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Memories of Victor
And If I go, know that I live on. Vibrating to a different measure- behind a veil that you cannot see through. You will not see me, so you must have faith. I wait for the time when we can be together again, never to be parted. Until then, live your life to the fullest, and when you need me, just whisper my name in your heart, and I will be there.

In one of the stars, I shall be living.
In one of them, I shall be laughing.
And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing when you look at the sky at night.

My Little Man Victor, My little Vic. You are gone now, gone now across that bridge, where we cannot walk together as we did in life. But I still feel you here, your beautiful eyes watching me. You came to me a little over 5 years ago- you were 8 years old. You had not had a very nice life up to then, kept in a pen, in a backyard, by a breeder. You didn't know how to play ( and didn't really learn, not even in your years with me). You even had your bark taken away by the breeder, yet I loved that tiny voice that you were left with- I will miss that for the rest of my life.

You had to put up with first Jake, my lab, yet you came to rely on him, until he passed away just a few months after you came home with us. And oh all those cats-6 at one time- now just 4. But you learned to love your new life as a "house" dog (ok, an apartment dog). You loved your walkies- in the complex, the little park, and across the street at the wildlife refuge, and at the ocean- the Pacific and Atlantic. You also learned to tolerate, even like all the admiring petting and back rubs you got from all the neighbors, and strangers on our walks.

You were always with me, watching me, even during the darkest time in my life, when I lost my job of over 14yrs, and we had to move out here to West
Virginia. You were my assistance /therapy dog on the plane, traveling in the cabin with me. You did such a good job- so well behaved, everyone thought that you were a professional assistance dog.

Life out here was very different. No more suburbia, it was life in the woods. You even walked on the sandy shore of the Atlantic Ocean, dipping your paws in the waters. You were one of the few dogs who was lucky enough to walk on the shores of both the Pacific and the Atlantic. You went nose to nose with one of the Wild ponies at Assateague. The staff loved you at the Barefoot Mailman in Ocean City- they gave you treats and love. You loved to travel in the car with me- but didn't always like getting out of the car. Until you came to trust that you would never be abandoned or left.

You even toured one of the great battlefields of the Civil War- Antietam. It's significance was lost on you, but you enjoyed all the smells.

You had health issues too- your GI issues and liver. But you took it in
stride, and lived with it. You always enjoyed your walks in the woods up here, and the stream over by the park. I will miss our walks for the rest of my life, and always think of you on my walks. If I walk by the ocean again, I will always think of you beside me.

Dearest Victor, I had to let you go this morning. You were so sick- I kept vigil by you for 3 nights. But the illness was too much for you-it overwhelmed you so fast. And now, there is emptiness where you were, and the 4 cats cannot ever fill it. Your place on the couch is empty now, your place on the bed vacant. I will miss the feel of your head on my legs at night. I will miss that little bark of yours, as you came around the corner into the kitchen. The way you stretched in the morning, with all four legs and paws. But you aren't suffering now, but you are missed every single minute of every day. There is a hole in my heart and soul, torn open by your passing.

I hope that you knew that even when I was mad at you, I loved you with my whole heart and soul. I will miss you for the rest of my life Victor. I loved you in this life, and now beyond it. Walk in Beauty and light, my little man. If you can, visit me in my dreams. I love you, Victor. You are always in my heart.

I could have loved you better, I didn't mean to be unkind, you know that was the last thing on my mind. And if I could have, I would have saved your life, and brought you home to me. In my mind, we still walk together, shuffling through the newly fallen leaves. The leaves lay undisturbed now that you're not here.

Three weeks today since your light went out of my life, and left me in darkness. I miss your sweet little bark, your quiet ways, and ever expressive face. I miss your sweetness, Victor, I will miss it for the rest of my life. I hope that you're at peace, my little man, and I hope that you knew/know that I love you still with all of my heart.
I hope to meet you over the Rainbow, in a place without grief, and absolute beauty and peace.

It's been 1 month since your light went out of my life, and my heart and soul still ache for you. I've been left in darkness, and hopelessness. I will always love you my little man Victor. Please forgive me for letting you go, I felt that there was no other choice. I hope you understand that I only wanted to save you from suffering any more. Please visit me in my dreams, so that we can walk together one more time.

Stars are the forget me-nots of angels. I look up at the stars and talk to you, Vic. I love you.

