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Memories of Skeezix Joe
SKEEZIX JOE was a very special little bird. He was with his Mom and Dad for 39 years. He lived with us in every house we have lived. He was a Panama Amazon. We bought him from a pet store on 3/16/1973 and he has been with us all his life. He has two brothers, Joshua (Human) & Geoffrey (Goffins Cockatoo),who he loved very much.He was a special little guy. He loved to eat, he loved his food, and whatever his dad ate he watched his plate and he would eat whatever, cheese, chips, or whatever as long as it was from Dad. I retired 4 years ago and spent everyday reading or knitting with him, we built a sunroom estpecially for Ski and he would go out every day, he hated the sun we had to close the blinds, he didn't like the sun on his perch. He loved Saturdays when we would clean his cage, and he had to have corn cob on the bottom, if we put newspapers he would have a black beak from ripping up the newspaper. He had to climb down when his dad put the corn cob in and make a mess, his dad would have to fix it all up. He loved Pop Corn, we even would go to the moves and I would bring a bag to put some in to take home to him, and oh goodness if we made some, he would get so excited. He loved his breakfast which was cereal, but if you got up late he would eat his seeds and be mad. Lunch time was his fruit time, he got to love celery, and carrots, he would eat so fast his stomach would make noise. He loved dinner also, loved hamburg, spagetti, any kind of food we were having, tater tots, but the only thing he seemed to run from was spinach, he didn't like the smell we figured. I don't care what it cost, I had to buy a red pepper every week. He loved them, and had it every night with his dinner, had to cut it up and take the skin off. He loved boxes, Jello ones, I use to ask my friends to save them for me.Girl Scout cookies, we would buy him a box of the shortbread would give him a piece on top of his seeds every day, he loved his sweets. I am happy to say his Dad had spent four months of his retirement with him too, which Ski fell right into place with. Every afternoon he would sit with his dad, and they would have lunch, which he would at that time look at his plate and had to have something, one time, he heard the crunch of the carrots that his dad was eating and had to have one, but he already had the same thing in his food dish, but his dads tasted better, even ate Romano Cheese, because again, his dad ate it. He could be a little lover or he could be a grumpy guy, but we loved him very much however he was that day, he would get into moods, if you touched his special light he would get mad and then the next day he would get up and still be mad, if the police went by with the sirens on he didn't like that. TV, he watched Sesame Street and if the noise came on for the emergency response, he would get so mad. He loved his grandparents when they would come and feed him if we went on vacation, Gram would say that he was sad and she would tell him we were coming home soon. He would go to his brothers home for a week which we would say was his vacation, he loved seeing the cats and eating his food. He was a very good guy, he never gave us any problems, he was a good eater, sleeper and a good boy. He was getting a little stiff when he climbed around but we figured it was old age, and it was his heart at the end, it was old age. He loved us very much and he didn't suffer, he went very fast, which is a blessing in itself, we just couldn't imagine taking him to the animal hospital and leaving him, he went in his sleep.
We love you and miss you very, very much, we are so happy you were part of our lives, your always in our thoughts, each and every day, we love and miss you very much, we do a lot of crying but that is good, it's happy tears, we both miss you very much that our hearts are broken, and we know your looking down on us and some day we will be with you, but we have to take care of your buddie Geoffrey for now. You and Geoffrey are a big part of our lives and we love you both for that. Hugs and kisses from Mom, Dad and Geoffrey. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Today is 5 years since you left. I miss you very much, I talk to you everyday, your next to my bed, so I see you when I go to sleep and wake up. You were my world little bird. I always got the orange eyes and the fluff. Your missed and loved very much. I have tears still but it's because of all the great memories we have of you. Want you to know Jeff is good. If I ask him about Ski Bug he look up in the sky. We all love and miss you Skeezix. Love Mom XOXOXOXXOXOXOXOXOOXXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

9/2020 Fall is coming and I am thinking how we would go get your pumpkin, and one apple cider donut that we would share. I so wish you were with us now, with the Virus you would of loved all the attention. I know Geoffrey does. We will get your pumpkin this weekend and put it along side Geoffrey. I love and miss you my baby bug bird. I think of you every night when I say my prayers and I know your waiting for Dad, Geoffrey and Me to come to you one day, Nana and Papa I tell to check on you so I sure hope they do. To my perfect baby bird, I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART. xoxoxoxoxo

03/20/2022 - Skeezix, Mommie, Daddy and Geoffrey are thinking of you today. Still remember you being in my arms when you passed. We love and miss you very much. We have your feathers in a container and your pictures, and your favorite toy with us. We wish you no more pain just wait for us to join you someday. Love you with all our hearts. XOXOXOXOXO -

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