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Memories of Teddy
Teddy is a cutie pie. He is my #1 love bug. Actually, Teddy is a Maltese. Teddy came into my life in the fall of 1992 when I was 28 years old and working in Long Beach, California. When I went to a home to check out a litter of Maltese puppies, I fell in love with Teddy. Teddy was the chubbiest of his litter mates, but he was also the most playful one of them all. He was a joy watching as he played with the tails of his litter mates. Thus, Teddy came home with me to be in my life forever. In Teddy's senior canine years, I called him my super-sized Maltese, but that gave me more of him to love and hug.

09/92 - 06/95: My Californian boy. You had fun years enjoying the CA weather. We got to go on lots of walks. Of course, I took tons of pictures of you too. Remember visiting The Korean Bell of Friendship and Bell Pavilion at Angels Gate Park in San Pedro, CA. You looked as beautiful as an angel puppy with your pure white fur being blown by the wind. We enjoyed a panoramic view of the Pacific and Santa Catalina Island. Also, we got to visit the lighthouses at Point Fermin in San Pedro, CA and Point Vicente in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.

05/24/97: You were 4 years 8 months young when we visited Snoqualmie Falls in Washington. What a spectacular 268-foot waterfall to behold! You thoroughly enjoyed your walk even though your paws were getting muddy. Before heading back to the car, I carried you into the restroom to rinse your paws off in the sink. The ladies in the restroom didn't mind because they all thought you were so cute!

01/23/05: You acquired nearly 2,300 angel wing air miles on our non-stop, 5 hour flight (I believe it was United Airlines) from SEA to IAD. For $80.00, you got to travel in the cabin section with me. It was a full flight, so I was thankful for it being a non-stop flight. You were happy in your pet carrier with me giving you milk bone treats. You were happier when we arrived in Virginia to get out of your carrier. It was your first day meeting Angel and Spike too!

08/06-12/06: You were always a great traveling companion - my favorite passenger. We had a nice road trip to the Pocono Mountains. We had Charlie & Stacey's second home all to ourselves - except for the deer and wild turkey in Milford, PA. The deer were interested in watching you everytime I took you outside for walks. You were more interested in sniffing the ground and did not take notice of the deer. Also, I had never seen wild turkey "in the wild" until this trip with you. I have a wild turkey feather I picked up from the ground as a memento of our trip. We got to explore a portion of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Although we did not see the famed "Water Gap", we did share the beauty of the Delaware River and the Pocono Mountains together.



04/19/08: Teddy, I made it through work today because you were there with me. Honey and K.C. thank you for picking out the new Booda plush toy and Fleecy Clean toy for them. You knew they needed a couple new toys since they chewed up most of your toys that you so kindly shared with them. I was comforted to know I was taking you home today. Even though you are in my heart and are with me wherever I go, I have you resting in your favorite room - the bedroom - to watch over all of us every night. Although I am still grieving you crossing the Rainbow Bridge, I did my best to help celebrate your Aunt Jill's birthday this evening. I sent her your birthday wishes from heaven above. Aunt Jill was touched by your birthday greetings. Everyone misses you. Good Night my sweet boy.

04/20/08: I tried to take Honey and K.C. on a walk at our park today, since I had vowed to take you all to Potomac Overlook Regional Park every Sunday for our special walk. The rainfall was coming down in buckets. We sat in the car waiting for the rain to let up. When it did let up, it began to thunder and lightning. So, we came back home. To think, just last Sunday we had a beautiful day to walk around the park trails. Afterwards, it was fun to hang out in the car to munch on a fruit & cheese plate. Of course, I let you have the apples (your favorite fruit) and I ate the grapes & cheese. Honey seemed to enjoy the apple slices as much as you. K.C. did not care too much for apples. I still cry everyday for you. I am being comforted by family, friends, and a host of pet parents who have lost their beloved companions. I know you are being welcomed by all the fur babies at Rainbow Bridge. I love you and I miss you dearly as does Honey and K.C. Hugs and kisses from all of us! Good Night my Teddy boy.

