I Miss You Most
by Vicki Jackson.........................................
I miss you most in the morning, when the light is just peeking in
And I snuggle down for a few more winks before the day intrudes.
I'm used to you being there, feeling your softness against my cheek,
Hearing your warm breath close to my ear.
My furry friend, my wake-up call.

I miss you most at noontime as I break from the business of the day,
And prepare my lunch making sure to have a bit leftover.
I'm used to sharing those bites as you rub against my leg
And look at me as if to say more please.
My furry friend, my mealtime companion.

I miss you most at dusk, when I return home from a day's work,
And am tired from the bustle and the endless demands.
I'm used to seeing you in the window as I drive up,
And the eagerness of your greeting as I walk through the door.
My furry friend, my welcome home committee.

I miss you most at bedtime as I prepare for some needed rest,
And the house becomes still as the lights go out.
I'm used to you doing circles on the bed, finding that just right spot,
And cuddling so sweetly beside me as we say goodnight.
My furry friend, my sleepy angel.

I miss you most in my dreams, of sunny days and happy play,
And youthful ways now gone but not forgotten.
I'm used to sharing my home with you, and sharing my heart.
I look for you in all the usual places, but you are now
My furry friend, my heavenly guardian.

I miss you most every moment of every day!

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