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Memories of Susie
Our beloved kitty, Susie went to The Bridge today and joined her big sister, Bailey. Susie had never been a healthy kitty, and was left at age 2 to be euthanized, but we brought her home and gave her the best care we could for 5 1/2 years. Having to make the decision to let her go was heartbreaking, but we know the best decision for her. Susie, I will write more in a few days. Now you are healed, no longer suffering from all your allergies and reunited with your big buddy sister, Bailey. We will love you forever. Our hearts are broken. Momma and Poppa

4/25/12: As promised, more thoughts on our sweet Susie who left us to go to the Bridge and join her big sister, Bailey on April 14th, 2012. Susie came to us really by accident -- I had wanted a cat, but wasn't sure how our 12 year old cocker, Bailey, would take to a new addition -- especially a cat; Bailey had never really been around a cat. I was volunteering with a local animal rescue group and had fostered two or three kitties overnight, and thought about adopting them, but we were always leaving the next day to go someplace or other .... Then I received the call about Susie -- could I foster her for two weeks -- and she did have a "slight skin condition". When I saw Susie for the first time I didn't particularly like the looks of her .... When we got home she hid in the office, and we could see the bleeding areas on her on her back, stomach and inside her back legs ..... I just didn't know what I was getting myself into, I had not had a cat in many years and never a sick one that would need so much care. The first week was difficult, she was scared and would not take her medicine and I was a little afraid of her too! One of our other volunteers had to come and administer the meds. After 2-3 weeks she settled down and once out of the office, where I had been keeping her, she made a beeline for our bed that first night -- she felt at home. Her poppa had never had a cat, but adjusted well and loved to brush her and play with her tape measure that she loved so much. He never gave her meds - that was her Momma's job!

Things went well between her and Bailey, just a spat or two once in a while, but nothing too bad. I worried about Bailey being jealous, but she seemed to accept Susie. Three months went by and we decided to officially adopt Susie that October and make her a part of our family. For the next five and half years we were constantly at the vet's office, trying to keep her from itching and scratching when her allergies kicked in, always trying something to see what worked. Her skin improved and her hair grew back -- one time she had a "Mohawk" and I would call her "Baldy Kitty" as a term of endearment and thought I would have to knit her a little hat! In time the hair grew back, but her ears drooped a little from all the meds she got, but it just made her all the cuter. Over the years, we learned to love and respect each other and although she still hated getting medicine, she really was good about it and in time she didn't need as much. We always joked that Susie was looking for a home with an active VISA card !!!

She LOVED to be brushed, would fall over onto her side with her little paws tucked up to let us brush her but when she had had enough, she would give "the look"! Susie loved her treats and deli turkey -- we think that when Bailey went to the Bridge last March, that she was "coaching" Susie from above about getting treats from her Momma. Susie was so cute at night (or anytime I was upstairs) as she would sit on the edge of the bed and just stare at the drawer where the treats were.

Susie never used her scratching post, preferring to use the office chair, carpet or dining room chairs -- somehow it didn't matter, it was only furniture. She loved her "invisible tunnel", a $1.00 nylon tunnel from the Dollar store -- when she was sitting inside I think she thought we could not see her looking at us! She only really liked to play with a tape measure or piece of tape -- she never played with anything else. She loved to sit on our laps -- especially when I was on the computer typing, even though my hands might knock her head every now and then, she just loved to be with us.

Even though outwardly Susie was looking better, we had noticed that she was throwing up every now and then and thought it was just a matter of too many treats, but were keeping an eye on her, but not prepared for what happened two days before we were leaving for an overseas trip. She was vomiting really badly, but still wanted to eat, be brushed .... I took her to the vet and they did blood work and an x-ray, her liver values were up a little bit, but nothing to be too concerned about. After consultation with her regular vet, we took her to a specialist who did an ultrasound that confirmed that Susie's liver was much enlarged. They advised against any kind of surgery because they said that even a healthy cat would not have had a good prognosis and Susie had too many health issues. We were shocked; we had not expected to hear this kind of news. We had always known that Susie would not live the long life of a healthy kitty, but she was only 7 1/2. Sadly, we brought her home and gave her lots of attention that night and made the painful decision to let her join Bailey the next morning. Dr. Sue came to the house and Susie went peacefully, just like Bailey had a year ago, with us telling her how much we loved her. Like Bailey, we think Susie was ready to go, she made it easier for us -- I couldn't imagine how we would have dealt with this had we been thousands of miles away and she with the sitter -- just like when Bailey was getting sicker, Susie would curl up with her weeks before we knew the end was in sight -- animals just have a sense about things. Somehow we were able to get packed, how I don't know amidst our grief.