04/21/08: It was another rainy day today. I did take Honey and K.C. for a walk on the W&OD trail this p.m. even though it was still raining. You remember the holes in the backyard that K.C. and Honey dug out last week before we got any rain? Well, one of the holes became a little mud hole and K.C. decided to play in it when I let him out back just a short time ago. I snatched him up before he could enter the TV room and I took him directly to the bath tub because his four white legs were all dipped in mud. He would have loved to have gotten his muddy paws all over your white coat. All of you pretend to resent the bathing part, but you really love coming out of the tub squeaky clean and playing in the towels. We miss you! Night Night..XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, & K.C.

04/22/08: Teddy, today is Earth Day; however, I am missing your paws walking across this earth. When I would let you out the front door, I would watch your cute little bounce every time you barked. I often wondered what you were barking about, and then I would look for people and/or dogs walking down the sidewalk or on the W&OD trail. Most often, no person or dog was in sight, so I concluded you barked just because you wanted me to listen to you bark and watch you bounce. Six years ago this day, Fila aka "Fee" and Fooie aka "Mister" crossed the RB. You never met them, but you would have loved them. Please tell them I love them and think of them always. I hope you have met them at the RB. I love you and I miss you terribly. Night Night...XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, & K.C.

04/23/08: My Teddy, you have been at the Rainbow Bridge for 1 week now. I am comforted by words by your recent visitor. You never left me. I just don't see you any more here on earth. Your sweet little spirit lives on forever. Actually, I do see you in home videos I made when we lived together in California, Washington, and Virginia. You were between 2-1/2 and 15 years of age in these videos. You were always a happy puppy boy. I have many fun-loving and warm memories of you to recall and you live in my heart forever. Night Night...XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, & K.C.

04/24/08: Teddy, I am still missing you. Just before 9 p.m. every evening, you would have been insisting that I come to bed. I had to keep reminding you that it was your bedtime. Well, I am giving in to you and I am going to bed now at 9:10 p.m. Night Night...XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, & K.C.

04/25/08: Teddy, I got several messages from you today while at work. My first pharmacy refill request this morning was for a dog named Teddy. In hospital boarding, there is a 9 year old Maltese named Theodore. Please watch over him and help him bounce back from his ailments. Before leaving work today, a 7 year old female Maltese named Nala came in for a scheduled appointment. Yes, I know you are proud of being a Maltese. Yes, I still get choked up when I speak your name. Well, Honey & K.C. got a bath this evening after being outdoors all afternoon. K.C. needed another bath because he took a dip in the pond as well as getting grass stains on his legs running through the freshly mowed lawn. Please watch over all the fur babies and feathered friends down here that are feeling sick and weak. Night Night...XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, & K.C.

04/26/08: My Teddy boy, I hope you are taking your naps in the fresh air between playtime and sharing all your favorite snacks with your new friends. Night Night...XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, & K.C.

04/27/08: My Sweet Teddy, Honey, K.C. & I got our walk in the park this afternoon. It was not the same as when we all took our walk there 2 weeks ago, but I knew you were with us in spirit. We walked the trail in a counter-clockwise direction and at a quicker pace. I missed walking at your pace - my Teddy pace.


Night Night...XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, & K.C.

04/28/08: It's OK for me to cry because I love you and I miss you. I know one day we will be reunited to take many journeys together along with all your new friends. Night Night...XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, & K.C.

04/29/08: My Teddy, I have so many special memories of you to share with your new friends and visitors. I know I will have to keep my stories short but BIG because of limited space here. It has just been hard not to cry every time I think of you. I'll get my act together here on Earth. Night Night...XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, & K.C.

04/30/08: Teddy, you have been at the RB for 2 weeks now. It is all right for me to still cry. I was crying even more today. I did not want to part with you. I wanted you to live an even longer life with me on Earth. You did your very best to be brave and tough. I pray you can feel how much I love you and I miss you. Night Night...XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, & K.C.

05/01/08: Teddy, you have a new playmate at RB now. Ling Ling, a giant panda bear, crossed the RB yesterday. He is BIG, but I am sure he is as playful, lovable, and gentle as you. Welcome him to the pack! Night Night...XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, & K.C.

