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Memories of Truman Mapes
Truman was a blessing. He wasn't even supposed to be our boy but lucky for us he ended our beloved boy. 15 years and 3 months of pure joy.The stories are numerous and equally as funny. Should have known you would be a handful when you could learn to scale the drain pipe as a pup only to learn to jump the fence! Then getting arrested but released on your own recognizance. Booty scooting your way across the field, busting out the door,eating the frozen chicken,roast,steaks tops off of muffins. Being a good friend to Sassy. Taking care of brother and Sissy. Always so caring and concerned for his family.Even though you had good dinners you still wanted to get into the trash, drink out of the toilet. Put on a show after you were done eating by rubbing your face on the sofa. OR letting mama see so I could put ear drops in your ears even though you didn't want them. But you loved me so much you did it anyway and also for the puppy cookie. Your soft yellow fur and white snout and your big fatty tumors silly boy.. Bubas,pillow presents. The time you tried to take Sissys slipper off of her foot to bring as a present. Laying on the porch begging for the kids s'mores getting hot by the chiminea. tricking me to get out of your spot on the sofa.Sitting with me on the sofamaking yourself small. Being invisible in the kitchen so we wouldn't make you get out. Barks of joy when we were home. Looking out the window from the chair. Getting in bed with us for all those years. Even though you didn't want to lay on your new bed when your hips were bad but eventually you did. First you would walk around it smell it lay kind of on it and then night night all the time. Walking the perimeter on your golf course . sniffing getting stuck under the bushes. Wondering off and having to get you because your nose took you on an adventure.Getting ear scrubs from papa. Kisses when we asked. Licking booboos. laying on your ottoman like a king. Licking your pawpaws and making them red. Your ears that you didn't like when you had surgury and had to wear your cone. You were funny because you kept thinking you had to walk in a big cirlce around the chair to jump on the bed even though you didn't have too. Papa said he missed when you stopped talking when you lost your hearing but sometimes if we didn't pay attention you would squeek out a bark and catch a little air because you would leave two feet on the ground. Your toe taps because your toenails were too long and because your hips were sore you didn't sit anymore. The sound of you walking in the hallway. Busting doors open with your snout so that you could get into what ever you want. Getting stuck in the bathroom and barking to get out. You love cheese ,redvines, popcorn, pretzels,licking the yogurt cups and bowls , papas dried fruit,bones, really anything but tomatoes, bananas, you liked apples though. You loved your mamaw too. You had to check everything out that came in this house. Nosy boy. You didn't like when anyone came home smelling of other animals you thought we were cheating on you. You hated going to the vet since you were a puppy. When you had parvo they sent you home because you were a handful. The time you pooped in the vets office when you were little and being obnoxious. You ate my shoes my sofa , baskets you were naughty. Then we found it was separation anxiety. You and Sassy were silly when we moved into the our house by getting into everything. You told us , you couldn't be kept on one side of your house! Sleeping on brothers sofa or room floor. Missing Sissy when she was out of the house. Missing me and driving everyone crazy until I got home then you pooped because you were so excited to see me! When papa deployed you kept me company and I kept you company because you missed him too. That is when we became super close. You understood how sad I was because you were sad too. You made everything better noone is sweeter than you . The puppy face when you thought you heard someone in the kitchen because you thought it would ultimately ead to somekind of food. Remember the time you peed on papas bag because he scolded you! You told him!Also the time you lifted your leg and peed on me to mark you territory because the little male dog visiting the house. You also peed on my leather coat and Sissys bedskirt. The gray cat you had the mexican standoff with. You were good about not going potty in the house but sometimes you had accidents or threw up because you ate too much. that funny sound you made when you were trying get it out of your system. I always glad you did that in corners on the hardwood floor. Well you always managed to poop on the carpet. You loved when you heard the sound of your leash and you would walk yourself when we put your leash on. You had a blue collar a brown leather collar and another blue collar and then your blue bra. Remember you ate the gentle leader you got it out of the basket and chewed it up you new exactly what it was. You ate the roach kill out of the shed. They told papa to give you peroxide and bread to make you throw up but all it did was make you mad and you sat under