roommates and buddies. You also loved hanging out on the patio at night with us. We missed you last night when we were out there and we were looking for you. You would love to sit on my feet and wait for me to pet you and you would sit so proud. When we had pizza, you patiently waited for daddy's pizza crust. You got so excited to go for a car ride and get McDee's.

This is so hard but you're at peace now with no more pain. I hope all your furry brothers/sisters/nieces/nephews greeted you at the bridge. Moby loved you so much and would wait for you at the slider. Toby also is new to the bridge since we lost him not even 3 weeks ago. I hope you are all together and happy. Enjoy your new home! Bask in the sun, drink from crystal streams, and chase anything you want. Please look down on us every now and then. We will miss you and will always love you!


Mommy, Daddy, and all your furry nieces/nephews

9/16/20 - Hi Hair Bear! One (1) year today you left right in front of me. I felt so helpless because I couldn't help you. I often think, what if we did do surgery. Maybe you would have made it, but I was so afraid to lose you that day. We then didn't want to put you through that rough surgery. It would have been a hard recovery. Grit Grat and Baxter are as crazy as ever. We added lil Mya to the mix downstairs. We also added Boomer. He is a handful. I hope he calms down soon. Noel has some issues going on, but she's a tough girl I hope you greeted Myron at the bridge. That was just an awful day. I hope each and every one of you love your beautiful home and are having fun. We will be together again some day. Until then, be free, enjoy, and bask in the warm sun. We love and miss every single one of you!


Mommy, Daddy, and all your furry nieces/nephews

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