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Memories of Wesley
My handsome boy was a visiting cat, who in his younger days visited nursing homes and knew just what to do to make people feel better. He learned tricks from his pappy(who was not at all interested in cats, until he met Wesley). He could sit up like a dog and beg, he reached into a bag of treats and would get his own treat out(one at a time), he would roll over if you told him he was adorable. I sent a special delivery message to my dad (his pappy), when Wesley passed, it was 4 years to the day that we buried my dad and I know he is in heaven with his pappy now, curled up next to him showing him that he did not forget his tricks. I know I will see them both again, and they will always be with me in spirit. I just wish Wesley could have been with me a little longer than 11 years.
Dear Wesley, I need you to do mommy and daddy a big favor, your cousin Angel is coming to join you today (11/2/2007), please be waiting for her, she is as special to her mommy as you are to me. I think of you and miss you every minute of every day, and miss holding you and giving you hugs, I miss you culing up and keeping me warm, and your little meows, and the pitter patter of your little feet. I miss your courious ways and looks, I miss how you made me laugh, no matter what kind of day I had, what kind of mood I was in, or how I was feeling you always made me feel better. I know daddy misses you to baby, it took time but you had that special way of winning people over and you did it with him. Mommy promises to update the picture of you soon, as soon as she can find one that she likes and will fit, I have so many of you and enjoy looking at them over and over again, I just can not decide which one shows just how special you are. Well Wes we finally got your picture updated, I think I told everyone that has visited you in the past month, so they to can see just how handsome and special you are. It is hard to believe that it has been a month. I still miss you and always will. I do have special memories that will last forever, an lots of pictures. 11/21/2007, well baby today would have made 11 years I would have had you as my own. I wanted to get you when I had a couple of days off to spend with you, and Thanksgiving was the perfect time, we got to know each other. You stole my heart. When I went to pick you up, you were the one that rubbed up against me when I walked in. Your brothers and sisters did not seem to care if I was there or not, and I knew you were special from the time I saw you and you obviously felt the same about me. You picked me and I hope I made you as happy as you made me while we were together. I still love you and miss you very much. I think about you every day, I look at your pictures and wonder what happened. Although I know the doctor would not have done what needed to be done if you were healthy and not suffering, mommy still wonders if we did the right thing, even though everyone keeps telling me it was right, whats not right is your not being here with me, I miss you. You were truly my special angle, there will never be another one as special as you cause you were my first kitty and that will never change. There may be another kitty but don't worry it won't mean I miss you any less. December 13th, 2 months and it still hurts, I hug you every night eventhough I can not feel you, I know you are with me. We are getting a little sister Wes, hope you are not mad, mommy misses you so much, I know you were happy being an only child, but now mommy and daddy can give another kitty who would have ended up in a shelter a good and loving home, I have put all your important toys and other belongings away to keep, they will always be yours. I hope she will be as good as you were she was born around the same time we had to let you go, so I am hoping a little piece of your soul lives in her. If it does I will be the luckiest person in the world. I know she will be different, and have her own special ways, I am sure in someways she will do things that will remind me of you, and she will develop her own relationship with us.
