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Memories of Shelby
August 5, 2021

Dear Shelby,

I miss you very much, I am sorry I did not write on the anniversary of your passing,. I hope you forgive me and you are having a great time hanging with Shiloh and Sophie. I cannot wait to see all of yo7 again at the bridge in the future. Mom wants us to get another dog, maybe two, but it seems hard to accept others in our home b/c we miss you guys so much. If we do, they will never replace you or the sisters, we just love you guys so much they will bring us closer to you girls and we can show them the love we gave to you all.

Will keep you posted how things go.

Love you ,
Dad and Mom.

Oct. 29, 2020
Dear Shellbells,

I hope you are having fun running around rainbows bridge waiting for me but I also hope you met your sister, Sophie who went to the bridge on Oct 13, it is my dream that you, Sophie and Shiloh are all together playing and taking care of each other. Mom and I are doing okay, we are still very sad about losing Sophie to a very disgusting disease which would ultimately had paralyzed her for good, we could not wait for that to happen. You 3 take care and stay close to each other and always remember you are family!

love Dad and Mom

Dear Shelby,

I have to tell you we had to send Sophie to rainbows bridge on Oct 13, 2020, she was almost incapable of standing or walking on her own.

R, protect

Hi baby girl,

Dear Shelby, I was thinking about you and how much I miss you, hard to believe it has been 9 years since you crossed over Rainbows Bridge. Sophie is getting worse and really has a hard time getting up and walking, I am afraid it is getting very close to the time that she may have to cross over the bridge, but when that time comes, I know you will be there to greet her ! Please take good care of he,r as she is your little sister.

Love you always, Dad

Hi Sweetie,

I missed the anniversary of your passing on July 5, I have some distressing news, your sister, Sophie has been diagnosed with degenerative myopathy which is basically going to paralyze her in her hind legs. She is having a difficult time getting up and walking, her legs just don't work and she basically lays around most of the day, but her attitude is very good, still seems happy and glad to be here with us. I get she has a limited time left with us, I will let you know when she is on her way to crossing Rainbows bridge so you can greet her and teach her the ropes there.

Love Dad

Hello baby girl,

Today marks 7 years that you crossed over the bridge, I miss you everyday and think of you often, we moved from the home you knew and loved but I think you would love our new place as well. Your sister, Sophie, has been a little more to handle than you were, she is spoiled but then again, we spoiled you too, that's who we are, we love our pets. Sophie does not like playing ball like you did, I can hardly get her to even try to catch it, but then again, you were exceptional catching and playing ball, I miss you so much, love you always, your devoted Daddy.

Good morning sweetie,

Baby girl, we moved to SC 2 months ago and we have you ashes with us just like always. I see you everyday and know that you are resting comfortably next to Mom and Dad like always.

We miss and love you very much,

Mom and Dad


My dearest Shelby, today marks 6 long years that you have been gone, my heart breaks just thinking about you. I know we will see each other once again but, the wait is truly miserable. I think about you and all the times we spent together, and that does bring a smile to my face.
I still have your urn and ashes on the nightstand by my bed, so I do get to talk to you sometimes before retiring for the night.

Rest softly my little girl and we will meet again soon,

All our love, M & D


Hi Baby girl,

Mom and me miss you everyday, we still think of you all the time.
Can't wait to see again!
Love Daddy.

My dearest Shelby,

Oh how I still miss you, I think of you often, and it brings me great joy. You and me in the yard playing ball, or riding in the truck; you LOVED riding in the back bed, and even when we got home and parked in the driveway, you would stay in the bed and just enjoy it. The one comfort I have is your ashes are on the night stand with a picture of you on the front of it. This way I get to see you every night when I go to bed, just like before you got sick, you would sleep next to the bed on the rug.

I really miss that!

Love you sweetie, Dad


Good Morning my babygirl!!!