05/03/08: Teddy, I wore myself out yesterday mowing several lawns. I flopped onto the bed with Honey & K.C. at 9:05 p.m. last night. They were already asleep and I went out like a light. We made your bedtime. Today was another day to be outside. We missed you roaming around the yard. K.C. is covering for you as far as barking at all the TV commercials with animals (i.e., K9 Advantix, PetSmart, Cesar). Tonight, K.C. watched "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe" with me. Honey was too tired to watch. K.C. barked at the beavers, wolves, lion, etc. This movie was packed with animals. I was reminded of you watching "Babe" with me. Actually, I could not watch it with you because I could not hear anything over your barking. I had to ensure you did not jump into the TV too. I know how much you loved watching horses on TV. Now, you can welcome Eight Belles to the RB. She is brave and tough like you. There is no need to bark at anyone at the RB. Enjoy your playtime. Night Night...XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, & K.C.

05/04/08: My Teddy boy, I miss you terribly. I love you. Night Night...XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, & K.C.

05/06/08: My beautiful Teddy, I hope you heard my prayers for you and all the other fur babies last night at the Monday night candle-lighting service. That was my 3rd service as you will have been at the RB for 3 weeks tomorrow. I miss you. I do have the hope of an eternal reunion with you someday (when my time here on Earth has served its purpose). I love you. Night Night...XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, & K.C.

05/07/08: My sweet Teddy, I still find it hard to believe that you have been at the RB for 3 weeks now. Oh, how I miss you sooooo deeply. I hope you know how much I love you and miss you. A Maltese by the name of Murphy came in this morning for a dental procedure. When I saw him, my heart sunk and my eyes welled up with tears. Murphy is 8 years old, but I have to admit he was not nearly as sweet as you. Teddy, you are one-of-a-kind and no one can ever replace you. You are my treasure which I have buried in my heart. Night Night...XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, & K.C.

05/09/08: My Teddy boy, you will have to do me a big favor and welcome Bosco, a 5 year young DSH, to the RB. He crossed the RB on 05/07/08. Bosco's mom comforted me 3 weeks ago and was with me the day you crossed the RB. Bosco is a handsome, gentle fellow whose company you will REALLY enjoy. Reba and Fat Cat crossed the RB today, so please give them a warm and friendly welcome. Night Night...XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, & K.C.

05/11/08: Happy Son's Day! You made me a pet mom by being my first boy. We made it to the park today and took our inaugural trail walk despite it being a little muddy. It has been raining heavily most of the afternoon. Good day for housekeeping! Early Friday a.m., Michael called me to ask if I could take care of Coco and Bean this weekend as his family was going out of town for Mother's Day. I was happy to watch Coco and Bean. Michael's family left me a note along with a beautiful flowering plant in loving memory of you. Night Night...XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, & K.C.

05/21/08: Teddy, my love bug, as you can see I have not written any notes here in awhile; however, you are in my thoughts every morning, every night, and every second in between. I still miss you so. I miss your "being" - your physical "presence" - YOU. You have been at the RB for 5 weeks now. With each passing day, my sorrow has not grown lighter; however, I am comforted knowing your spirit is with me always. I did spend this past weekend attending the LCI Seminar I signed up for in March. I did not sleep well at all my first night at the hotel because I missed all my canine companions. Aunt Jill and Uncle Rich took care of Honey & K.C. over the weekend. Remember our stay at the Best Western in Cambridge, Ohio in October 2007? It was our first and only road trip with Honey & K.C. Aunt Mary Ann loved being visited by you as you provided her comfort and joy in a time of sadness with Uncle Dick's untimely passing. At the end of the seminar class on 17 May 2008, as I was walking out of the AACC building, one of my classmates noticed a wild turkey "grazing" along the woods next to the parking lot. Mind you, it was just one wild turkey in Arnold, MD and not a bunch like I had seen in Milford, PA with you in August 2006. I took this as a sign from you letting me know that I can speak about you to others as if you were next to me and that everything was going to be all right. Night Night...XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, & K.C.


