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Memories of Sybil
Sybil was always here for me. She could run forever and would come along to the track behind my house where I did my running and keep me company. Then we'd toss the tennis ball. She'd get a little thorn in her paw from the rough grass that I had to take out for her, then she was rarin' to go again. She'd chase it, bring it back and look up at me with those eyes. I'd fool her sometimes and fake throwing it. She'd run about 30 yards, turn around and look at me and see that I still had the ball. She'd sprint back to me and wait again. Always there for me...... I would be laying on the couch and she would come up and put her nose under my hand or just rest her head on the cushion so I could pet her and give her the attention she always wanted..... I still find myself walking into the kitchen and looking at the patio doors and expect to see her smiling face there, asking to come in. She's gone.....and took part of me with her. I miss you Sybil and we will meet again. Thank you for the years of dedicated companionship. We had a great time, didn't we?........ (Sept. 22)..... It's been almost 4 months since you left, Sybil, and I still miss you so much and I still shed a tear when I think of you every day. As you look down on me you see that I have two new pups. Satch and Sasha will never replace you, but watch over them, and help them each to be as good a dog as you were, because you were the BEST. ......(June 5, 2001) It has been one full year since we spent our last day together, Sybil. Losing you was one of the saddest days of my life and I still miss you so much. Not a day goes by when I don't think about you. I have your picture, your collar, your tennis ball and your ashes displayed in the living room. I'd love to spend just one more day with you, but I know one day wouldn't be enough. Your spirit and energy will be with me always. Today I will walk the path in the field you and I walked hundreds of times....the place you loved to run and chase rabbits. You would run ahead, then turn to look back and find me, to make sure you knew where I was. Now, I wish I could turn around, and you'd be there!! I miss you little girl, so, so much.... more than anybody really knows.... (June,2002) 2 years ago we spent our last days. It seems like yesterday and it still hurts to know you are physically gone. But you are in my thoughts every day as I remember all the fun we had and the character you were. You still live in my heart and, my girl, you always will. (June 5, 2003) It's been 3 years since we spent our last day together. June 5 is always a sad day for me. Today I did "our" walk. I took your collar and chain so you could be with me again, at least in some way. There isn't much left of the desert we walked so many times. Roads are being built and the area gets smaller and smaller. On the way home I found a tennis ball just like we used to find. I knew if you were still here you would have found it before I did and would have come running to me with it in your mouth so I could throw it for you to chase. I really miss those days and I still miss you just as much as ever. You are in a better place now and you can see I now have 3 dogs: Sasha, Satch and now Flame. Guide us so we can have the same bond that you and I had. One that never is broken. Take care my girl. I miss you so much. (June 5, 2004) Another year has passed by and you are still in my thoughts little girl. Nothing will change that. I still keep your memorial in the living room so I still see you every day. I miss you and all the fun we had together. Take care, Sybil, and keep watchful eye over Sasha, Satch, Flame and I. (June 5, 2005) It has been 5 fast years now since we were together. But it still seems like yesterday when you and I shared our times together. I still walk the field with your collar every June 5 in your honor and memory. I still miss you and still think of you every day when I pass your picture in the living room and there are many things still here that remind me of you. Keep that tennis ball ready for when we meet again, little girl. (June 5, 2006) Another year has gone by. I just got back from "our" walk. Each year that passes this day is always a sad one for me. I always wish you were still here with me and my other three dogs so we could all have fun. Coincidently, I had to stop at the vet's office this morning, the place where you took your last breath. I still miss you and always will. Till we meet again, my girl... (June 5, 2007) As usual I took our walk today. I always take your leash and carry it with me. I didn't find any tennis balls this time....probably because you got them all back when we were able to share the walk. Your energy and your unconditional dedication is something I will always miss. You were certainly unique like that. I hope you are resting in peace with all the tennis balls you can play with. I miss you. (June 25, 2010) Sybil, I have slacked off in keeping this page updated. You deserve better and I will be more prudent in my upkeep for you. I did take "our" walk this past June 5 and it was just as sad as always. I still have many recollections of our time together and it still seems like yesterday when you were with me. It's been 10 years now but your absence still saddens me. I'll keep my arm warmed up to toss those tennis balls when we're together again. I miss you little girl. You are the best. (June 6, 2011) I have just come back from our walk. It is a day late but I still want to remember you every year like this, because going out on our walk was one of your favorite things. I carried your picture with me along with your collar and leash. It's always a sad walk without you with me physically. But you are with me in my memories and that's what I will cherish. Satch Sasha and Flame are getting older and some day they will be with you to play, but I'd rather you could come back here and play with them. Sybil, you were the BEST. I miss you. (July 14, 2011) It is with a heavy heart that I am telling you that you have a playmate that has crossed the Bridge to be with you. My Flame is now with you and I am as sad now as I was when you left me. He left way too soon and I'll never know why this has happened. I hope you are playing together and are happy. I miss you both so much and it hurts. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rjycpnhhr8 (June 5, 2012) This is the 12th anniversary of your passing, Sybil. I miss you as much now as I ever have. I took our walk a little while ago. I thought about how you used to run ahead and then turn to make sure you could see me. I think a lot about our times together on this walk. I miss those days and our experiences together. I hope you and Flame are having fun with each other while you wait for me at the Bridge. Take care little girl. (June 5, 2013) Another June 5 and another day with a heavy heart. I remember you like it was yesterday when we took our walks and threw the tennis ball around the fields. I took the annual walk as I do every anniversary of losing you. The memories are vivid and I can still see you running ahead, stopping, and turning to make sure you can see me before you continued on. Play nicely with Flame until we are united again. I miss you my girl. (April 9, 2014) Sybil, I have sent my beautiful Sasha to join you at the Bridge. You didn't know her here on earth but you and she would have been best buddies. Cancer took her from me. My losing her hurts me as much as when you passed on. Play together and wait for me. I miss you both so much. (June 5, 2014) I took our walk today to remember our good times. You loved the walks and finding tennis balls for me to throw. As I got to the wash area where I let you run free, I remembered how I would let you off the leash and have you stay until I was a ways ahead of you. Then you'd come running on command and sprint past me. But when you'd get ahead, you'd stop and turn to make sure you could still see me. You were such a great dog for me. I miss you so much. I hope you and Sasha and Flame are having quite a party at The Bridge. Wait for me! (June 5, 2015) Sybil, you remain in my heart and memory and always will. Of course, I took our walk this morning with vivid thoughts of seeing you run and explore. Those were great times we shared. I wish we could do it again. You were an amazing, talented dog and the best companion a guy could ask for. Thank you for allowing me to be with you for such a long time. See you at the Bridge! (June 5, 2016) 16 years and I still miss you as much as ever. I want another 16 years or longer. I will take our walk and remember all the good times, but it will be with sadness. Keep waiting for me and I will continue to honor your years of companionship and loyalty you gave me. Thank you for being part of my life, Sybil. I wish I could magically bring you back. (June 5, 2017) It's another anniversary of one of the saddest days in my life. I took our walk this morning. I didn't find any tennis balls but I did recall all the fun you had finding them and bringing them to me and Dad. I think back and wish I could have some of those times back when you deserved better. You know what I mean and I am truly sorry I couldn't have done better for you. You were the best friend I had. I miss you and await our reunion at the Bridge. June 5, 2018 Sybil, you are missed so much. I wish we could do your life all over again. I have so many great memories with you and I can't believe it's been 18 years since our last day together. I'll take "our" walk later and more memories will come back to me to bring tears. You deserved all the good things. I couldn't have asked for a better friend. Take care, little girl, until we are together again. June 4, 2020 I will not miss our walk this year. Besides Benji, you were my first dog I had for such a long time and you are one of the main reasons I will always have dogs as my companions. You set the bar high and there are times when I say to myself "I wish (one of my dogs) could be like Sybil". I had as much fun as you did throwing the tennis balls for you. I look at your pictures and I am still so sad that you are no longer here with me. Keep playing and chasing at The Bridge and wait for our reunion. I'll throw more tennis balls and you and I will have a blast again. I miss you so much. June 6, 2021 I think about you all the time. It has been 21 years now since we were together. It seems like yesterday. You were such a dedicated companion I think I never appreciated enough while you were with me. I wish I could have been a better caretaker for you. You deserved better. I hope dad is throwing the tennis ball for you in heaven. You loved that so much! I wish there was a way you could let me know the two of you are together. I took our walk into the old school yard where you ran while I was on the track or we would just play ball. It brought back good memories. You were a great dog and I will always remember you until we reunite. Run fast, Sybil! June 5, 2022 Sybil, I can't tell you how many times over the years I wish we could do it all over again. I'll just leave it at that as you know what I mean. You taught me so much and you were a great dog. I miss you as much today as the day I sent you to the Bridge. You have a new friend there in Maddie. Run with her and have fun chasing tennis balls. I will do our walk in the old neighborhood today in your honor. You were such a good dog and always stayed within eyesight of me when we went on our walks. I sure do miss those times. Keep waiting for me with all the others until we meet again. Thank you, Sybil. June 5, 2023 You've been gone 23 years and I still hurt about losing you. I wish I would have done better for you in so many ways up to the end. You were the best thing I had and I should have given you more. I will walk our path today, remembering all the times we spent together as I watched you run, but never too far to lose sight of me. I wish we could walk out the door right now and repeat the walks. You were my candle and that light will never extinguish in my heart. You were such a great dog, a real companion for me. I hope, one day, we really will go out and I'll throw the tennis ball for you again. I miss you, little girl, more than you know.

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