We know she is at peace now and can fully enjoy being outside, enjoying the grass and flowers without her allergies making her sick. We gave her 5 1/2 years of love and care that she was not going to get. Through everything we would not have traded her for the world, she was our "Susie Q", "Baldy Kitty", "Miss Susie Cukes" -- all rolled into one. Sweet Susie we love you and miss seeing your little head pop up on the kitchen chair when we walk in the door; miss you jumping on the bed at night and curling up in the crook of my elbow; miss your sneezing -- just miss you Miss Susie Kitty. Know that we loved you and hope that you were not in any pain; we couldn't stand to think that you were, you had such a little body that endured so much. Please send us a sign that you are doing okay. We'll always love you. Hope that you and Bailey are reunited and looking after each other and watching over us until we see you both again. xxxxx


Beloved Susie, I just brought you home where you belong. I'll put you with Bailey so you can be together again. Hopefully having you here will help ease our sadness. Love always, Momma and Poppa xx


Sweet Susie - thank you for answering my request to send me a sign - it came in loud and clear on Sunday morning. It comforts me now to know that you are okay. We miss you so much. Please keep watching over us. Love always, Momma xxxx


My sweet Susie, how we miss you and your sweet ways. It did not work out with Kiki - I was so sad for her, but know that she will find a home with someone who understands her personality. I rushed into getting another kitty - I made a mistake, I was not over you. I would give anything to hold you in my arms again. Be happy and healthy and take care of Bailey.


Hello Sweet Susie, five months since you joined Bailey on the Bridge - hope you are keeping each other company and watching over us. I miss your sweetness so much and the way you would roll on your back and tuck in your paws. I miss brushing you - how you loved to be brushed and Bailey hated it ! Watch over Poppa and me - love you forever. Momma xxx


Hello there my sweet kitty, Momma has a special favor to ask of you ... please look out for Kitty Belle this evening as she will be coming to the Bridge - she's quite old, 21 and very tiny. She has lived a good long life. Her momma and poppa are very upset just like we were. Take good care of Kitty Belle. We have our Christmas tree up with all of yours and Bailey's ornaments on it - we will miss you exploring underneath this year. Love you always, Momma xxx


Hello Sweet Susie, one year ago today you became an Angel on the Bridge - I remember the shock at having to say goodbye to you and the sadness that followed. We think of you every day and know you are healthy now and not suffering. We loved you and did our best to give you 5 1/2 years you would not have had. I hope you did not suffer towards the end. Love and miss you, watch over us until we see you again. All our love, Momma and Poppa xx


Hello my sweet Kitty, Happy 4th of July! Know you and Bailey will be celebrating tomorrow. Love and miss your sweetness each day, despite all of your sicknesses, you were a wonderful kitty and we will never forget you. Love always, Momma and Poppa xx


Hello little kitty, I've just said "hello" to your sister and wanted to let you know I think of you each day. You were the perfect kitty despite all of your illnesses, but know you are whole and healthy again, just not here with me, but always in my heart. Love Momma and Poppa xx

Hello sweet Susie, we were decorating the tree last night and it brought a lump to my throat to see our kitty ornaments. You were so good around the tree, never made any attempt to climb it! It is cold here and while Bailey would have loved the snow, I don't think you would have, but maybe it would have been good for your allergies. Know you will get lots of pressies where you are now - you are missed each day. Love you always, Momma and Poppa xxx


Hello Sweet Susie, Happy New Year ... we love and miss you lots. Hope you will stay warm and cosy in your kitty bed. Always in our hearts, never forgotten, Momma and Poppa xx

Hello Sweet Susie, finally Spring is around the corner here - it has been a long cold winter and maybe it would have been good for your allergies - not so much sneezing! We love and miss you and think about you all the time, you were such a special kitty. We love and miss you, Momma and Poppa xx


Hello Sweet Susie, it is two years since you left us so suddenly, we were so unprepared for you to leave us. Despite all of your illnesses, you were the sweetest most loving kitty always. We love and miss you each and every day. All our love, Momma and Poppa xxx


Hello sweet kitty, summer is almost here and you would be sneezing your little head off - I know where you are now is better for you, but we miss you so. You were the sweetest kitty and you are dearly missed. Love you always, Momma and Poppa xx

Hi there sweet Susie, winter is on it's way, but I know where you are it is nice and warm and no more allergies for you. Think of you each day, love you always, you were the best kitty and I so wish you had not been so sick. Love you always, Momma and Poppa xxx


Sweet Susie, no allergies for you today since it is snowing ! Bailey would have loved it though. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am very thankful for the short time you were with us, you were the best kitty ever. We love and miss you each day, Love Momma and Poppa xxx


Would love to find you and Bailey all wrapped up under the tree - that would be the best gift of all! Love you always, Momma and Poppa xxx


Sweet Susie, it's been 3 years tomorrow since you left us - we knew you were sick and didn't expect it to be so sudden, but you were ready and we were with you. We miss your sweet ways, I miss you sleeping in the crook of my arm. Hope you are healthy now - no more allergies. We love and miss you each day, lots of kisses, Momma and Poppa xx


Sweet Susie, think of you a lot and wish you were still here, miss your little head bobbing up on the kitchen table when we walked in the door. You will never be forgotten and hope you will not forget me. All our love, Momma and Poppa xxx


