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Memories of Travis
Boy, on this Christmas Day 2016, I certainly didn't think we would be doing this. I wish I had a gift with words, because then I would know exactly what to say. After almost 16 years with you Mr Travis, you think I would know what to say.

But, let's start at the beginning. March 2001 - I always ate lunch at my desk; overachiever, I suppose. However, on this day, March 28, I happened to be eating in the breakroom and the news was showing a pet of the week segment. Low and behold, there was this little white and orange cat who had been found outside frostbitten and had lost an ear and half of the other one. Being the obsessive compulsive person I am (hahaha), I could not stop thinking about you. I called the next day to see if you were still at the shelter, you were. Well, two days later, Saturday, March 31, I grabbed the carrier and marched into Winnebago County Animal Services. I said "I would like to adopt the pet of the week". I filled out the paperwork and a nice man brought you to me. As he handed me the carrier he said "he really is a sweet cat." And you were..the best ever.

Brad of course, named you; as you know, you are named after Travis Barker of Blink 182, and you were sure the star around here too. You joined the gang, Zoe and Jordan. Boy, you three were the three musketeers; always hanging with each other, watching birds, sleeping with Brad on lazy Sundays. It was always the three of you. Unless, of course, when you would give Zoe a hard time and Brad would yell "Travis"!! Unfortunately, as you know, we lost Jordan unexpectedly in July 2002. Then, it was just you and Zoe until she passed away in November 2009. You two were bread and butter; always on the table, bed or ottoman. Once in awhile, we'd all partake in some doritos and you sure loved cheese pizza.

However, prior to Zoe passing, in early 2009, we noticed you were drinking a ton of water..uh oh...diabetes (NOT because of the snacks noted above!). I never thought I would be able to give you shots. One of my favorite memories however, was when we decided Brad was going to try to assist with this process. I walked in the door, only to find you and Brad under the table and he was holding the syringe. You both looked at me and Brad said "this is not going so well". After that, I was responsible! Day in and day out Travis, you were such a trooper. Doing the math, you had a approximately 5000 pokes these past seven years. I hated doing it, but, you needed the insulin to keep going.

In 2010, I thought you might like another friend, so, bring on Dash. At first, you were not too happy, but within a few weeks, you two became the best of friends. Every night, he'd groom you, or you would groom him. You were always together. I can't remember a time when you were apart. I can tell you Travis, he's been laying on the blanket you were sleeping on before we left today. He was looking for you earlier today and I know he knows you are no longer here. I know you know Dash loved you every day. I will miss hearing your "santa hat" crinkle when you would lay on it; it will forever stay in it's place by the closet door. And, I will miss sharing the donuts from Edwards Apple Orchard with you next season. So many little things Mr Travis, so many memories, catnip cigar, how you loved your nose scratched and head butts. Foster kitty Annabelle..she loved you so.

Travis, there are not enough words to express how much we loved you and how much I miss you already. I was looking through pictures and, after almost 16 years of being here, you can imagine how many we have. So many wonderful memories. While I cried pulling out the photo albums, I know you are no longer hurting or in pain. We are sorry if we waited too long before taking you to the ER vet today. We wish we could have kept you here forever, but, another angel was needed on this Christmas Day.

Until we meet again - love you Travis.
Mom Nikki and Dad Brad

Please also visit Jordan, Whitey and Zoe.

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