the tree very still staring at the house. You pined for the little dog next door when she was in heat. The chow that attacked you but you were a good boy.A ll the times you got out and people brought you home and even the people who said you bit their dog and we had to pay the vet bill we know you never did that. All the photos we took I know you didn't like the camera. But I am thankful for everyone of them now. The way you layed on the coach all upside down with your legs spread apart snoring or running in your sleep. Looking over the sofa at the kitchen sitting like a person. Walking in cirlces because a pillow was in your way till papa moved it. stealing sissys sandwhich off of the table . getting gum out of my purse. going in and out just to get puppy cookies. Getting into the pantry. Hated going out in the little yard. you also liked to walk inbetween the bushes by the deck because I think the gray cat poops under there. wandering over to miss lynns house in the middle of her party just going in the house and knocking over teh fan. The way yoy layed chicken bone ever since you were a puppy. You had to stop when your hips got bad but that wasnt so long ago.Meeting everyone at the door even when it was getting hard you would struggle to get up to come over even though we said you didn't have to/ Barking and coming to the door when the UPS man came.You had to sniff him and he gave you head scrubs. You jumped the fence onetime and I had to chase you in my boxers and tshirt and I asked the man have you seen a yellow lab and he said yeah he was that way wide open.Full on booty scoot and you didn't listen when I called your name. You got nervous if you got in the car you would shake and try to stand on the middle thing. When youe went for your jaw surgury you blew your coat! We have so many wonderful memories of you our darling boy. It is hard for me to come home and it is so quiet without taking care of you. Mama misses your kisses and your wet snout and soft fur and you wanting mama to visit with you on the floor for attention you would rub heads with me and play bow to lay down so I could get a hug. You loved mama hugs. I loved them more they filled me up with joy. These have been hard these last couple of days. I don't know what to do with myself. I just keep crying. I know that makes you worry. I just have to get use to you being here instead. I am sorry you were sick and we didn't know it. Mama knows you were getting old and one day you would come here but I guess I never really wanted to believe it. I thought if I could just keep you safe at home everything would be ok. I was hoping that when it came time you would pass in your sleep at home. Dr. Ann took great care of you and I was so glad to be there with you. Papa told me you prayed together and that you knew you were not coming home. It was your time and you looked at each one of us and even gave me those precious kisses on my eye and cheek. I will feel them for the rest of my life. I will miss everything about you ,your soft pantaloons after papa scrubbed you up for your bath the way your made it such an ordeal to rub all over the house and towels. Life feels really empty without you here. I know you are with sweet Sassy, Peas and carrots. Remember our story ,remember when you were little and your cried mmmm and I said don't cry no more I'll be your mama and you said okay I let you be my mama and that is our story and we are sticking to it! Scupper dog, bubbas,pups, Trummie, fat kid, yella fella, pea pie, mamas boy, papas boy, sissys boy, brothers boy. I dont want to ever forget a thing. We are going to make a memory chest will all that was yours because it is important to take care of your things.I have some of you fur too. When I die I will have your ashes buried with me. We will be together one day and I know you will be in our hearts forever. I just need to get through these tough times of you not being here. I hope you can guide me to let it be okay. Heaven is a wonderful place and you are not sick and you can run and play. Box with Sa. I know she is glad to see you. Mamaw said she lovs you and that she misses you too. Everyone does you are a special boy to everyone. God made you so special and you brought so much light to our lives. I think we always knew it but as time seemed to draw short it became more clear.You love unconditional and I know you hated spankins and you always tattled on yourself when you were naughty. Truman I don't want to stop typing because I never want to forget one thing about you. I know it is silly but I have been sleeping with your bone. It gives me comfort. Papa has your bra on his toolbox but it will go in the memory box. Remember how you would go into the garage and steal your puppy cookies out of the box. This is your house and you knew where everything is. I Love love love love love love love love love love love love love love you my sweet boy.. We all do. Go night night lay your head down . Close those brown eyes with the sweet little eyelashes. I will visit you soon . Mama hugs to you. kisses for my boy xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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