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Memories of Tatiana

TATIANA - a female Siberian tiger. There are only about 4 to 5 hundred of these still living
free in the world.The Tiger is the largest of wild cats and well known for their power and
strength.There were, at one time, eight tiger subspecies. Three of these became extinct
during the 20th century. Over the last 100 years the overall tiger populations have been
reduced from hundreds of thousands to perhaps 5,000 to 7,000. This has been caused by forest
destruction, body parts still being used in traditional Chinese medicine, trophy hunting,
and poaching as a few of the reasons. In the wild they live alone and are powerful hunters
that travel many miles to find prey. My house cat stalks birds and my Terrier has to chase
squirrels. On occasion they even kill. It's not something I would ever teach them to do.
It's just something animals do. In an effort to save the Siberian Tiger they are being
bred in captivity. This is an assurance the breed will survive but there will be, on
occasion, a consequence. This is what happened in San Francisco on Christmas day. It was
indeed a disaster to the young man who was killed and to the two more people who were
injured. We must remember wild animals do not kill or injure with malice in their hearts
as humans do. I am truly sorry for the families, but I am also sorry for the beautiful
Tatiana. I have no doubt that she will cross the Rainbow Bridge and be forever free to
roam as her ancestors did long ago. No matter how you feel toward Tatiana, it is a tragedy
all the way around. Rest in Peace beautiful one. As in your own society, they felt they
had to protect their own, so forgive those who took your life. I just wish there could have
been a better way. Tatiana was born in the Denver Zoo on June 27th of 2003. She was sent
to the San Francisco Zoo in December of 2005. She had grown into a beautiful 350 pound young
lady. I never had the pleasure of meeting Tatiana. She was not mine - she was ours. A
beautiful animal - who's ancestors roamed free. They did not want to change the world,
they just wanted to live as they have always lived - free. To raise a family, hunt for
food and then start over again. That's all any of our wild animals want, be it our yard
squirrel to the giant gray whales. The same thing we as humans want, but to do as we wish,
we are doing it at the expense of these Wild Creatures of God. I do not blame the Zoo for
having Tatiana as they are trying to save the species, and let
the public see what we, as Humans, are loosing. I do not know the answer. I know that
beautiful Tatiana is gone. If you believe, as all the Rainbow Bridge family members
believe, we will have a chance to meet her one day and tell her how sorry we are she
had to leave so soon. Tatiana -I am sure you will be frightened when you reach the gates,
but know the animals who will meet you there are all wonderful, caring and very much
loved family members.RIP Tatiana and remember to be kind to all you meet.

12 29 07
Tatiana you have had so many visitors and well wishers. I have found some information
from your past I thought I would pass on to those who care. Tatiana was among a litter
of three tigers born at the Denver Zoo on June 27, 2003. Her mother, Katarina, and father,
Tiaga, are still at the zoo, as is her brother, Waldemare. Tony, a 14-year-old Siberian
tiger whose sibling and lifelong companion, Emily, died in late 2004 from cancer of the
spleen. Tatiana arrived at the San Francisco Zoo on December 16, 2005, with officials hoping
she would mate with Tony. Although they were standoffish at first, Tony and Tatiana started
having physical contact without barriers in February, graduating to what seemed to be looking
very hopeful toward parenthood.
( Siberian tigers ( or Amur ) are the world's largest cats. They live primarily in eastern
Russia's birch forests, though some exist in China and North Korea. There are an estimated
400 to 500 Siberian tigers living in the wild. Siberian Tigers are classified as endangered
and there are more than 600 of the animals living in captivity worldwide. If there are 600
living in captivity - and 500 living in the wild- that's a total of 1,100. Today there are
only 1,099 on earth and when they are gone- they will be gone forever. )
Tatiana - I know you just arrived over the bridge - but I have a really special favor to ask
of you. I have learned of another Tiger that was shot in Texas on Christmas Day. She had been
de clawed and was wearing a collar of sorts. The collar-leash looked more like a bicycle cable
and rusted wire and was tangled around the make-shift leash. Shell casing were found in the
tiger's chest and face. In all, there were five bullet entries. The tiger was estimated to be
around one-years-old and weighed about 180 pounds. They believe she is a female Bengal Tiger.
It is though that this Tiger was someone's pet and got to big for them to care for. Imagine
that. What were they thinking? I know you may not have Motherhood on your mind, but this may
be your closest chance to be a Mother. Perhaps you would rather look at this as a baby sitting
job. How ever you look at this,it would be very nice for you to do, as this baby girl is much
younger than you and needs a close friend just now. I know you had a difficult life, and you
were closed in, but you were not chained with barb wire. No matter how bad it was, you do know
that others may have things worse. I only ask you to look after her as she is much younger and
not as wise and you. You both probably arrived about the same time. I do hope you have had a
tour and had lots to eat. Do
remember- do not snack on the little ones. That is not acceptable across the Bridge. Everything
is provided there, I am told. I intrust this little girl to you Tatiana. We do not know her name,
but we will call her Charu . This is an Indian(Asian) name, the area of the world (Bengal)
where her ancestors are believed to have come from and means BEAUTIFUL. Please take care of our
January 1 2008 Midnight
Happy New Year Tatiana and Charu. Welcome to your New Beginning.

January 21, 2008
Tatiana - I have decided to have Silent Night on you page, as it was indeed a Silent
Night the eve you and Little Charu left us. A very sad and Silent Night December
25th 2007. I have found many pictures of you on the Internet. What a beautiful Tiger you were.