12/24/2007 Well it is Christmas Eve, and I still miss you. I know you have a special way of letting me know you are thinking about me and I thank you for that. You have a littler sister now and you were mommy's boy, she seems to be Daddy's girl, I am ok with that. She is cute, I think you would have liked her, I don't know if I laugh at daddy or her more. She does so many things that make us both think of you. We have even talked about how you would do that, when she does something to remind us of you. I say goodnight to you every night before I go to sleep and remind myself that I will see you and pappy again. Merry Christmas baby, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with pappy I miss you both. Feb 13th, well baby it is 4 months today, and I truly can not say I miss you any less than the day we sent you to pappy. Your little sister is a handful, and she is a busy little girl. She does make us laugh, but she has been a lot of work. She gets into everything. I still miss you and love you very much. Mama was off a couple of days sick, Cloe did try to keep me company. I miss you most on days like that, you used to make me feel better. Feb 26, just sitting here thinking about you, and about how different you were from Cloe, you were very dignified in many ways, she is just plain crazy, I am sure that most of it is because she is only 4 months old, I am sure she will settle down. She is learning tricks however, she can sit up and beg like you used to but she can not get here own treat, like you could, mama keeps trying to teach her how to do that. She does fetch, just between you an me I think she is part DOG. She also tries to drink out of the toilet. She does get the water bottle when she is bad, just like you used to get when you were little. She keeps us busy but she does do things that remind us of you often. We still miss you and I keep you with me always. Well baby 6 months, it doesn't hurt any less than the day we sent you to heaven. I think about you all the time and still miss you. I have to update you on Cloe, she is still a busy little girl, she keeps your memory alive, you will be happy to learn she likes your favorite room, when we try to leave she goes out there, and hides under the table like you used to. She is due for her little operation next week, she is 6 months old today. I have taken a couple of days off to spend with her after the operation, like I did with you. Hopefully she will let me get some spring cleaning done. Sometimes I just shake my head in amazement, she either is getting into trouble, or doing something that reminds me of you. She can be bad sometimes and she gets the spray of water like you used to. I miss you baby, hope you and pappy are happy together. May 7, still miss you, little sister is still a handful. She did well with her operation, ate a string from her 1 toy, don't know how she got ahold of it. Reminds me of the time you chewed threw the cord on an arobic toy, cause you did not want it attached to the chair leg. She did poop it out 2 days later. It is May and you know what we do, open the cottage, first trip since you have been gone, Betty will be watching Cloe, like she used to do for you, hope she will behave, like you did. Hopefully her little angle Wesley will watch over her and keep her safe for mommy. June 3rd, well baby still hanging in there, it will be 8 months, still look at you picture and wonder. Cloe is adapting well, however we have been away 3 weekends now, the last time Aunt Betty told us she was a bad little girl, she pushed things off the counter, spilled her water dish, guess she doesn't like being left alone but I am sure she will get used to it, you did. She is still doing her tricks, she is funny sometimes, and some of the things she does truley remind me of you. I think about you every day and I still miss you, but I know I will see you and pappy again and I hold on to that, it will seem like an eternity to me. Hugs and kisses to you and pappy. Well Wes it has been 9 months now, hope you are happy. Mommy lost a dear people friend, hope you and pappy run into her, pappy will know who it is. She was a wonderful person, and you have met her, so please cuddle up next to her and keep her company. I love and miss you and pappy both, I am holding lots of love for you both in my heart till I see you again. Well Wes we are coming up on Labor Day weekend, last year around this time you were getting sick, oh how I remember it well. Little did I know at the time we were going to be losing you in about a month and a half. It is still hard to believe you are gone sometimes. Cloe does remind me of you sometimes, although she does have her own little personality. Last night I was sitting in the living room watching TV, I look over at the step, and there she was laying on the step with her 2 front paws on the floor, just like you used to, I thought I saw you for a minute. She is a trip, I know she loves us, she even gives mommy kisses when I ask for them. I never thought I could love again after you were gone, but she has a special way, and I can not help thinking part of you lives on through her and I think she knows that because when mommy is feeling sad she seems to know just like you did. Aunt Betty will be watching her this weekend, and hopefully she will be a good girl. Hard to believe the summer is almost over and it will be a year that you are gone. Hope you met up with BJ, I miss her and pappy, Uncle George and Gail, please let them know I am thinking about them with a little snuggle. Came to visit again, hard to believe it will be a year in a week or so that you will be gone from us and with pappy. I hope you are keeping him company, knowing you are with him and other people I love makes it easier to accept that you are no longer here with me. Sister Cloe is still