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Memories of Tramp
December 26, 2005
My Dearest Tramp,

I was home for your first week with me and I was home for your last week. As I laid you to rest I felt your spirit soar as you ran and played near the Rainbow Bridge. I felt you when you came to me that night, jumping to my lap and curling against me as you have for so many years. Knowing you are restored to your vibrant self gives me great comfort and peace.

Wait for me sweet boy, for one day we will be together again and will cross the bridge into forever.

You remain lovingly present in my heart and in my dreams.

December 26, 2006
Dearest Tramp,

It was one year ago today that we said goodbye. I think of you often my sweet angel and have renewed your residency to honor the bond we continue to share.

I still so strongly sense your presence and when I close my eyes I can still feel you and smell you as you cuddle against me. Thank you Trampy for the years we had together and for all the special memories I hold in my heart.

I do so love you my sweet, sweet boy!

August 29, 2007
Dear Trampy,

I'm giving our Tiko into your loving care. I know you are with us as he crosses to Spirit. As my heart breaks for him it breaks for you all over again. I miss you both so terribly.

Please visit me often my sweet boy and bring Tiko with you. I need your special comfort more than ever.

Always with love,

December 26, 2007
My Sweet Angel Tramp,

Once more I honor you by renewing your Rainbow Bridge residency. In this season of joy, I find myself with bitter-sweet emotions. My heart is filled with happy memories of our life together, and yet the recent passing of our beautiful Tiko has left it sorely wounded.

Trampy boy, thank you for being my connection and my medium for that 'other' communication. I so know you are with me still, my love! Be happy in the meadow with Tiko and all the others who shine there. You are but a breath away.

With love our hearts will go on,

December 26, 2008
Dear Tramp,

Three years now you've been gone and I still miss you. My memories are sweet and I know you'll never be gone from my heart. Be warm and happy at the bridge as I look forward to the special day when we will be together again.

I love you sweet boy,

August 29, 2009
Hello Trampy,

Today as I honor Tiko and grieve for Molly, I'm thinking of you as well. Time passes so quickly here on Earth but your life is now timeless. Your beautiful soul always shines on.

I felt you with us as Molly crossed over to your world. Your quiet dignity and strength are blessings to all who come your way. Thank you for being a big brother in the meadow and for remaining always my heavenly companion.

I love you angel boy,

December 26, 2009
Dear Tramp,

It's been four years now since we parted in physical life and yet our spirits remain together. I often envision how beautiful and loving your world must be. All the more so because you are there.

As I renew your meadow site once more, I honor you and thank you for being my special angel buddy.

Merry Christmas sweet boy!

February 3, 2010
Hello Sweet Boy,

Today our Cocoa Puff joins you in the heavenly meadow. There are other sweet kitties still here with me of course, but you along with Tiko, Molly & Cocoa were the original four, my fantasic four. I am blessed with precious memories of those years a decade ago when you were all young and vibrant.

The passing of dear Cocoa feels like the end of an era and sadness overcomes me. But endings bring new beginings and today I am comforted in knowing you are all four together again. My Fantastic Four renewed, restored and reunited in Spirit! I love you all!

Our hearts do go on,

December 26, 2010
My Dearest Tramp,

Five years ago we said goodbye. There are moments when it still feels like yesterday and my heart fills with longing for days gone by. One day I will join you in heaven and there will be no more sad goodbyes.

Today I honor you by placing your residency in perpetuity. Maintaining your memorial assists many beautiful furbabies struggling in this life. I offer this gift in your name.

My sweet boy, I do so love you!

December 26, 2011
Happy Holidays Tramp!

Sending my love to you on this Christmas day. As the hustle & bustle settles, my thoughts turn to the precious memories of our early days and years together. Such a sweet baby boy you were and what a handsome man you grew to be. I see your face every day in the photos still kept on my dresser top.

I honor you today, my love, on this sixth anniversary of your passing. I miss you but love that you bask in the glow of the meadow.

All my love,

December 26, 2012
Dear Trampy,

Another year has come and gone. Once more as I celebrate the holiday, my thoughts turn to you. Seven years ago I laid your precious body to rest and felt your soul flying high in heaven. Such sweet memories we have, my boy. I trust that you are well and I trust that we will be together again some day.

I love you Trampy!

December 26, 2013
Oh My Beloved Trampy,

Eight years now baby boy and I still miss your sweet face and warm little body. I know you are happy and whole in the heavenly meadow. It is not yet time for us to meet again but I know we will some day. Until then, be at peace and send me your kisses on the wind.

All my love,

December 26, 2014
Dearest Tramp,

It's been nine years now since you left my side. I think of you often and still hold our memories close to my heart. I remember our last days together like they were yesterday. But I carry no sorrow or regret, only love and joy for the years we spent together. Fly high with your angel wings, sweet boy!

All my love forever,

December 26, 2015
My Dearest Tramp,

Oh sweet boy, today marks ten years since we said goodbye. So many have come and gone from my life since then and still I celebrate my years with you.

From the moment we met when you were a tiny baby to the day I held you in my arms as you left this world, we gave each other unconditional love. So many precious memories I hold close in my heart. Your pictures remain in my home for all to see.

I often visit your final resting place, the beautiful flowers and your memorial stone so lovingly cared for. You are in such good company there with so many others resting close by. Those are special moments for me, Trampy.

The day we meet again is drawing closer. I know you are a shining light waiting with love for the day I join you in heaven. I'm sending all my love, my precious boy.

I am still and always will be,

Please also visit Cocoa, Molly May and Tiko.

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