February 14, 2008
Tatiana and Charu - Happy Valentine's Day to you both. X 0 X 0

September 30, 2008
Dear Tatiana and Charu,
Could you go to the bridge tonight with Jake and his friends and family? I would like you to
meet Mama Cinder. She will be there sometime tonight. She was very sick and may a bit slow to
arrive, but after a good nights sleep she will feel much better tomorrow as you both know. She was
a wonderful dog. She leaves behind two sons, Oliver and Moses and her people Mum. I thank you both.

Christmas Eve 2008

If I could wish upon a star
and travel to the place right where you are.
I would climb the Bridge on Christmas Eve
and take my turn to wait.
To wait right there at Rainbow's Gate,
To have a chance to visit you .
I would hug you tight and be so thankful that very night
to have a chance to see you well and happy too.
Your eyes so bright, your coat so fine.
You have gotten younger over time.
We could talk about the days gone by
and then the day I had to cry.
You could assure me you will be right there
when I too will open Heavens Door.
Its just a dream I know, I can not come until its time .
Until then, just know, I will close my eyes this Christmas Eve
and think of you. We will be together again and when I arrive,
we will never ever have to part.
MERRY CHRISTMAS Your Friend forever, Gloria

Tatiana and Charu. Its been one year you have been gone. I hope you will both gather the rest
of my family there at the Bridge and say a prayer for those you left behind.

January 29th, 2009
Love to you both. Be good- summer will be here soon. Your Friend forever, Gloria

October 1, 2009
Dear Tatiana,
Did you know you were in the news the other day? It seems a man jumped into the Bear cage at
the SF zoo. He just stood there and did not get hurt. I wish you had done that really. The news
reminded people it was the same zoo that Tatiana killed a boy. They did not mention how stupid
a person would be jump in anyone's cage. I am so sorry your days ended like they did. Your
Friend forever, Gloria

Nov 24, 2009
Happy Thanksgiving Tatiana and Charu,
I am thankful you are at last, free, Luv, Gloria

Christmas Eve 2009
Dear Tatiana and Charu,
Tomorrow will be one year since you left us. There will be a Memorial dinner for you and
Charu tomorrow night. All of my family have planned something very special for you . There
are also some very special friends who will also help. Please help my family look for a cat
called Whiskers. I have not seen him since Dec 15 and suspect he may have crossed the bridge.
As I have told the others, if you find him, please let me know. Enjoy your special dinner
tomorrow. Merry Christmas to you and Charu. Love, Gloria

October 30, 2010
Oh Tatiana, I am just thrilled. I looked up your name on the net and found this.
There is now a statue of you. It was made by Artist Jon Engdahl.
In a dirt perch halfway up San Francisco's Telegraph Hill, a tiled sculpture of the slain
feline now sits lazily in the wet dirt and keeps an eye on the tourists on the Embarcadero
and boats in the bay. It is along the Greenwich Steps -on the east side of Coit Tower-up
from Sansome Street. The sculpture is made of broken tiles and concrete on a wire base. It
is reminiscent of the sculpture work of the Spanish artist Antonio Gaudi. I have posted a
pix below. Yes, there are people who care and remember you.

Looking down from Tatiana's perch. This is about 75 feet down the hill from the old Julius'
Castle restaurant on Montgomery. see pix

December 25th, 2010
May you have a wonderful Third Homecoming Anniversary Dinner. We are all so glad you are
Finally Home and free to roam and care for others. xoxoxox

September 12, 2011 Dear Tatiana,
I am sending you a new family member.His name is Osama. He died in the past day as the
result of war. Osama, a Siberian tiger at the Tripoli Zoo, has been suffering for days.
For several days, the animals were not fed nor given water.Please read the story. Welcome
him home there beyond the bridge and be rest assured he will never be forgotten.


October 19, 2011
Dear Tatiana and Charu.
We need everyone to go to the bridge tonight.In Zanesville, Ohio. 49 animals were killed
by authorities as they were a danger to the community.These animals include 18 tigers,nine
male lions,eight female lions,six black bears,three mountain lions,two grizzly bears,one
baboon and two wolves.They were put to rest on the farm where they had been caged. The
caretaker took his own life and let all of his caged animals out of their cages. Six animals,
a grizzly bear, three leopards and two monkeys were captured alive and taken to the Columbus
Zoo. May God Bless them all and I hope you will help make them feel safe as they arrive at
there FOREVER FREE HOME. I know you can relate to their situation. Bless you all. xoxoxo

The little picture I have used for the Zanesville Family is a pix that was taken at the farm.
This is what they say about this picture.
"A stuffed animal with a sympathy card attached hangs from the locked gate at the Muskingum
County Animal Farm Thursday, Oct. 20, 2011, in Zanesville, Ohio. The owner of a U.S. exotic
animal farm who released dozens of tigers, lions and others beasts from their cages in a
final act shot himself to death and then was bitten by one of his own animals, a sheriff said
Thursday. An autopsy showed Terry Thompson had a bite wound on his head that appeared to have
come from a large cat, such as a Bengal tiger, Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz told a news
conference." (AP Photo/Mike Munden)


I had seen this event on the news and was really touched me. BLESS the man who took time to
do this kind gesture and may all these wonderful creatures, one day, meet this man when he
too will join them.



Tatiana..I found your picture on this WONDERFUL VIDEO on You Tube. You are at 3 minutes
47 seconds

12-25-2012 ~ Today Tatiana is your 5th Homecoming Anniversary. It seems like only yesterday
I wrote it for you.
I am so Blessed to have you as a member of our family. The program last night was Wonderful
I am told. Thank You so much for your part. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and an even
Better New Year. Thank You for all you do helping everyone like you do. In a few days it will
be Little Cricket's Homecoming Anniversary. Please give her a hug and tell her how much she
is missed. Best Wishes also to Charu and ALL of your family.
Love, Gloria

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