05/30/08: Teddy, my beautiful, sweet boy, another week has gone by without you here on Earth with us. I have been keeping us busy every day. I took Honey & K.C. to the Memorial Day activities at the City Hall grounds on Monday. They did remarkably well with respect to the crowd and the noises. After work this afternoon, I read Princess' mom's entry - which turned out to be timely - as I read it before the mail was delivered. When I received today's mail, I went to sit on the doggie deck to sort through it. I happened to receive a letter in the mail on your behalf. I read it and cried because I knew you sent me another sign. The letter informed me that the doctors and staff of ODAHC sent a contribution to the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) Helping Pets Fund in your memory. My big boy, you are helping pets in need where you are right now. We all love you and miss you! Night Night...XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, & K.C.

06/02/08: My Teddy Boy, I hope you are all right. I still miss you terribly. I love you. We are going to bed now as it is just a half-hour past your bedtime. Night Night...XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, & K.C.

06/15/08: Happy Son's Day! Since you don't have any Teddy juniors running around to wish you Happy Father's Day, I send you this greeting. We went to the park this afternoon. I don't know where the time is going. The last time I took Honey & K.C. to the park was on Mother's Day. Tomorrow will mark 2 months since you crossed the RB. All our friends helped me celebrate Honey & K.C.'s first birthday (06/05/08) on a Friday evening. I missed you not being physically present with us. I know you enjoyed receiving toys and treats as much as I enjoyed giving them to you. Honey was a tigress opening up her birthday gifts. She has a lot of your traits. It was an absolutely beautiful day today even with it being 88 degrees this afternoon. A nice breeze and the shade brought comfort. When I was sitting on our deck, the breeze rang your Doggy Angel Bell. I knew you were letting me know you are with us in spirit. We all love you & miss you! Night Night...XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, & K.C.

08/12/08: My Teddy Boy, I still dearly miss you. I think about you every day. I do my best not to cry when I talk about you. We all love you & miss you! Night Night...XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, & K.C.

09/01/08: Happy 16th Birthday, My Sweet Boy! Especially today, I hope you are having another beautiful and fun day at the Rainbow Bridge with all your friends. It is a beautiful morning here, however, Mother Nature is at work along the coastline of LA. Hurricane Gustav is just about to make landfall near Houma, LA. The other evening, your Aunt Suzanne gave me a book called "For Every Dog An Angel" by Christine Davis. As I read the book that night, I cried from start to finish thinking about you and how much I miss you. We all love you & miss you! XOXOXO, your mom, Honey,& K.C.

10/16/08: My Teddy boy, Good Morning! I have missed you every day in the 6 months you have been at the RB. Please take care of your Grandparents' Zeus and Diane's Otis (10/15/08). Honey & K.C. are doing well. They have had all their vaccinations for the year. They are fine young K9 adults. We all love you & miss you! XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, & K.C.

11/27/08: My Teddy boy, on this Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful to have had you in my life for as long as you were meant to be with me. Your Grandparents came for a visit the last week of October. I took Honey & K.C. to Ohio for the weekend to extend the visit w/Mom & Dad, + visit all the relatives and Honey & K.C.'s family. All is well in Ohio. A couple weeks ago I took home 2 "stray" dogs - actually a girl & boy dachshund/beagle mix puppy - maybe 5 months of age. Honey & K.C. get along with them; however, Honey is the Queen Bee. The puppies have made our home their home now. Happy Thanksgiving Day! We all love you & miss you! XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, K.C., Calvin, & Nutmeg.

12/31/08: My Teddy boy, after work this evening I joined the pack over at Rich & Jill's home. The holidays this year without you have been hard for me. I still find it surreal that you have been at the RB for 8 months now. My heart still aches for you and I still cry; however, this evening I was reminded of William Wordsworth's verse (my entry of 05/21/08). I have no clue what is in store for us for the New Year - which is about to begin in 40 minutes. We all love you & miss you! XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, K.C., Calvin, & Nutmeg.

01/24/09: My Sweet Boy, Teddy, we spent the early part of New Year's Eve with your Uncle Rich and Aunt Jill, then we came home to ring in the New Year. I missed you not being here to cheer in the New Year. As time passes, my memories of you bring more smiles to my face than tears from my eyes. I do still cry for you though. This month has been a very cold month with 14 consecutive days below average temperature. I know you would have been warmly snuggled in bed by my side. You will forever be by my side. We all love you & miss you! XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, K.C., Calvin, & Nutmeg.