Yesterday; 4 years ago, we kissed and said good-bye as you departed this world and entered Rainbows Bridge. I still think about you almost everyday; you were so sweet and beautiful; loved playing ball in the yard. Your sister Sophie; well she likes the ball playing, but no where near the intensity you did, she is more of a lounger type girl!!!!! I changed your memorial picture to the one I have hanging in my office at work. Everyone who sees it makes a remark about how pretty you are; and when I tell them you got sick and we had to let you go to heaven; they become sad, just like Mom and I. We will visit your grave on Xmas as always, love you sweetie, see you soon!


Good Morning Sweetie!

Another year has passed since you entered heaven without me, I miss you all the time, I speak about you constantly, how wonderful of a friend and companion you were to us, we will never forget you and the love you brought into our home. I still find it difficult to think about 7/5/2011, your last full day at the pool with me, you were so tired and quiet, I knew you could not go any longer, so at 6 PM that night, we let you go to heaven where you would suffer no longer, my heart still aches thinking about that aweful night, I am getting very stressed out just writing about it now. Just know babygirl, we will aways, and always hold the love together which we shared, and one beautiful day we will meet again, and share new memories and love.

We love and miss you everyday!

Mom and Dad, and little sis Sophia......


Hi Babygirl,

I wanted to say good morning to you as I was here visiting your big Sister, Shiloh. It is her 13th yr at rainbowsbridge, I hope you have gotten to know her and stay close by as family members do. Your little step-sister Sophie is doing well, she will turn 3 this July 2nd. Shelby, I still sit and think about you often; remembering your beautiful disposition and friendly personality. We have so many pictures of you and that helps us stay very close to you, especially the video's of you running around the yasrd and pool playing ball, I really miss doing that with you. I mean if you were a human, you definitely would be a major league ball player, you csught anything within range, no problem. It makes me smile just writing about it.

I love you babygirl, always Dad

Hi babygirl!

Its another year goneby that we miss and love you very much! We were thinking you all day on the 5th, seems like just yesterday we were at the pool with you playing ball on your last July 4th with us. Sophie, your little sister Step sister) has grown big and strong just like you were
and she turned 2 years old on July 2nd, she reminds us of you so very much, the ball playing, dropping it in the pool so we get it and throw it out and you chase it until the heat got so bad you would find shelter under the umbrella. I have your ashes sitting on the nightstand right next to the bed, and I try (sometimes forget) to say good night to you just like before, when you slept on the rug next to the bed. I miss you sweetie, and will always honor your memory; and just how sweet and loving you were. You would be proud of Sophie, she is just like you and that makes us feel like you are still very much alive and with us!

Love you,

Hello my Sweet baby!

Well, Today makes 1 year since you crossed over rainbows bridge! I still hurt inside when I think back to what was going on this same time last year. At this exact time, I was worried sick about taking you to the vets office as I knew what was about to happen and just didn't want to face it. Knowing I was about to end the life of my best friend and companion. I knew it had to be done as you were starting to show the signs of suffering and that was not an option for me. I had promised you back in Dec 2011 when you were officially diagnosed; that once you started having signs of suffering; that I would help you pass over rainbows bridge. It was hard, very hard in fact; but it would have been even harder to watch you suffer and become more and more sick. We had 10 1/2 years together, sharing our lives as a family, friend and companion to each other. I was blessed with that, you were such a great family member; and never ever got into anything during those long days in the house by yourself while we were at work. I have a large picture of you with the Rainbows bridge poem hung on the wall in the office, and your little dog house memorial that houses your ashes on the fireplace mantel, where we can see you all the time.

We love you always, rest peacefully my baby girl..


Good Morning Babygirl!!!
Love and miss you everyday!

Good Afternoon Sweetie!!
Daddy misses you so much! It's starting to turn to springtime; that's the time we would start having all the ball playing in the yard, you loved that. We didn't get no snow this year, I am glad, it would have depressed me too much since you loved going out back and playing in the snow. We are getting our fireplace redone with new tile and Mantel; that is where we keep your urn with your ashes; so you will have a new home shortly, you will look so good up there.

