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Memories of Xander
Xander was a true diamond in the rough. He was super smart, greeted you with a howl when you got home, crawled up in your lap, loved his belly rubbed, and gave great kisses. When we rescued him he was in dire straits physically and grossly mistreated. Unfortunately, he also had a serious heart disease that was placated with oral medication -- but it wasn't enough. He had a wonderful last 1.5 years of life. We <heart> our rescue baby.

I found our baby Xander in the streets of South Austin, with his soulmate and sidekick, Buttons. It was in the dark of night, Buttons and Xander were walking in the dark street. They narrowly missed being hit by a car, 3 nephews are screaming in the backseat, and my sister pulls the car around like Batman. While we are blocking traffic Buttons happily skipped his way over to me and when Xander realized that Buttons was with us --- he gave me a look like, "Oh Damn Buttons! Why did you do that?!?" He then reluctantly made his way to the car - like John Wayne (soon this became his nickname).

Xander was standoffish at first, but became a true Momma's boy within days. He loved his daily body rubs and loved us more than anything. As we nursed Xander and Buttons back to health, Xander wasn't fond of his medications and ear cleanings -- but he let us take care of him. He loved all of the nephews visiting the house, he would curl up with them and spend all day in bed with them. Xander loved playing with the young boys and giving them kisses.

Xander was definitely too smart for toys, but he would hide his bones (he would save them for later). He was intelligent, more so than any other animal or human, he would check out the veterinarian out of the side of his eyes -- very stoic. What was amazing was his human like speech, so excited on walks, we would always hear "wah wah wah wah wah." It was so cute. Circles and turns happened daily, when Xander was excited. Excitement always accompanied hand claps and head tilts; especially when Xander was intently listening.

What is most obvious, now more than ever, he found a home for his soulmate Buttons. He didn't leave earth until he had found a home that he was satisfied with.

Xander didn't want Mommy to have more pain than she could handle. He spared Momma the grief of not coming home and finding Xander in distress. Xander waited until our trip to the groomer, our vet appointment was for later in the day (because the day before Xander was unable to walk the block), and went onto Rainbow Bridge that morning. Xander was surrounded by professionals, with the best of care. He physically left his body, quickly and painlessly.

I look forward to the day when Xander comes bouncing throughout his Rainbow home and back into our arms.

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