02/14/09: Happy Valentine's Day, My Sweet Boy! The weather was comfortable today to take the pack on a walk this morning (of course, in 2 shifts). Afterwards, I ran 3 miles to wrap up Week 1 of my training log. Yesterday was a hard day at ODAHC. We had Lady, Chelsea, and Loretta cross the RB. Please give them a big welcome and show them a good time at the RB. P.S. Today is Uncle Rich's 64th Birthday. We all love you & miss you! XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, K.C., Calvin, & Nutmeg.

09/01/09: Happy 17th Birthday, My Sweet Boy! I hope you are having a grand time at the RB. I know I was truly blessed to have you here on Earth with me for 15 years and 7 months and ever more so blessed to have you in my heart for eternity! So much has happened in the past 7 months; however, I still think of you every single day. We all love you & miss you! XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, K.C., Calvin, & Nutmeg.

11/25/09: My Sweet Boy! Another Thanksgiving Day is upon us here. I still miss you walking into the kitchen every time I went into the kitchen. You always wanted to see if I was getting any treats or food for you. I just took a baked pumpkin pie out of the oven this evening. The pumpkin pie may be the only traditional item for my Thanksgiving Day menu. I decided to go with a non-traditional meal this year. I find it hard to believe that Calvin & Nutmeg have been with Honey & K.C. & I for 1 year now. The weather down here for most of the week has been rather dreary and boring for all of us. I know you have beautiful & lovely days at the RB. Please welcome all the newcomers arriving at RB: Henry, Elmo, Happy, Milo, Sierra, Pizza Party, Bailey, & every other fur baby. Have a Happy Thanksgiving at the RB! We all love you & miss you! XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, K.C., Calvin, & Nutmeg.

01/01/10: Teddy, My Sweet Boy! Happy New Year at the RB w/all your friends! We all rang in the New Year at Rich & Jill's home last night. It seems as if we were in a hurry to get through 2009. I finished w/ my last final exam of my 1st semester Vet Tech classes on 12/17/09. With a 3-week break before the start of the 2nd semester, I spent a week with Mom & Dad in Florida (after shoveling snow all day on 12/20/09 after Saturday's historic winter snow storm). It was definitely warmer in FL than in VA that week. Mom & Dad's dogs Sadie & Storm and 3 out of the 4 cats welcomed me to FL. I had never met Storm (she is all white too) before; however, she quickly took to me and spent several nights sleeping w/ me after chasing Gray, the cat, off the bed. Gray is a great cat too! All is well in FL & here at home in VA. We all love you & miss you! XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, K.C., Calvin, & Nutmeg.

02/06/2010: Teddy, My Sweet Boy! We are all snowed in here - Blizzard of 2010. Nearly 4 years ago (02/12/2006), you were walking through the snow here (I posted a photo of you from that day in your photo album). I had to do a lot of shoveling to make a path for Honey, K.C., Calvin, & Nutmeg. They had more fun in the snow than I did; however, it was a joy to watch them climb the "snow hill" and then sink in the deep snow as they descended (or jumped) into the unpacked snow. I did take photos and videos of the kids "playing" in the snow. It was too cold to play outside for long, so I had to get them all inside and remove their coats and towel dry them. Calvin had your "Sherlock Holmes" cloak fully caked with snow. Your cloak is drying out as are the other coats. Although Calvin never met you, he thanks you for passing down your cloak to him. We all love you & miss you! XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, K.C., Calvin, & Nutmeg.

03/20/2010: Teddy, My Sweet Boy! My Joy! Today is the first day of Spring & 74 degrees. To think, 6 weeks ago we had a snow blizzard. I wanted to let you know that a very special girl named Nolie crossed the RB early this morning. She is a beautiful & lovely toy poodle with a lot of spunk. You will love her as she was sooooooooo loved here on Earth. She is a lot of fun, so have a great time together. Please help Nolie with letting her mom know she is with such grand company & all is well at the RB. We all love you & miss you! XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, K.C., Calvin, & Nutmeg.

