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Memories of Spunky
Spunky got her name when we first met. When she was put down at our feet for the first time, I commented to Beth "she is so spunky." She came home with us right then. Her AKC registration was "Snow White Christmas Spunky" (we got her around the holidays), but she was always Spunky. She was such a patient and loving lap dog...who also loved to play. She had this pink rubber ball that she would play fetch with. And if you acted like you were holding a small kitten who was meowing, she would get so excited! Spunky loved being outside ... walking, running, chasing the little varmits in the yard, playing in the waves of the Pacific Ocean...she had such a wonderful personality.

She had one litter of pups and didn't get that whole "mama" thing...until about 3 nights into it. She was asleep in bed and Beth & I were alternating getting up every 2-3 hours to bottle-feed the pups. On the 3rd night, around 1am, I picked her up, grabbed my pillow, and put her in the puppies bed so they could nurse. I layed down next to her and kept my arm on her so she couldn't leave. From that day on, she was the perfect mama....very attentive and protective of her puppies. She became such a mom that when a very young kitten came into the home a few years later, Spunky actually allowed Pe'Pe to nurse (we had to stop that after a while.)

Spunky traveled all over with Sam, Boo Boo and I...from Tennessee...to Annapolis...to West Palm Beach....to LA....to DC. The front seat was hers and hers alone. She loved vanilla ice cream and popcorn...in fact, I used to think that her name should've been "popcorn." She loved going to the dog park in Long Beach and running with the "big dawgs."

During her last 2 years, she lost her sight, her hearing, and her memory. She developed canine cognitive disorder, which is similar to alzhimers. She lost her ability to get around, but seemed to relax when I picked her up each morning to take her out or at night to put her to bed.

Spunky left this world cuddled in my arms, with Boo Boo and Gizmo right there. As she drifted off, I told her that we would see each other in the next life and that she could be my little Spunky pup again...playing with Rolf, Max, Stubby, and Tigger....and getting smacked around by Sam (my cat who raised Spunk.) Have fun playing around, my little girl. And know that I will miss you so very much.

I love you, "Spunker Dunkers"

On 8/25/07, at 9:30pm, Spunky's ashes were sprinkled into the Pacific Ocean. She loved chasing the waves and was absolutely at home there.......so she is back home now. I love you, little girl and miss you terribly.

Please also visit Gizmo and Lulu.

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