Sweet Susie, Christmas is nearly here and we will be thinking about you - stealth kitty under the tree! We will have a lump in our throats when we hang our "kitty" ornamnets - especially the one that looks just like you. You are dearly loved and missed each day. Love Momma and Poppa xx


Dear Susie, four years tomorrow and still I miss you so. You were the sweetest cat ever despite being so sick at times. I think about you every day and tears come easily. I wish I could have you for one more minute so you could give me one more head butt. I love you and miss you, Momma and Poppa xxx

12/9/2016: Merry Christmas sweet Susie, found this photo of you under the tree. We put the tree up the other night with all of our Susie and Bailey ornaments, brings a lump to my throat as I remember our times together. I know you are healthy now and happy on the Bridge - enjoy your Christmas with Bailey. All our love always, Momma and Poppa xxx


Sweet Susie, how can it be that five years has passed by since you have been gone. We think of you every day, your sweetness always in my heart. Love and miss you, but know that you and big sister, Bailey are happy and healthy. Love you always, Momma and Poppa xxx

12/20/17: Merry Christmas Sweet Kitty, you are always in our hearts, such a sweet kitty. Miss and love you forever and a day, Momma and Poppa xxxx

4/14/18: Six years today that you crossed over to the Bridge - what a sad day that was for us and so unexpected. We love you now as we did then, despite all your illnesses, you were the sweetest kitty to the end. We know that you and Bailey are together and both healthy. Many many kisses sweet Susie. Love always, Momma and Poppa xxxx

4/14/19: Another year gone by, but you are never forgotten sweet Susie. For all of your medical issues, you were the sweetest kitty, so loving. Miss you very much, lots of kisses, Momma and Poppa xxx

12/13/18: Hello my sweet Susie, we are missing you this Christmas - lurking under the tree! We love and miss you and think of you every day, you were a very very special kitty, there will never be another one like you. Love you lots and lots, Momma and Poppa xxx

8/30/2019: Thinking of you today Susie, miss you each and every day. Wish all animals had the loving home you did, if only for a short time. All my love, momma xxxxx

12/15/19: Christmas is almost here sweet Susie, but you are not. We have hung all of our Susie ornaments on the tree, bringing back such good memories of you. Think of you every day, love and miss you. All our love, Momma and Poppa xxxx

4/12/20: Miss you still my sweet Susie, you were with us only for a short time, but so loved always. Be well my little kitty, lots of love Momma and Poppa xxx

10/17/20 : Its been a while sweet Susie since I visited your page, so sorry about that. The whole world has been turned upside down with a terrible virus ..... your Papa needs your prayers Susie ... lots and lots of them. We love and miss you, always in our hearts, Momma and Poppa xx

12/21/20: Sweet Susie, sorry I am late getting your Christmas wishes to you, but a bad time here with Poppa and his illness. Know that I think of you every day and you are always in my heart. I know I will see you and Bailey again. All of my love sweet baby, Momma and Poppa xxxxx

2/11/21: Happy Valentines my sweet kitty, love and miss you so much. Hugs and kisses, Momma and Poppa xxxx

4/12/21: Another year has passed since you left us sweet Susie. You are in our hearts forever and we hope we are in yours. Love always, Momma and Poppa xxxx

12/13/2021: Sorry Ive not been on here in a while sweet kitty, your Poppa is very ill and i've been busy taking care of him. Hope you know how much you were and are loved and that you are happy and healthy now. We have all of our pet ornaments on the tree ... have to look hard to see you in the photo, but there you are amongst the decoration containers :) Love and miss you sweet kitty, Momma and Poppa xxxx

3/14/22: Thinking of you Susie as I often do ... you were the sweetest kitty, love and miss your chin bops. All our love Momma and Poppa xxx

4/13/2022: Can't believe it has been 10 years since you left us to go to The Bridge .... I still remember that painful day when we said our goodbyes. I miss you and Bailey so much, you will always be in our hearts sweet Susie. So happy that we had you for the short time we did. Love and miss you Susie Cukes ... Momma and Poppa xxxx

12/26/22: My sweet Susie, how I have neglected you and Bailey this year. Your Papa was very sick with cancer and passed away on October 31st. I know he is with you and Bailey now and Abby, I miss you all so very much. Please take care of Papa and watch over me. Love you always, Momma xxxxx

04/15/23: Coming up on your 11th year of being on the Bridge. How time flies. I think of you often, Bailey too and now your Poppa, I hope you have all met on the Bridge and are keeping each other company. I know I'll see you all again one day - until then, keep watching over me and each other. Remembering your sweetness and cuteness little Susie. - love you, Momma xxxxx


My sweet Susie, how I have neglected you and Bailey this year. I am so sorry. I have been so sad without your Poppa. I still can't believe he is gone. I know all of you are now together in Heaven. I love and miss you little Baldy Kitty. Love always, Momma xxxxx


Another year has passed and I miss you still. I know you are with your Papa now and cuddling with him. I can't believe you are all in Heaven and I am still here. Love and miss you always, my sweet Susie. xxxxx

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