04/04/2010: Teddy, Good Morning! Happy Easter! No sleeping in for this crew this morning. Getting a jump start on this beautiful day here on Earth. We are finally done with the snow and moving on to beautiful Spring days. We all love you & miss you! XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, K.C., Calvin, & Nutmeg.

04/16/2010: Teddy, I love you and miss you. I wish you were still in my arms so you could feel all the love I have for you then and now. In a way, it does not seem like you have been at the RB for 2 years, but the reality is you have been at the RB for 2 years. A lot of great fur babies have joined you at the RB during this time. I hope you met Ce Ce, a lovely Maltese, that crossed the RB on 12/15/2009. Beasley, a beagle, crossed the RB just before the New Year. Natasha, your doctor's cat, crossed the RB in 01/2010 after being on Earth for nearly 22 years. Socksy, 18 yrs and 2 mo, crossed the RB on 04/15/2010. Be kind & gentle to your elders. I hope Nolie (a young gal) and you have become acquainted as she is a joy to be with. Behind the portrait of you and I together, I discovered an envelope containing a puppy tooth from Honey; Honey's puppy tooth fell out on 12/11/2007 when she was 6 months 6 days old. You were around on that day. I don't know why I looked behind our portrait, but I did and I found this envelope. We all love you & miss you! XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, K.C., Calvin, & Nutmeg.

09/01/10: My Sweet Boy, Teddy - Happy 18th Birthday!!!!! I successfully completed my Summer Internship and Evening Chemistry Course! Just started Fall Semester 2010. Wish me luck! Patrick & Laura will be visiting us for a few days. They will be here on 09/10/2010 just in time for the Block Party on Saturday. I think of you every single day! We all love you & miss you! XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, K.C., Calvin & Nutmeg.

11/25/10: Teddy, Happy Thanksgiving! Had a nice break from school and enjoyed Alice sharing the holiday with us! I took Alice to one of my fav restaurants for Thanksgiving Dinner. Unfortunately for Honey, K.C., Calvin & Nutmeg, they missed out on all the delicious aromas from the kitchen. We all love you & miss you! XOXOXO, your mom, Honey, K.C., Calvin & Nutmeg.

12/25/10: My Sweet Boy, Teddy! Spent the Holiday Season at Alice's sister's home in Lampasas, TX. I still miss you with all my heart! One more semester left in my Vet Tech Program! Have a Happy New Year at the RB! I am always thinking of you! Love you, your mom, Honey, K.C., Calvin & Nutmeg.

04/16/11: Today is your 3rd Anniversary at the RB. I will always miss you being here with me (and us). So much has happened over the last 3 yrs. I have to say more GOOD has happened because I believe you are keeping watch over us. I am at Alice's apt in Ft Worth, TX trying to help her after her dental surgery. You know the feeling after seeing your veterinarian for dental prophy & extractions. My Sweet Boy, I will always love you! XOXOXO your mom. We all miss you!

09/01/11: Young man - Happy 19th Birthday!!!!! Hope you are having a furtastic animal party at the RB! Must be a zoo at the RB! My Sweet Boy, Teddy, we love you & miss you!

12/03/11: Teddy Boy, I think of you every day & I miss you every single day! All is well here! I know you are watching out for us! We love you & miss you! Love you, your mom, Honey, K.C., Calvin & Nutmeg.

04/16/12: My Sweet Boy, I can't believe it has been 4 years now since you went to the RB. Thinking of you always! You are in my heart forever! Teddy, we love you & miss you!

09/01/12: Wow, 20 years young! Wish you were in my presence here on earth, but I know you are with us in spirit. Love you, your mom, Honey, K.C., Calvin & Nutmeg.

09/01/13: MY TEDDY BOY, HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY! You are always in my thoughts and forever in my heart! Hugs & kisses! Love you, your mom, Honey, K.C., Calvin & Nutmeg.

04/16/16: Teddy, I love you with all my heart! Today is your 8th Anniversary at the RB; however, you are forever in my heart. I think of you every day and I miss you so much. Love you, your mom, Honey, K.C., Calvin & Nutmeg


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