I try to kiss your urn everyday but honestly, I forget an awful lot, just get busy, but I always think of how beautiful of a babygirl you were and still are, we both miss you very very much!!

This is the first year the new puppy will be with us around the pool, I am alittle worried about that; you rememeber how you feel in a few times playing ball, mommy never liked it but you and I had a great time playing ball in and around the pool. Of course; when you would fall in, you always had me to jumop in too to save you, as you could get out with some serious help.

I miss you babygirl, I still get teary eyed when writing to you.

Love Daddy!

Hi Shell Bells; I hope you are having fun until Daddy meets you at the bridge. I am writing today to let you know that the house has become so quiet and lonely without you and the love you brought to us, we decided to share that love with another wonderful Shepherd puppy. I know you won't mind as your place in our hearts can never be replaced by another. What you brought to our family is such a strong bond of love and happiness; we want to share that with another. She is a little black and tan GSD and we will be picking her up on 26 Aug when she is 8 weeks old, just like we got you. We decided to name her Sophia; Sofie for short, we wanted to stay with names starting with 'S' just like Shiloh and you. I am alittle scared that I may expect too much of Sophie as I am use to how smart and intelligent you were; I dont want to start off on the wrong foot. But no matter how well she does; she can never replace my best friend and companion, Shelby girl or (Shell bells) as I liked to call you. I still have some very bad days missing you; especially after I cut the grass and then you would come out and we'd play ball and run around the pool. I am hesitant sometimes to even get in the pool; everything reminds me of you, laying in the shade by the flower garden, bringing your ball over and dropping in the pool for me to throw it. The little things you take for granted when you have them; but when they are gone seem to hit you like a tons of bricks.
I miss and love always,

My dear Shelby, wanted to let you know that Katie, the GSD we adopted from the shelter and evenetually had to give to our friend Patty; she passed away two weeks ago. They think from kidney failure in her sleep. I was shocked to hear that; she was a good dog and at least we got her out of the shelter and into a good home for 3 more years. Ms. Pat is very upset; she was her babygirl like you were mine. I want you and Shiloh to find her at the bridge and take care of her, show her around and stay together, you are all family in one way or another. I posted a picture of you and Katie looking out the front door below.

Good Morning my babygirl,
I'm at work now, but can't seem to think of anything except you. I get choked up everytime I visit you here, still having trouble accepting your passing. I have had so many people send their condolences and sincere wishes as they have visited your residence. It is comforting to know their loving pets are there with you, waiting on them to come to Rainbows bridge. We are going to have a very hot weekend here; the pool is like 88 degrees, not that you ever got in, of course; there were the times you fell in trying to get your ball, and I had to jump in and attempt to lift you out, that was a real task trying to get an 80 pounder out of the pool, but we always managed.
Mom and I are going to place all your balls (and there are lots) in a bag and bury them in the backyard, your playground. Ok, its starting again, I have to go sweetie....
Love Dad

My sweet baby, again I awoke today feeling empty inside; I cannot bare to think I will never get to play ball or chase you around the yard and pool. Mom and me are just lost without you, we both have our moments and start to cry when thinking about you, I hope with all my heart you are happy and not having that nasty disease interfere with your eating and drinking anymore. I am having a hard time even coming to work, I think about you constantly. I always knew you were my true and trusted buddy; but I realize now; we had so much more than that, you were like a human being around Mom and me, everything revolved around the 3 of us. Thank you for bringing such joy into our lives.

My Dearest Shelby,

You entered Rainbows Bridge two weeks ago today, my heart is still in pieces. I can't accept the fact you are no longer around to play ball in the yard, and sleep by my bed. I miss you so much, I do hope you forgive me for sending you off; but you were starting to show the effects of the cancer and you had a hard time drinking or eating and just getting worse, I couldn't watch you go through that any longer.

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