a handful, and she is getting big, ready to change over to real cat food now, I think of you all the time, and will visit again in about a week. Miss you. Well Wes, today we have had your new sister for a year. We decorated the house for Christmas this weekend, even daddy agreed, you were an angle when it came to being a good boy. She still has a lot of play in her and even more coursiosity, we are hoping she doesn't have the decorations destroyed by the time we get home from work today. I still miss you and think of you everyday, especially around the holidays. Merry Christmas in heaven to all. Well Wes, I know it has been awhile since I visited and updated anything. Spring is here, and everything that goes with it. Mommy has had a few health issues. I have not forgotten about you, I still think about you every day. Cloe is starting to settle down. I have to tell you about a few things and I am sure you will understand. We used to think the squirrls got into your bird feeders, but they are not the only ones. The other day I was sitting at the computer and thought it must really be windy outside, your favorite birdfeeder was blowing around in the awning. Cloe started pawing at the window like you used to do, I went to look out and it was dark, but there was a beautiful doe tossing it around with her nose. There were 4 or 5 of them standing that close to the window, tossing it so the bird seed would fall out and eating it. The Turkey's have been visiting also. I felt your touch on Good Friday and still miss you. Will be back for your birthday in a couple of weeks. Later Baby. Happy Birthday Wes, I know I missed it by a couple of days, but it was Mother's Day and we spent time with our mother's. Hard to believe you would be 13 now if you were still with me here. Your sister is still a handful, having some tummy problems now, remember the bland diet, we are doing that now, she seems to feel the same way you did what's this and where is my real food. I still do miss you no matter how often I visit. I will be back soon. Tell everyone I said hello, and we miss them too. Hi, my pretty boy, I know it has been a while. Not much new to share with you. We are taking your little sister to get a make over tonight, I know she will probably not like it. She is having hair issues. So she will be bathed, brushed and clipped this evening. She does have a mind of her own and will not let me do it. I will let you know how that goes. Hard to believe it has been so long. Hope you are happy in heaven and I still miss you. Hard to believe more than 2 years have come and gone since I last seen you and held you. You are always with me. Your little sister is still a handful, she had her little spa day, they said she was a very good while they cleaned and clipped her, and she could come back any time. Holidays are approaching quickly, don't know about that Christmas tree thing. You know she is the gets into kitty. I never had to worry with you, you were not only my best friend and I could trust you not to get into any trouble. Wish me luck Wes, don't get me wrong I love her to pieces but she does have a way of testing mommmy and daddy. Snuggle up with pappy for me, I miss you both very much, but at least I know you are together and keeping each other company. Love you both!!!!!!!!! Hi baby, mommy is back, such a special boy, it still makes me sad that you are not here with us, I still miss you very much, another Christmas has come and gone. Still have issues with your little sister and the Christmas tree. She is a character, but cute. I'll be back again, miss you. I know I have not added anything lately Wes, but mommy still misses you and thinks about you every day. It is hard to believe that it is going to be 3 years this month, I remember it like it was yesterday, the hard descision I had to make. I will be back soon I promise baby, I was just looking at pictures of you some made me happy and some made me sad. Miss ya Hi baby I am back, mommy is having a little surgery Thursday, I will be home for a couple of days with you little sister, she doesn't keep me company like you used to do, she is miss little do her own thing. She is your daddy's girl. Tell pappy I said hello, hope you are keeping each other company. We all miss you both. Love ya Oh baby I know it has been a long time since I have visited, but I don't forget. I still think of you everyday. Mommy and Daddy are doing fine, so is little sis Cloe. But baby I sent Charcoal to be with you, he is a very friendly, loving stray that found us a little over a week ago. Unfortunatly he had some health problems and the vet suggested he would be better with you and pappy, so that is what we did. Can't believe someone would do that just send it out in to the world, knowing what could happen to it. Love you miss you give you a big hug every day. Will be back soon, promise! Oh my baby, mama is so sorry I haven't been to visit sooner. Can't belieive it has been 5 years that you are gone. I think of you every day. Cloe is still s little pistol, she turned 5 has started to settle down, keeps us laughing. I love and miss you still. Another year, hard to believe, I know you come to visit, I can feel you near, please continue to do that. You will always be my baby, still miss you and will always love you. Cloe is chilling out a little more, I know you are watching over her. Love you will be back again. Another year my baby time goes by so quick (can't believe it will be 7 years), I still think about you very much and will see you again some day. Love you give pappy a rub for me miss you both. Almost 10 years where's the time gone baby I look at your picture every day. Cloe is going to be 10 next month and you'll be gone 10 years keep pappy company love and miss you both.
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