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Memories of Wolfie Corrigan
Wolfie was our faithful friend and companion for 12 years, 3 months, and 14 days. He lived every minute of his life to please his Mommy and Daddy. He was always told he was "the bestest boy in the whole wide world" because very simply, he was, and more, much, much more. He was our pick of a litter of nine pups, we chose Wolfie because he stood out from all the rest, as he did in life. Every person whose life he touched was left with a big dose of Wolfie's love, for he loved everyone. He was loyal to his daddy, allowing daddy to be the alpha member of our family, he knew his order and commanded the respect of his lofty position in our family. He was also a great protector of mommy and all others in his pack, he was stoic in every way. One of the greatest joys in Wolfie's life was to go for rides in daddy's truck and swimming in the lake. He was a strong swimmer and lived to frolic in the water at our lake front property, every chance he got. When winter would come he would settle for playing "splish/splash" whenever daddy would take his bath. The last 10 months of his life Wolfie was confined to a wheelchair, "doggie wheels" to go for walks, because he suffered from degenrative spinal disease. This disease progressed to the point where compression from swelling of the spine would block his brain from communicating with his lower organs and he had trouble controlling his urination and bowels, but his faithful mommy would make every effort to carry him outside so he could do his duties. Near the end Wolfie had blood in his urine which the vet claimed was from him not completely voiding when he peed, he had no feelings in his lower extremities and did not know he had to pee. The blood came from his bladder being over stressed. The vet said we had to make a painful decision to stop allowing him to suffer. We asked for one more day to say our goodbyes, then took him back to the vet to do the right thing for our beloved Wolfie. Our Wolfie loved to ride, I felt guilty asking him if he wanted to go for a ride in Daddy's truck, even though he could not walk and wasn't feeling well, he would drag himself to the back door to go for a ride, as he did this day. It was raining hard that Friday, 10/14/2011 when we took off for the vets some 12 miles away. Mommy and Daddy did not want to stress Wolfie so we asked the vet to crawl into the back of our truck, under the cap, where mommy and daddy held Wolfie and talked into his ears, mommy on one side, daddy on the other cradling his head, saying mommy and daddy love you Wolfie and we will never leave you, as he passed to Rainbow Bridge, his muffled talk seemed to say he could see loved ones who had passed. Wolfie, Mommy and Daddy will never leave you, please look for us at Rainbow Bridge.

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