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Memories of Shelby
You touched all our lives in such a warm and wonderful way.
You are so very special. You gave me one last very special gift.
You passed away in my arms at home. I held you till the end and I love you more for that.
Because of you Diego now knows the love of a pet
Because of you Sean and Ali are parents to a little girl maltese
Because of you Lauren and Diego are parents to a little boy maltese
You made us laugh with your playfulness. You were such a tough little girl
You never cried or whimpered. For 15 years you enriched our lives in so many ways.
We will miss you and love you forever. My shellybee, my baby girl, mommy and daddy
will think of you everyday and we will see you again. Love you forever

Friday March 1
It's been 1 week today since you left me my beautiful little Shelby
I cry every day. I still can't believe you're gone. We still think about you as
if you are still here.
I went to the store and said to myself , "I need to get Shelby's food"
Or daddy will ask me " did Shelby eat today?" It's so hard to accept that
I will never hold you or kiss your little head again.
I even called your brother Casey "Shelly" the other day. We all miss you.
I love you so much my Shellybee. Please come visit me in my dreams

Friday March 8
2 weeks have gone by my sweet baby. I have a hole in my life and a wound on my soul.
There is nothing at this time that can heal me or lessen my pain. You came to me the other
night in my dreams. All I felt was love. I was holding you again and kissing your little
head. You were well and beautiful and I was happy. I felt only peace and love with you
in my arms. I hope and pray to God that this emptiness I feel will someday pass and
I will only feel the warmth of your love. Until then I will cry for you everyday and miss
you with all of my heart.

Friday March 15
Daddy brought your ashes home yesterday. I thought I would feel more at peace
having you back home but instead it now feels so final. I cried holding the little
wooden box missing you so very much. I put you by your little coat with your picture
in mommy and daddy's room. I kiss your picture every morning and every night.
I still expect to see you at times - forgetting your gone. I know you are still with
me in spirit Shelby. I feel you with me everyday. I so wish I had more time to spend
with you my sweet baby girl but there would never have been enough time. Miss you
and love you forever.

Friday March 22
1 month today you passed away my sweet baby. I still cry for you and I guess I always will.
We all miss you so much. Your little brother Casey is trying to comfort me and I love him
so much for that. But nothing or no one can take your place in my heart. I can't believe
you have been gone a month already. I still can't believe your whole life of almost 16 years
has come and gone. I can remember like it was yesterday the day I brought you home. Where
did all the time go. There is never enough time when you love so dearly. I never wanted you
to leave me but I knew this day would come. It's one of the hardest times of my life but I
will get through it. I will because I don't want your passing to destroy my love for my fur babies
You gave me so much Shelby. I saw a saying the other day - it read "Don't cry because its over,
Smile because it happened". I want to smile and be thankful that I had you in my life. I will someday
be able to look at your pictures without crying and be happy, but not yet my baby girl.
Miss you and love you forever.

Saturday March 30
The pain of losing you my beautiful Shelby was too much. I don't think I will ever feel the same
for any other pet my baby but I am a fur mommy and I need to always be one. I needed to love
again because I did not want losing you to harden my heart. Lauren and I went on her birthday
and got Sydney. She is a cute little girl 4 months old. Part maltese and part yorkie. We named
her Sydney because she looks like a koala bear! She was born on 12/2/12 and you went to
rainbow bridge on 2/22/13. I feel like you guided me to her Shelby. I feel your presence everyday.
Please watch over her and teach her well my Shellybee. I will always miss you with all my heart
but now I have a little one to put all the love I was holding on to. You will always be the pet
love of my life.
miss you and love you forever.

Thursday June 20, 2013
Today is your 16 birthday my baby. I really thought you would be here with me. I still can't believe you are gone
I miss you my sweet baby.. I shed tears for you everyday. I know you are in a better place, well and happy but
I don't think I will ever be able to get over your passing. I feel you with me all the time and I know you are watching over
Your brother Casey and your new little sister Sydney. I see you in her so many times. She is smart and so clever just like you
And everyone that sees her falls in love.....just like you. I will light a candle for you today and sing Happy Birthday. I hope you have the best day ever
Playing with all the other pups that are there. I love you my Shelby. FOREVER.

Saturday Feb.22, 2014
It has been a year since you left me my baby girl. There is not a day that goes by that I don't
cry for you and miss you. I know you are still with us in spirit Shelby. I see you in your little
sister's face everyday. She is so much like you and it warms my heart. She tilts her head when
I talk to her just like you did. She has learned to give kisses when asked just like you.
I feel in my heart that you are here guiding her and telling her "Mom likes when you do this"
I feel your presence everyday. Casey has finally warmed up to Sydney too. It was tough in the
beginning. He was so sad when you left I thought he would never be the same but he has accepted
Sydney in the family now and he is much happier. No pup could ever replace you in my heart but
I truly believe you led me to Sydney. She was definitely suppose to be mine. She looks like you and
Pepper both. She has your face with Pepper's colors. I hope you and Pepper are having the time
of your life with each other at Rainbow Bridge. I will see you again my
sweet baby. I love you my Shellybee ALWAYS

Saturday Dec. 27 2014
Missed you on Christmas my sweet baby. I hung your stocking at the top of the tree. It's so wonderful to see Sydney open her present just
like you did! She tears at the paper till she gets to the treat inside. Casey still doesn't quite get it yet! You are in my heart always my Shellybee
My store is doing very well. I named it after you - Shelby Wear. You are my inspiration for all the coats and clothes. Miss you always
love "Mom"

Sunday Feb.22,2015
I can't believe 2 years have gone by my sweet baby and I still miss you every day. You still, and will always be, my little fur baby soul mate.
I was talking to someone the other day and we were noticing how different Casey has been since you left us. I truly believe he will always
miss you too. A noticeable sadness is with him everyday. I can see it in his eyes. Your little sister Sydney reminds me of you more and
more in her actions and expressions. I still have your "house" and I have caught Sydney resting in it many times. She has your soul full
eyes and when she looks at me I feel your love and hers. Sometimes I can talk about you and remember you with joy and love but then
there are times like today that I am full of sadness and I cry. I pray and hope that there will be a day that I will see you again my Sweetpea
Until then I send you my love and belly kisses. Miss you always and forever
Love "Mom"

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