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Memories of Watson
Watson was diagnosed with heart disease in July 2008 and put on heart medication. When he started showing symptoms in February 2010, cough syrup was added to his regimen. More intense treatment followed in November 2010, after it seemed that Watson was heading for the bridge... then miraculously rebounded for nearly two more years. September 9 we went on our last full-length walk (we had one more abbreviated walk on Sept 16, which was to be his final). Sept 17 his x-ray showed a morbidly enlarged heart and lung spots; they doubled his medicines and once again a miracle occurred and Watson stayed an extra two months to be spoiled every day and prepare for his journey. His parting gift was ensuring I was home, and a few hours later heading off to the Rainbow Bridge without needing to be put to sleep. His suffering was limited to a few hours, and while I wish I could have prevented it, he left me knowing that he had spent all his quality time and I was not taking away any further canine companionship he may have offered.

As soon as Watson was diagnosed four years ago, I vowed to never take his presence for granted, to never say "I'll wait until tomorrow" and to never say "we have all the time in the world." It turned out to be a wake up call that alerted me to cherish the last quarter of his life. When departing the house or going to sleep I made a point to tell him how much he meant, thinking to myself "should this be our final dialogue, what do I want him to hear?"

For the last two years we had a routine that I spoke to Watson every night at bedtime. They were also the last words I said to him after delivering him (deceased) to the vet. As he joins his furparents (Jake and Cricket) at the Rainbow Bridge I will leave Watson with these words he has heard many times, until I can speak them again directly to him once my time arrives...

"You sleep well my furbaby Watson, you sleep well and you sleep peacefully. Tomorrow's a big day... with praise and pettings and playtime... toys and treats... hugs and kisses and doggie desserts..... all for the dog! all for the furbaby! all for my beloved greyound-lhasa furbaby! I love you more than anything... I love you and your brother (Cosmo, his littermate) more than anything, and I wish I could be with you two furbabies for ever and ever and ever."

Four hours before Watson passed, I saw one of the brightest double rainbows ever (see last photo in below album) - perhaps it was not coincidental.

יהי רצון שתוליכך לשלום ותצעידך לשלום ותדריכך לשלום
Watson, may it be Your will that you will go in peace, and stride in peace, and be guided in peace...

November 2013: It is hard to believe it has been a year since your passing. Your littermate Cosmo was a great Alpha dog in your absence. Pinny, our newest pack member who stayed out of your way for the last two years during his puppyhood, started venturing around after you left us for the bridge. More impressively, during the last few months he has picked up many of your old habits... like barking happily when it's time for doggie dessert! So while he stayed out of your way (mostly) he was indeed learning from you and now carries some of our routines forward, perhaps in your honor. And Cosmo.... it looks like he may join you soon at the bridge. I know you and he will have a happy reunion.... much as I hope to with both of you when the time happens.

Please also visit Cosmo.

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