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Memories of Sassy Smith
It is suddenly 2022 and we have lived through the pandemic of COVID and things are finally starting to settle down. It is as if we all lost 2 years of our life. The world shut down March 2020 and has still not fully opened,. Steve and I got married Dec 2019, and I wish all of my fur babies could have been there with bows on. You were such a good girl and Mom , Linda and I, and Ray loved you so very much. I think of you often - Love Mama

Oh Sassy, it's 2019 now and the world continues to move on. I so desperately miss you , Mom and Dad, Tigger and Ray. Even though I know you are all at peace, I miss the years of loving you and having you love me back. You would love Magellan and Lily and Buffy and Spike will always miss you as well.
I miss you all - Love Mama 1-2-19

Dear Sassy, It is 2018 now and the Siberian "kittens", Magellan and Lily, will be 5 years old this November. You would have loved them - as long as they left you alone. I miss you my baby girl, as much as I miss Tigger, Mom and Dad. Even Ray passed away around the same time Dad and Mom/Nana did making it a horrible time. I am glad you said goodbye to Nana - she loved you so much. I think of you often and am so glad I found you so many years ago at Petsmart. You will always be my special baby Snassers. Love Mama

Sassy, It is 2017 now and I still see you at Nana and Linda's house. We found drawings Nana had done of you - she loved you so much. We miss Mom, Daddy, you and Tigger, Nestle and Scamps very much. Love Mama 1-22-17

As another year comes to a close, I look around and realize so many I loved are gone now. Nana last spring, Bumpy the fall before, and Ray, who loved you so very much as well. My thought is to see you and Nestle, Scamps, and McTigger with them and all of you free of pain and happy. You will always hold a place in my heart my special girl.
Love Mama 12/2015

Sassy, As time passes and I visit Nana and Linda's house, I still see you sleeping in the closet, or coming out to see me and meowing and rubbing your head against me. I always smile and we talk about you and what a good cat you were. I am glad you are free from pain and happy again to romp with Nestle and Scamps and McTigger. Sassy, I will always love you.

It's hard to believe a year has passed since Sassy went to the Rainbow Bridge. The house isn't the same without her little face peeking around corners, or her loud purrs when you picked her up. I know she is happy now, free to be with all her furbaby brothers and sister; Nestle, Scamps and Mctigger. I miss you my baby girl. You brought so much love and happiness into our lives and we will never forget you. We love you and are always in out hearts and souls. Love Mama

When Sassy and I first saw each other at Petsmart, in Tampa so many years ago, we knew we had found each other. She had both paws around my neck as they told me that Maine Coons are rarely in shelters, and that they had 3 other people already hold her who were going to call back. I decided to adopt her that minute and have never looked back. She was such a fun kitten, sleeping on top of my head and playing in water. Loyal and friendly, she loved her Mom and Dad and then later her Aunt Linda, Nana and Bumpy. She grew used to Nestlé and Scamps, but never quite forgave me for adopting McTigger. He wanted to play- he was a kitten when she was not and he tormented her by pouncing on her and scaring her whenever he could. They tolerated each other. When Tigger unexpectedly got sick in 2011 and then died, she seemed to flourish. She lost her fear and loved to sit out in the sun and enjoy life. She was arthritic and frail, but in good shape. Her thyroid was under control, she ate all day- she was happy. And then this morning she woke up Nana to eat and was kissed and petted and then she went back to bed, She did not wake up. She died surrounded by her things in her own bed, of natural causes. I will miss her so much- but she had a long and happy life (minus Tigger attacks). We are all sad but glad she went peacefully. She can now play like a kitten again with all our loved fur babies in Rainbow Bridge.
Nana and Aunt Linda made Sassy so very happy in the last year. Thank you Mom and Linda. She loved you both and Buffy and Spike. The house will be empty without my sassyboos. Buffy and Spike will miss her and look for her, but that will fade with time.
Rest in peace my baby girl.
Love Mama

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