Two months since you've been gone, my little man. The sadness and grief will not leave me, since your sweet spirit went home to forever. I love you, Little Vic.

Happy Thanksgiving, Little Vic. The start of the holidays without you. It may be too much to bear. I miss you so very much. I love you, my little man.

Your pawprints no longer are beside my footprints in the snow, but your pawprints are forever etched in my heart and soul. I'll love you always, Little Vic.

Dec 25, 2013. Merry Christmas, Little Vic, my little man. You will always be in my heart. I will never get over your loss, it was too much, after everything else. I hope that we will meet again in a place beyond the rainbow, in a place of absolute peace, without sorrow. I love you.

Little Vic, my little man, Jan 23rd, 2014, marked 4 months since you crossed over the bridge and took your gentle light with you. I miss you so very much. I love you, you are always in my heart and soul.

Almost 6 months since you crossed over the Bridge. I miss you so very much. I hope that your spirit is still here, watching over all of your little family, including Cubby, the newest member. Please visit him in his dreams, let him know he is safe here, and loved too. You will always be in my heart and soul, I'll love you always, my little man Vic.

Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014. Dear Little man Vic, please welcome DOG to the fields across the bridge, he was my friend and yours. I'm sure DOG will make himself at home there, as he did everywhere here on Earth. He will never be alone, he will always have company there. He and you, and all the bridge fur kids, will play together in the sunlight of forever. Tell him we will miss him, and I'll always listen for his loud scratch on my door when he wanted to visit. As I still listen for your sweet little bark Vic, as you came around the corner into the kitchen waiting for dinner. You are missed and loved so much, and will be in my heart and soul as long as I live.

May 23, 2014. It's been 8 long months since you passed over the Bridge. I miss you everyday, and talk to you still. I will keep you in my heart and soul, and I'll love you to the end of my life. I'll always remember you standing on the beach that golden day, bathed in a shaft of sunlight. You'll always be my little man.

September 23, 2014. One long year without you Little Vic, little man. You crossed over the bridge, one year ago, your gentle spirit and light gone from this world forever. Gone from this world, but not from my heart and soul. I'm so sorry for the way you left this world, I wish I could have done more to try and save you. I hope you know that I loved you, and love you still, and will love you to the end of my life and beyond. I miss you little man, you were the sweetest, most gentle soul that I've ever known. I know that you've let Cubby know he has a safe home here, and is loved. Visit me in my dreams if you can, little man, so that I can hear that sweet little bark once more. My greatest hope is that we will walk together again, across the rainbow bridge into the sunlight of forever. I love you, Vic, now and forever. Walk in beauty in the fields of the angels, my little man. Walk thru the meadows of heaven, thru the stars, the forget me not of angels.
4/5/15 Easter Sunday- I miss you so, my Little man. You were the sweetest, most gentle soul that I've ever known. I'll love you to my last breath, you'll always be a part of my soul. My greatest hope is that we'll meet again one day, across the bridge, and walk together again, thru the sunlit meadows of forever.
9/27/15. You'll always be in my heart, soul and memory, my little man, I love you always. My greatest hope is that we'll meet again over the bridge, and then we'll walk together , all of us, into the sunlight of forever.
Christmas 2015-You're always in my heart and soul, little man. I love you always.
9/7/17 Almost 3 years now. Now, another little sheltie has joined you across the bridge. Please help him, and walk with him. Dance with him. I love you always, Little Vic. To the end of my life and beyond. I miss you still and always.
9/23/13- It's been 3 yrs since you crossed the bridge, my little Vic. I miss you so, and always will, little man. You'll always be in my heart, soul,& memory. Now Cubby has joined you over the bridge. I'll always love you, to my last breath, all of you. My greatest hope is that we'll all meet again over the bridge, all of us will be together. Dancing in the sunlight, in the meadows of the angels. Visit me in my dreams, little Vic, if you can. Please let Cubby know he is not alone, be his friend. I love you, Little Vic. Always.
10/3/16- I love you Little Vic, I love all of you. Always in my heart, soul and memory. Play in the fields of the angels now, all of you. Please wait for me, my furchildren.
12/23/17 Merry Christmas,Little Vic, my little man. Always in my heart-I love you.I miss you.

9/23/18. Though it's been 5 years since you crossed the bridge, you're alive in my memory and in my heart. I miss that sweet little bark of yours, and your sweet spirit. I will always love you,my little man. Always. I will remember you.

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