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Memories of Scruffy
Scruffy was very abused and dumped on the side of a highway. Someone was able to get him & take him to our vet. She had to shave all his hair neuter him pull most of his teeth. It took a year B/4 he stopped dropping to the floor & piddlingvwhen we came to him. We had him 7 years (he was 8 when we got him) but he got a brain tumor & was suffering horribly for a week. We said goodbye to him last night. He will join Whisper. I miss him so much. He was playful & he didn't walk, he pranced. I can't sleep tonight my heart hurst too
much. We will never forget you Scruffy. You were one of a kind.
Hi Scruffy, it's only been a short time but it feels so long. I miss you so
much & wish we could have done
something to help you get better, with kess pain and
fear. You came so far with us, I think about you
sleeping with me & rubbing
your nose in my arm. We will
never forget you. We will
come to you when our time
comes. I'll be so glad to
see you. Rest, play, have fun romping in the sun. All
my love, mama.
March 2nd, dearest Scruffy it seems so long ago but its only been10 days. I
sleep with your favorite
blankeet and still feel your
heart. I miss you and can
still feel your presence. I
love you so much, wait for
mama. Go find Whispe, Hobbs, Buddy & Bentley and play & share stories. Love you mama.
3/28/2019 Dearest Scruffy have you met Whisper yet? She's watching for you. She will teach you how to play. I know you are no
longer in pain or scared of
everything. We loved you so
much, & I miss you cuddling
up with me. Our house is so
empty without you. Even
Shadow misses you and looks
for you. You filled our
hearts with so much love my
heart still hurts even tho I
know you are doing so much
better. I'll let you go
play, eat or whatever you
want to do. I'll be back
soon, all my love, mama.
Hi Scruffy. I cried myself to sleep last night.Dr. Sanders gave me a
bunch of your beautiful hair
in bows and I couldn't hold them without thinking of
petting you when you cuddled
up with me to sleep. We had
you for far too short of a time. I love you so much I'm having a really hard time
with losing you. It happened so fast. Please please be ok for me and see whisper, buddy, Hobbs & Bently, play and enjoy being free from
fear and pain. I will come
to you (all) as soon as I can. Good day my sweet baby, love mama.
April 2,19. I love you. Dr. Sanders saved your ear hair so I can pet it and think of how happy you were. Everyone cried when we had to let you go. Wait for me, I hope I come soon. Love, mama.
April 13, hi my beloved
baby. I can't believe you had to go so fast, but you were in so much pain dr S said it looked like a brain tumor and you were helping in so much pain we couldn't leave you in that shape. Please remember your mama & Shadow, he really misses you. Think of us & wait for your mommy & daddy and when Shadow comes to you, find him & welcome him. Say hi to Whisper, Hobbs, Bently, Buddy and Sport my brother's favorite fur baby. I'll be back soon, love you with all my heart.
Hi Scruffy, it's mama. I still miss you so much, you really stole my heart. Steve and Pam went on 5/19/19 and got a new puppy, she's a havanese breed, 3 pounds and 8 weeks old now. Don't worry she will never replace you in my heart. Shadow had a
really hard time when you left us, so they thought a new playmate would help him get past losing you. When she's old enough to play it will be OK. I'll send you a pix of her (Penny) so you will know her when we lose her. She's a very
rambunctious little pup. Wish us luck. I love you and hope you found Whisper,Hobbs & Bently & Buddy. have fun, wait for me, come greet me when I cross over. Love, mama.
Hi Scruffy, you are so missed. I know you were in severe pain and I had to let you go. I'll wait for the day I can see you prance and play. I love you so much and miss you cuddling up with me to sleep. Tell Whisper hi for me. Hope I can see you again soon.
Scruffy I miss you so much. You were my love, you slept with me and I loved you so much that I can't get passed losing you wait for me and know I'll never forget you
Hi baby I miss you so much & think of you daily with tears in my eyes I can't wait to see you again I love you so much take care know you are in my heart daily I love you so much mama.
Hi Scruffy, it's mama. I miss you so much and I love you so much I am having a really hard time without you. I want to come to you asap so I can spend time with you. I've had other dogs, but none of them come close to my love for you. I
pray that God will really reunite us when it's my time to go home. Please don't forget me, I'll be there as soon as I can. Love, mama.
I miss you so much and can't wait to see you again and feel your love. I'll be
there soon and can't wait to
see you and cuddle with you again. I love you so very much and miss you more 💗 wait for me I'm coming home to you.
Still miss you & cry tears of love for you ❤
7/9/2020, hi baby I miss you so much and i can't get you out of my head or heart. Illcome to you as soon as I can. I love you much, Mama 3-22-21 you still live in my heart love you forever, mama.
Hi my precious baby, I hope you found Whisper and Bentley and Buddy and are having a really good time with them I still miss you and think of you many times. I miss your prancing and sleeping so close to me. I hope you are well and waiting for me. I'll see you again just wait for me and play with your brothers and sisters. I know you are doing so much better now and I will see you again soon. Wait for me my precious baby.
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