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Memories of Thunder
This tiny little pure white palm size Maltese entered into my heart in the fall of 2002 and brought with him the white wash of a new fallen snow that bloomed into the most beautiful spring ever created: followed by the warmth of summer and the beauty of fall to weave yet another year of love, companionship and total joy that warmed my heart, and gave me all of the laughter and happiness of a loving companion for the next 9 years. Always welcoming, always trying to talk to tell us what he was thinking, and always wagging his tail, bringing us that monkey. That monkey was the only toy he ever played with. We just played and played with that thing. We'd throw and hide it and well, he just kept coming back for more, never getting tired of it. And I bought, I think, a hundred of them. It's put up now, well, there's actually 2 of them put up.

Even up to the last greet, he slowly walked down the hallway where his little tail went back and forth to greet me as I hurriedly picked him up and we went to the vet. I told him he'd be ok, and I would see him soon. I did not lie, I will see him again, and his tail will wag again when I arrive.

"Thunder, Mattie and Izzy miss you greatly. Mattie knows that you will not return here, but she knows she too will cross over and see you one day. I know that Stormy (cat/companion) is introducing you right now to our old friend Thor (wolf-dog) who passed earlier this year as well. You will all get along wonderfully. You have so much to talk about and so much playing and running to do. Thor will catch those rabbits and squirrels you stir up. He's a great hunter, and you are too. We placed Jasmine flowers on your grave in which for you to remember Jasmine too. You two were great pals, she loved and cared for you too. We all love and miss you. Know that you will remain in our hearts forever."

He is in a better place where the squirrels and rabbits will be forever chased by a bright happy little 12 lb Maltese, who thunders through the grass to scat them away from his territory. That perfect territory created here by one who loved him VERY much, gave him a safe place in which to play, and all the love and popcorn he could ever ask for, best friends, here on this earth.

He sits very pretty and looks straight into your eyes, just like every time the camera took that perfect picture. All those camera shots, all those poses, those perfect shots that will forever remain in our hearts.

We will forever love you,
Furever friends,
Mattie & Izzy

Job 12:7-10
"Ask the animals, and they will teach you."

It's almost been a year, and I miss you so much. I carry your photo with me, every time I open to pay for a purchase, the cashier always comments on how beautiful you are.

I've been working in the yard, and I still turn to see if you are with me. You are so deep within my heart. Remember always, I love and miss you, and I will meet you on the bridge.
Love Mom

2 years. Seems almost like yesterday you were wagging your tail and following me around in the yard. We have a new dog door for Izzy, Mattie and a new little fellow, Pepper. You'd like him. He's a character! A new gate so no one can see in the back yard and a new little porch at the outside of the doggy door. You would have been SO happy using it. I miss you so much. I know you have everything you need and all the friends in the world to play with. Know that I love and miss you each and every day.
Love, Mom

Pepper has entered our family and I know you would approve. He's spunky, bright and oh so challenging. He is very very happy to be here and he plays with some of your toys and he has his own monkey. We miss you so much. Izzy still stays close and watches all of my gardening chores, and Mattie, well, she is almost blind but still remembers to play and sit for photos. None will ever replace you, but we are making new friends along the way and I know you are too! We WILL see you one day and play and run and bark together once again. Love you my little man. Mom
Hi there. Sorry haven't visited in a while. Been very busy. Izzy has been really really sick and have been trying to find out the problem. Changed jobs and started keep some pets for Forsyth Humane Society. Presently we are keeping Dolly. She's a true companion for Maddie. And Pepper keeps Izzy on top of things. We also have Bella, a beautiful cat we adopted that is larger than any of the dogs! She is a really sweet cat and I know Stormy would approve as you would also. Flowers are blooming, and your garden has a few new additions. I miss you SOOOOO much! Butterfly kisses to you my little one. Love and MISS you so much. I still call your name when getting everyone ready for dinner and bed.

Hi there buddy! Hope you and Maddie and little Izzie are getting everything in order up there. I sure miss you all, but I bet you were sure glad to see them cross over. And . . . hope you met one of my little fosters, Little Ms. Jamie. She was with me only a short time, but we loved her and she kept your squirrels up in the trees! Yes, I am fostering, little pups, all I can. I miss you so much, I see your loving eyes in everyone that comes through my door, or any door. Always in my heart, always and furever.
Love and miss you. Look for me on that bridge, I'm coming.

Hey sweet boy, I am so glad i renew my memorial yearly, as I just miss you so much! I have some others now, Miko, Jax, Bailey, and Pepper. I tell them your sweet story over and over. I know you and Mattie and Izzy are playing together. I will see you one day. I long for the time we can spend furever playing across the bridge. Love you little man.

Missing you today and every day. You stay in my heart and a photo of you rides with me furever in my wallet. I have never been able to replace you, and I never will, I could never do that. Just not possible. Love you little man. I hope you are running free and have met some of the sweet little pups that have come my way and then, crossed the bridge. I know you were there to welcome them.

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