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Memories of Xena
We adopted Xena in 2006 when she was 11 months old. She was an owner turn in to Boxer Luv. Her former family had to give her up after the Dad was injured and the family had to move from a house to an apartment. They kept their older boxer. We suspect she was abused because she has a great fear of large men -- especially those wearing a hat.

The day she discovered our 17 year old cat was hilarious - he would mostly stay hidden, so she didn't even know he was there for about 3 months. One day he was moving around in the closet and she noticed. Bark, jump (on her hind legs), bark! 'Dad, there is a monster in the closet!' We introduced her to the cat and after that she was fine as long as he did not run - that meant he must want to play and be chased.

Xena loved her 'sqeaka' ball. It always made us laugh when she was playing with it. You had to have some strong eardrums but her joy was obvious to all.

She also had the best way of greeting me. Most Boxers do the kidney bean dance. Xena would not only kidney bean, but as she turned in circles, she would lift her front paw up like she was waving to you. Add to this a true doggie grin - she really did smile and you had the Xena smiley paw dance.

She was pretty tolerant of all of the other rescue fosters that were in and out of our house. 15 or so including a litter of puppies.

I work from home and she was always with me. I swear if she could have talked and typed she could have done my job.

She was the best snuggle bunny, she loved being as close to you as possible to sleep.

A couple of years ago she started getting agressive toward our other dogs. We tried training, and also took her to the vet because the change was so sudden. We had a CAT scan, spinal tap and MRI thinking she must have a brain tumor. No tumor, but she did have elevated protein levels in her spinal fluid. Not sure what it meant, but in people it can cause behavioral changes. She was put on some medicine that seemed to help calm her.

From that point on we had to be very careful around other dogs - even our own. We walked daily - even the horrible day I took her to the vet to be euthanized. It was an agonizing decision, one I spent a long time with the vet discussing other alternatives. I love her so much.

She is now in my office with me in her final resting place. One day all of our ashes will be mixed and taken to Hawaii to be together forever.

Monday was 2 months and today is 9 weeks since you went to the bridge. I dreamed of you last night you came to visit with that cute dance and your stubby going as fast as a hummingbird. I miss you so much.

you have now been gone a year and I still cry when I think of this. Ali has tried to take your place in bed at night, but he just isn't the snuggle bunny you were. I hope you are happy, little girl. There will never be another dog like you.

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